Buy Real Media Review: Most Trusted Social Media Growth Platform

Buy Real Media

Check out this Buy Real Media review based on my first-hand experience to find out about this site’s features, services, pricing and quality.

What is Buy Real Media? How exactly does it work? Is it safe to purchase their services? I have read these questions several times on different social platforms, and that’s what inspired me to write this review.

Buy Real Media Review

You see, these are desperate times. The world isn’t exactly an oyster for social media enthusiasts these days. The race to get more followers on Instagram, friends on Facebook, and connections on LinkedIn has become ferocious over the last decade.

That is precisely what led people to buy social signals to grow on their preferred social media platform. However, with all the scammers running amok on the web, people just don’t know which website to trust.

So, I embarked on a journey to test the services of this allegedly authentic website. I purchased a bunch of Facebook likes from them to put together this Buy Real Media review. Stick around, and soon you shall learn whether this website is trustworthy or not.

Buy Real Media: In-Depth Review

Before I jump the gun and share my experience with you guys, let’s take a fleeting look at this website. Buy Real Media was founded in 2011, so they have been around for a good decade. This website showcases a wide range of promotion services that they offer for numerous social media platforms.

Buy Real Media claim to provide 100% authentic, high-quality social signals sourced from real people. To put this claim to the test, I decided to experience their services firsthand. I went to their website and browsed through their services first. After a while, I finally placed an order for 500 Facebook page likes for a dummy page I created for testing purposes.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. I have had bad experiences with social media promotional websites, so my hopes weren’t that high. However, Buy Real Media finally helped me get over this phobia of mine.

First, I started receiving page likes within the first 2 to 3 hours of placing the order. They were being delivered in irregular numbers but at a steady pace. The process took almost a day and a half, and I successfully received about 550 likes – more than I asked for!

To be sure, I went through the list of the profiles that liked my page, and they all looked real. All of them were active accounts with a legit profile picture and record of recent activity.

Considering all aspects, my overall experience with Buy Real Media was pretty great. Their likes were 100% authentic and delivered as fast as possible. I got what I paid for (and even a little extra,) so no complaints so far!

Why Do You Need to Buy Social Media Engagements?

As I mentioned earlier, the world isn’t exactly an oyster for social media enthusiasts these days. In the early 2010s, the social media trend spread like wildfire and even reached the far ends of the world.

The launch of new platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., spiked the public interest even more. And now, more than 4.62 billion people use social media platforms daily. This severe platform saturation has made it challenging to gather social signals the organic way. It has become almost impossible to attract followers or get likes from average viewers on a video.

Now, that’s where buying social media engagements can help. Thanks to sellers like Buy Real Media, you can purchase social proof to enhance your accounts and reach your goals. I know that many people still think purchasing social signals is taboo. To be honest, the practice was indeed frowned upon at one time.

However, in the current situation, relying on old-school marketing tactics doesn’t work anymore. That is why millions purchase social signals for their accounts worldwide. It’s a common practice now, and as long as your service provider is legit, there’s nothing to worry about.

What are the Services Offered by Buy Real Media?

What are the Services Offered by Buy Real Media

As the pioneers in the industry, Buy Real Media offers various services for several renowned and niche-specific social platforms.

Now, sure all of their services are authentic, safe, and high-quality, but there’s one more fact they have in common. All of them are incredibly affordable! The following are some of the most famous services and packages I saw during my last visit.

Facebook Services

  • 1000 Facebook page likes for $19
  • 1000 Facebook page followers for $20
  • 1000 Facebook video views for $7
  • 1000 Facebook reactions for $20

Instagram Services

  • 1000 Instagram followers for $20
  • 1000 Instagram post likes for $20
  • 1000 Instagram video views for $12
  • 1000 Instagram post impressions for $12

Telegram Services

  • 1000 Telegram group members for $9
  • 1000 Telegram post views for $9
  • 1000 Telegram poll votes for $25
  • 1000 Telegram reactions for $15

LinkedIn Services

  • 50 LinkedIn endorsements for $40
  • 100 LinkedIn connections for $37
  • 50 LinkedIn comments $50
  • 500 LinkedIn followers for $55

YouTube Services

  • 1000 YouTube views for $16
  • 500 YouTube subscribers for $89
  • 500 YouTube likes for $77
  • 1000 YouTube watch time hours for $99

Why Use Buy Real Media for Buying Social Signals?

After testing their services, I think you guys should purchase social signals from Buy Real Media for the following reasons.

Real Engagements

I can say confidently that these guys deliver completely authentic engagements. Every like on my page came from a real account, and I can tell because I verified most of the profiles. This sure goes to show that rest of their services are also 100% authentic and safe.

Save Your Time and Effort.

Trust me, buying social signals saves a lot of time and effort. Why spend hours trying to attract more followers or viewers using old-school methods? You can simply buy them and achieve your goals without running around desperately.

Targeted Services

You can expand your reach overseas and become a global sensation by purchasing their targeted services. A lot of Buy Real Media’s services are country targeted and can be purchased from different countries. It also makes it easier to hit multiple global markets at the same time.

High Retention Rate

Social signals are only as good as their retention rate. All the social signals these guys provide have a high-retention rate, and they stick around for a while. They also offer a retention guarantee and replace the social signals if they drop within the guarantee period.

Money Back Guarantee

All of the services that Buy Real Media provides come with a money-back guarantee. It means you can get your money back if you don’t find their services to your liking. Their return policy also proves their dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

Secure Website

Secure Website

Security is a factor that must not be overlooked while purchasing social signals. That’s why these guys have ensured their website is 100% secure. They use only the most trusted payment methods and encrypt all financial transactions for extra safety.

Moreover, they won’t ask for personal information or passwords, so you can purchase social signals with peace of mind.

Perfect Delivery Time

People at Buy Real Media understand the concept of perfect delivery time and consistently deliver services in a realistic period. For example, the estimated delivery time for the likes I ordered was 1-2 days.

They delivered likes at a slow pace to ensure they didn’t look unnatural. This particular attention to detail really fascinated me.

How to Buy Social Media Engagements from Buy Real Media?

Purchasing social media engagements sounds daunting, but Buy Real Media has made it easy. You can purchase whatever social signal you want by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Visit the website, and at the top bar, you'll see all the social platforms for which you can buy engagements.

Step 2: Navigate to one of the platforms and click on the engagement that you want to buy. Doing so will take you to the service page.

Step 3: Now, pick the subcategory of the social engagement, like the type of Instagram followers or YouTube views. After that, select the quantity and the target country (if available.)

Step 4: Enter the URL where you wish to receive the engagements and click on ‘Buy Now

Step 5: Once on the checkout page, enter your billing details and select a payment method. After making the payment, click the ‘Place Order' button to finish the purchase process.

Now, you can just sit back and relax. The guys at Buy Real Media will immediately start working on your order. You can expect to begin receiving the engagement in probably the first two or three hours.

Are Buy Real Media Engagements Safe for your Accounts?

Are Buy Real Media Engagements Safe for your Accounts

As someone with experience in this field, I can testify that Buy Real Media engagements are safe. Basically, it’s the authenticity of social signals that determines whether they are safe for your account or not.

A social engagement generated through an automatic bot can jeopardize your account and deal severe damage to it. Buy Real Media sources all its social signals from real people, which means they are as good as organic. Ergo, their engagements are 100% authentic and safe for your social media accounts.

Buy Real Media: Alternatives and Competitors

During my quest, I came across two websites claiming to provide 100% legit services and are pretty renowned. Although they don’t hold a candle to Buy Real Media, they still seem to be worthy contenders.

You can check out these sites if you don’t find Buy Real Media’s services to your liking (which is a fat chance.)

Media Mister

These guys have been providing reliable social media promotional services since 2012. They offer social signals for multiple platforms and assure authenticity and safety. Their website also has some excellent reviews on Sitejabber, so it’s worth checking out.


GetAFollower offers a market-leading range of social media services that help its clients achieve specific goals. This site is particularly famous for its affordable rates and dedication to quality. So, they are not a bad option for purchasing social signals either.


Truth be told, someone can’t become a global sensation overnight by purchasing social signals. Many people think buying engagement can boost their odds of becoming an influencer or celebrity. Well, hate to break it to you, but that’s just fantasy.

Buying social signals helps you grow at a steady pace and build your presence on any social network. Eventually, that might lead to you climbing the fame ladder, but it will take time. Also, the growth you’re looking for is only possible when you purchase legit social signals.

But that’s not a problem anymore, thanks to Buy Real Media. Their authentic and safe services are affordable and provide value for money.  So, if you ask me, Buy Real Media is a great site for purchasing social media engagements. Feel free to roam around and try other service providers, but only if you can afford to lose money.

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