Simple Tricks to Watch Instagram Stories Without Being Noticed


Learn ways how to watch insagram stories anonymously & how to download data from Instagram.

Do you have a secret crush on someone and you want to watch his Instagram story anonymously? If yes, then you are on the right platform. It is not a matter of difficulty. Using simple hacks, you can keep an eye on someone's Instagram story without being caught.

In this digital world, we want to know about our ex-lover, business partner, or competitor. But the most annoying part is that somehow they get a notification of our activities (especially in the case of Instagram stories).

Instagram stories appear only for 24 hours. In which a person can share his photos and videos of the day, and surprisingly he can also keep an eye on the watch list. This thing is irritating for those who are watching the story.

But with these simple steps, you can view someone’s Instagram story anonymously; no matter whether you are an android user or an apple holder, or even you have an Instagram account on your PC.

If that person blocks you, you can even watch the stories by using these techniques.

Isn’t it interesting? Then have a look at the simple tricks.

How to secretly watch Instagram stories on the computer, android, and iPhone

How to secretly watch Instagram stories

I know you are waiting for me to expose simple hacks by which you can peek into anyone's Instagram story secretly. The two most famous methods are the:

  • Airplane mode method
  • Fake account method.

Airplane mode to watch the Instagram story

Let me discuss the first simple trick of airplane mode. Every one of you has the option on your phone for airplane mode. It does not matter if you have an Instagram account on a PC, android, or iPhone; airplane mode is present. You have to follow three simple steps to use this trick:

  •     First, load the Instagram story of that person by connecting to the internet.
  •     Then turn off the internet service and turn on airplane mode.
  •     Now go to the Instagram account. You can watch other people’s Instagram stories without appearing on their watch list.

As we all know; after turning on airplane mode, you lose your phone connection with the world. So whatever activity you perform at that time on your phone can not be recorded. That is how this technique works.

Get an anonymous account registered

If your ex blocked you, the airplane mode technique will not work. In that case, I have another hack for you. This hack will assist you in viewing the Instagram stories of the person even if you are blocked.

  • You can make another Instagram account of an anonymous name.
  • By registering with a new Instagram account, you can directly go to the account of that person and watch his stories.

You can use this technique only if that person's account is public. Because if it is private you have to send a request. It depends on that person whether he accepts your request or not. If he approves your request, you can enjoy his stories anytime you want without showing your real identity.

Best Instagram story viewer for PC, Android, or IOs without account and registration

If the person blocked you from his Instagram account or his account is also not set to public, you cannot view his Instagram story by using the upper techniques. For that problem, I have a solution. I have come up with the best Instagram story viewer apps for you.

Instagram story viewers are the applications that provide you a zone to watch the Instagram stories of any person as long as you know the username or link of that profile.

These apps are accessible and do not notify the person that you have watched his story. Also, these apps are best rated as you can check the reviews on the play store or apple store.

These are as follows:

  • is the best app to view someone’s Instagram story without even having an Instagram account. You can easily watch someone’s Instagram photos, videos, and stories with the help of this app.

The best part of this app is that you can view insta stories even if you are blocked by that person. This app does not demand any registration from you. You only have to put its user name or account link. Then you can easily watch their stories, photos, or videos.

A few features are:

  • Best reviewed
  • No need for registration
  • It is a completely free application.
  • You can use it on android, apple phones, or Pcs.
  • Does not save your information

It is extremely easy to use. Install this app and put the username or profile link in the search bar. You will get the profile which you can scroll.

Get this best-rated accessible app now to watch the Instagra

This is another application for your PC, android, or IOs. If the above application does not work in your system, you can go for this option.

Just like the above application, does not want you to connect your Instagram account with it. The only thing you should know about someone is his Instagram account username or link to his profile.

The key features are:

  • Best rated
  • No registration
  • Easy to use
  • Just add the link or username of the profile, and you are set to use
  • Supports Pcs, androids, and IOs

It is extremely easy to use. Install this app and put the username or profile link in the search bar. You will get the profile which you can scroll.

Install now to save yourself from being caught peeking at someone’s Instagram story. is the best application to get connected to someone’s Instagram account and view insta stories. It means you have to just enter the username or link of the profile of the account holder, and then you can anonymously enjoy his Instagram story.

You should choose it because it is:

  • Best rated
  • No registration
  • View the Instagram stories even If you are blocked from that account
  • Easy to use

It is extremely easy to use. Install this app and put the username or profile link in the search bar. You will get the profile which you can scroll.

Install now!!!!

How to download stories, photos, and videos from your Instagram profile in incognito mode?

How to secHow to download storiesretly watch Instagram stories

Instagram is a huge social media platform where people post their photos and videos daily. But it does not have any feature to download videos of your favorite person.

The question is can you download that videos?

Yes, you can download the videos from Instagram as long as the account is public. Or you can install any video from Instagram that you can view from your Instagram profile.

The next question can be; can we install photos and videos of private Instagram accounts?

No for sure. You cannot break the privacy of any person if his account is private. But if you want to do that, then you should learn to hack his accounts. Because this is the only way to peek into someone into account.

Instasaver- best Instagram video downloader:

For those who want to download public videos from Instagram, I have an amazing solution. Instasaver is an accessible application for you to install Instagram videos.

This application supports Pcs, androids as well as IOs. Just add the link to that video and you are all set to download the video. It is quite easy. You will learn this application as soon as you install it.

So install now the best Instagram video downloader.


Closing the long talk in a few words, it is not difficult to watch anyone’s Instagram story anonymously. In the world of hacks, I have shared the tricks with you that will surely help you to peek into someone’s Instagram account without getting noticed.

As you can use airplane mode for this purpose or you can use a fake account but the best option is to go for a third-party application such as Instasaver,, and Because this method is risk-free.

Sometimes airplane method does not work and results in putting you on the watch list of that person. The idea of a fake account is also somehow risky because the person may doubt your fake account. So the best option is to install these applications so that you can watch your ex-partner’s or anyone’s Instagram story without being noticed.

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