Top 18 On Page SEO Checkers to Get Better ranking on Google

On Page SEO Checkers

Search Engine Optimization requires on-page and off-page website modification to boost its performance and speed. There are ideal On-Page SEO checkers that can be used.

If you want your website to thrive well, it is recommended that you use an SEO checker. The recommended On page SEO checkers tend to provide accurate results based on the gotten findings.

An optimized website attracts the right traffic to the website or app. This even increases the chances of making more sales. Therefore, it is crucial to perform an SEO check every once in a while to check the progress of your website.

We have compiled some of the best On page SEO checkers that you can use on your website to check the performance. You also need to ensure the speed of your website is fast to prevent people from leaving the site before it loads.

1. SEMRUSH On page SEO checker

SEMRUSH On page SEO checker

If you are planning to analyze your website, SEMRUSH On-Page SEO checker is perfect for the role. You just need to input your website URL and get a verified report and analysis of your competitors to know how best to optimize your website.

You get ideas on strategies, backlinks, technical SEO, user experience, SERP features, semantics, and content ideas. All these ideas can be used to boost your website organically.

Through analysis, you will know the issues that need your attention first-hand. Thereby, you will get the perfect ideas to improve your platform.

2. Seobility Free SEO Checker

Seobility Free SEO Checker

Seobility on-page SEO checker can also be used to analyze your website and provide the right tips to optimize it. Once you input your website URL in the search box you get information on technical errors that might be drawing your website behind.

You also get an SEO score that you can use to analyze your website’s progress in real-time based on meta information, page quality, page structure, links, server, and other crucial factors.

You will get advice on improvements you can undertake to improve your website. Once you get the results you can even download the report as a PDF for later checking. Once you fix the errors, your website will skyrocket. You will be amazed by the presented report.

3. Wincher On-Page SEO Checker

Wincher On-Page SEO Checker

Wincher On-Page SEO checker is an effective online tool that can help to improve your website. It makes it easier to identify common mistakes related to On-Page SEO. It checks links, content quality, user experience, headings, titles, body, meta, media, and code.

Once you get the results, you can evaluate how best to improve your website. The website design may be perfect however, some crucial content or optimization might be missing that makes your platform not rank well.

Luckily, Wincher On page SEO checker website allows you to input a keyword that will be used in the analysis of your website based on the chosen niche. Therefore, the results will be personalized to your website.

4. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site checkup provides information on what’s lacking on your website so that you can improve it. Just like other SEO checkers, you just need to insert the website URL in the search box and get the analysis results.

Through analysis, you can check for common SEO issues like meta titles, meta descriptions, Google search results, keyword tests, competitor domains, heading tags, sitemap, image issues, backlink issues,  JS error tests, speed issues, server issues,  security issues, mobile usability, and advanced SEO.

After the analysis, it will be easier to know how best to improve your website to rank better. Additionally, through the SEO toolbox, you can get information on SEO monitoring tools, understand your competitor's SEO profile, and get information that you can use to improve your website. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Sitechecker On-Page SEO checker

Sitechecker On-Page SEO checker

If you aren't sure why your website is not ranking well, then an analysis will help. Once you get the report you can get an overview of the webpages' health, technical side issues, critical errors, content issues, heading issues, meta tag issues, social media optimization issues, image errors, search optimization errors, link issues, and page speed.

Once you improve the various phenomenon your website will start to perform better than you would have expected. It is crucial to check the website to know how best you can improve it in real time. Therefore, you can easily improve your website to become better.

6. SEO Tester Online On Page Checker

SEO Tester Online On Page Checker

The SEO Tester Online On page Checker makes it easy to know what's wrong with your website. Once you generate a personalized audit, it becomes easier to know the major SEO issues that need to be solved.

By sampling and inserting the webpage URL, the analysis starts that allows you to know the major issue. The platform offers advice that you can follow to the latter to improve your website completely.

Through On page SEO analysis, the system checks the heading tags, robots.txt, and sitemap. Therefore, you can know how best to boost your website performance using HTML tags, keywords, UX improvements, UI improvements, performance, and desktop & mobile view.

If you follow the SEO Tester platform advice you can easily boost your website's performance. Additionally, you also get advice on how best to integrate your social media accounts for better visibility through the site.

7. Moz On Page SEO checker

Moz On Page SEO checker

The Moz On page grader tool is used to analyze your website so that you can evaluate the major issues and work on them. You get information on keyword research, link building, site audits, page optimization, rank tracking, and reporting.

Additionally, through competitive intelligence, you get information on SERP competitors, keyword gaps, and content opportunities. Through some key metrics, you can know what to work on and how to tackle some page issues.

The overall checklist of recommended improvements will make it easier for you to know how best to boost your website in real time.

8. Neilpatel SEO Analyzer

Neilpatel SEO Analyzer

Neil Patel SEO analyzer can help boost your website in different aspects. The SEO analysis points out SEO errors that need to be fixed right away. Therefore, you can know what's hindering your website from performing well as it should.

The results are written strategically so that you can tackle all the issues one at a time. Also, it analyses the site's speed so that it can be easier to boost its performance. It checks the website responsiveness both on the desktop and the mobile phone.

Additionally, there is the backlink checker that provides information on link usage and how you can increase backlink collaborations. Your traffic will surely increase with the modifications.

9. Ahrefs SEO Checker

Ahrefs SEO Checker

The Ahrefs SEO Checker is among the most trusted online tools that are used to check a website's performance, how to improve, and gain more organic traffic. Through the tool, you can monitor your website's SEO health, get access to the website issues, view all backlinks, see keywords that help your website to rank better, get information on organic traffic your pages get, and find internal linking opportunities.

Through analysis, you will know the missing meta details, broken links, slow pages, large image files, duplicate content, dead pages, and speed issues. Ideally, you can schedule regular website checks to make it much better. It is the perfect platform to use.

10. Website SEO checker

Website SEO checker

If you have been struggling with how best to improve your website, then this Website SEO checker can help you. Through the analysis, you will get relevant on-page SEO issues on the title, meta description, content, page, URL, headings, images, permalinks, title length, keywords, page loading speed, Google Analytics, and final SEO score.

For Off-page SEO, you will get information on backlinks, keyword opportunities, keyword difficulty, URL authority, Alexa rank, and social share. Therefore, you can deliberate and consider how best to improve your website in real time.

SEO can play a huge role in improving your website. Getting traffic to your website can be tedious without the right optimization methods.

11. SmallSEOtools website SEO Score Checker

SmallSEOtools website SEO Score Checker

Small SEO tools platform has some of the most incredible tools that you can use to boost your content and website. Its SEO scorer allows you to check the site's score and get relevant results on issues at hand. Also, it becomes much easier to know what you need to tackle at the moment.

You will get information on how to improve your page title, meta details, keywords, headings, sitemap test, broken links test, image issues, favicon issues, HTML tags, and much more.

If you take care of your website, you are assured that it will provide the right output that you need. Therefore, always check your website's SEO often.

12. SEOptimer


SEOptimer is the perfect platform that you can use to check your website's SEO performance. You simply need to insert your website URL and get detailed information on your website. The platform analyses any problems on your website that could be causing it to lag.

You also get personalized recommendations on what you can do to improve the site. The SEO audit is written in simple language to make it easier to take the relevant actions.

The audit is available in different languages therefore you have no excuse to not use the website. You can easily do the optimization at your comfort.

13. Easyretro On page SEO Checker

Easyretro On page SEO Checker

The EasyRetro On-page SEO checker can be used by just typing in the URL you want to check and typing the primary keyword of the website or page. The tool can be used by SEO professionals, content marketers, webmasters, and anyone else in need of knowing how their platform is faring.

You get on-page SEO recommendations on how to improve the content, links, missing keywords, image issues, title issues, meta issues, and other crucial matters. Therefore, once you get the analysis you will know what to do to ensure that your website works perfectly.

14. SE Ranking On Page Checker

SE Ranking On Page Checker

If you are not sure of the perfect platform that you can use to check On page SEO for your website, then SEranking is one of the best recommendations. The On-page SEO checker analyzes if your content and UX pass a comprehensive SEO test.

Luckily, you also, get information on how you rank among your competitors. Afterward, you get recommendations on how to improve the title, descriptions, URL, content, pages, site, usability, media, and much more.

After fixing the issues, you will note how your website will skyrocket. The SEO score will help you know how many pages meet the right criteria.

15. Cocolyze On-Page SEO Checker

Cocolyze On-Page SEO Checker

Cocolyze On page SEO checker is the perfect platform to use to get a complete analysis of your website in real time. The checker tool identifies any page errors and provides recommendations on how to improve them.

All your performance, content, and HTML issues will be noted, and you will get recommendations on how to improve your site.

The analysis covers the content,  UX,  page speed, and much more. Therefore, be keen to make the necessary adjustments to your website to work better.

16. Webfx On-Page SEO Checker

Webfx On Page SEO Checker

Webfx On-Page SEO checker is a great tool that you can use to get your website's SEO score, content grade, site speed analysis, and much more. Therefore, you can evaluate your website's health to make it easier to fix any SEO issues.

Additionally, you get information on priority issues that need to be fixed immediately. The generated full report comes with the SEO score to know your ranking, site speed analysis, URL optimization check, meta tag assessment, content grade, image optimization issues, code analysis, in-page link audit, security score, mobile-friendly check, crawling, and indexing analysis. You will get the perfect results to improve your site.

17. SERPstat On Page SEO Checker

SERPstat On Page SEO Checker

SERPstat platform is the perfect analysis tool that you can use to check any webpage errors in real time and get recommendations on how to fix them. You also get on-page issues that are affecting your ranking and making you not get the right traffic that you desire.

It makes it easy to fix critical errors that can help you stay on top of your competitors. Additionally, you can compare the SEO of your web pages with your competitors. Therefore, you can know what they are doing right that you ain't. You will be able to outrank them within no time.

18. Page OptimizerPro

Page OptimizerPro

PageOptimizerPro is the perfect platform that you can use to check your SEO analysis in real time. Through the analysis, you can get an overview of why your website ain't ranking well as most of your competitors. You can then work towards solving the issues.

You simply need to enter the target keyword that you want to check, then enter the website URL and target region. During analysis, the analyzer will check against the top ten competitor pages to give the perfect optimization score.

You can start with the free trial and upgrade to the pro version once you see the great fruits the analysis has brought to your website. Through some of the settings, you can easily analyze the website timely.

Boost your Website With The Best On page SEO Checkers

If you have always wanted to boost your website, but you aren't sure how to do it, then these tools will do the work for you. You will get relevant information that is key in ensuring your website thrives well.

Optimization plays a huge role in ensuring our website ranks well in search engines. The visibility will lead to more website visitors and subsequently convert to customers. If you want a website revolution, then the On-Page SEO Checker tools are for you!

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