The Best Time to Post on Instagram For Your Industry in 2023 ( Complete Guide)

Best Time to Post on Instagram

The time to post content is critical to the growth of your social media following. Let your posts on Instagram appear in front of people at the right time to increase engagement and conversion rates.

The number of monthly active users of Insta is as high as 1 billion, so no matter what content, what type of account, the content release time should coincide with the user behavior of the account. Otherwise, the targeted audience is likely to miss your posts.

If you want to find a suitable push time, you need to keep reading this article to know the right time to post on Instagram. Once you identify the right time, you should release content half an hour in advance and reserve a buffer exposure time for your posts.

Please note that all times in this article are based on Eastern Time in the United States.

Prime Time for Publishing Content on Instagram(Generally)

Prime Time for Publishing Content on Instagram

  • Generally, the best time to post on Instagram is at lunchtime or at the end of a typical working day in the US time zone, that is, 1 pm and 5 pm. That's when most people have some free time to browse Instagram.
  • The best time to post video content to Instagram is between 9 pm, and 8 am every day because people habit browsing information before bed.
  • The best days to post on Instagram are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • Sunday is the worst day, but you can post at 5 pm on Sunday when most people are back in the house preparing for a new week.
  • Posting on Wednesday, Instagram users are the most engaged.
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If you publish information when users are most active, your posts will be more likely to be noticed by the audience. With good interaction data, Instagram will push it to a higher position on the tab page, thereby generating more interactions.

The Best Time to Post on Insta in Different Countries/Regions


Best Time to Post on Insta in usa

  • For Pacific Standard Time (PST) and Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the United States, the best time to post on Insta throughout the week is from 8 am to 10 am. This is because most people check the information on their phones when they wake up or before they start work.
  • The most active activity time is between 10 am and 1 pm, so it is good to post before the most active activity starts. If you post after the most active activity time, the chances are high that most of the target audience will miss your posts.
  • Compared with the East Coast, the activities on the West Coast start as early as 5:00 in the morning. Therefore, you should post earlier to target an audience from that region.
  • East Coast users are more active around 10:00 pm, and you can optimize views on Instagram by positing on that time.
  • The general situation on the East Coast and West Coast is that there is less user activity on Saturday compared to the rest of the week from Monday to Friday. For that reason, you’re likely to miss your target audience if you post on Instagram on Saturday.


Best Time to Post on Insta in uk

  • In the UK, the best time to post on Instagram is between 8 am, and 11 am
  • The most active activities in the UK are from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Publish when the activity is most active, keeping the content attractive to users for a day.
  • One major difference between the U.S. and U.K. time zones is that users in the U.K. are more active at noon of the day.


Best Time to Post on Insta in europe

  • In Europe, the best release time is between 7 am and 10 am on the entire working day.
  • Monday and Tuesday are the best release days because the most active activities will gradually fade to the weekend.
  • Compared to other times of the week, Saturday is the least activity.
  • On weekends, you can post information from 9 am to 11 am because the most active activities on the weekend will start later.

The Best time to Publish on Instagram in Different Industries

1: Delicacy

Instagram on Delicacy

Do you love posting about food? Then you should always release your posts before meals if you want to catch the attention of as many Instagram users as possible. The fan user group of food content must be more interested in eating. The posting time is usually before lunch and before dinner, that is, after 10.00 in the morning and after 4.00 in the afternoon.

Don’t post late in the day or night because food lovers are busy doing others. It’s also good to post the onset of big occasions such as Christmas when people like preparing special meals for their families and friends. Don't post late at night because most people are done with eating and probably already asleep.

2: Learning

Instagram on study

Fans of the learning category must be workers who check in to study or college students studying at school, so the posting time on weekdays is between 9 pm and 11 pm. These people generally don't have time to browse Insta during the day.

The audiences in this category are mostly very busy people trying to balance work and studies. Some don’t even have free time to make and receive phone calls during the day, leave alone browsing Instagram. They’re mostly free from 9.00 pm to late at night, when they normally use social media platforms.

3: Media and Entertainment

Instagram entertainment content

The audience in this industry goes for short content or short video that does not require deep thinking. They look for entertainment content that doesn't strain them. You can post such content in the morning before work, during lunch break, and in the evening after work.

That's between 6.00 am, and 8.00 am, 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm and from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm.  For content that requires deep reading, thinking, and medium-length videos, you should post it after 9 pm, suitable for thinking late at night.

4: Retail Industry

Instagram Retail Industry content

The audience in this industry is people who love buying things for different uses. It could be domestic use, luxury items, or gifts for other people. The best time for posting content on Instagram for such audiences is from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm on working days. Most people leave their workplace from 4.00 pm and then go shopping for a few items before going to their homes.

During weekends, you should post at 8. am and 2.00 pm. Some people prefer to go shopping after breakfast or later after lunch meals. This means that you’re likely to reach your target audience if you post in the morning and afternoon as they check for new items to buy.

If your content is about luxurious items and gifts, the best time for posting is a day before major holidays and on Fridays because many social occasions take place on weekends. This means that such an audience will check Instagram posts on Friday to identify luxurious items that they can buy for use on the weekend.

5: Healthcare Industry

Instagram Healthcare

The best time to post content in the healthcare industry is morning and evening. That's between 6. 00 am – 8. 00 am and from 4.00 pm and 8. pm. If you had a bad night, you're likely to look for information about your condition in the morning so that you can make the right choice. For that reason, you can get more views if you post content about health matters early in the morning.

Similarly, you can have more views for your post if you release it in the evening, between 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm. Many people are off their workplace at his time, and they can spend some time on Instagram to gather info about health matters. This is common if they have been feeling unwell during the day.

6: Technology Industry

Instagram Technology Industry

Technology runs the world, and even the Instagram platform relies purely on technology. This makes it difficult to predict when technology lovers like to access Instagram. However, trends show that users in the technology industry prefer to access the Insta in the evening during lunch, from 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm, and in the evening from 4.00 pm.

Don't post technology content during weekends because most users take a break from social media after having a busy week. However, you can get a substantial number of views if you post around 5.00 am and 6.00 am on Monday before people go to work. That way, you can capture the attention of those who want to know what happened during the weekend when they were away.

7: Government or non-Profit Organization

instagram private sectorsThe audience in this industry is most people working in the government and private sectors. Therefore, the best time to post is when the audiences are free from work. That's in the morning before work, during lunch break, and in the evening after work. You should post around 6.00 am, 11.00 am and 4.00 pm, and 8.00 PM.

Users are also active shortly before and after the release of important news by the government and NGOs. Don't post late in the night, during weekends and major holidays, because the audiences are away for a break and don't expect any important news and updates.

8: Education Industry

Instagram Education

As the fans of the “Learning category,” those of the education industry are students and teachers busy during the day, especially on weekdays. These audiences don’t have time to browse Instagram during the day.

Therefore, the best time for posting during weekdays is between 8.00 pm and 11.00 pm, or early in the morning, around 6.00 am. When it comes to weekends and holidays, you can post anytime because these fans have a lot of free time to browse Instagram.

9: Service Industry

Instagram Service Industry

Do you love posting content in the service industry? The best time to post is early in the morning, during lunch break, and late in the evening. That's between 6.00 am, 8.00 am, 11.00 am and 2.00 pm, and from 7.00m to 9.00 pm.  The targeted audiences are working people who would like help on some tasks.

Therefore, you should post when they aren’t busy with work and have free time to browse Instagram. During weekends, you can post to post on Instagram is in the morning between 7.00 am and 1000 am.

10: Travel

Instagram Travel

You need to know when people travel most to post content about this industry on Instagram. This includes traveling for holidays, vacations, or visiting friends. The best time is in the morning or later in the evening. That's 6.00am to 8.00am and from 6.00pm top 9.00pm. The working class can use their morning session before work to browse Instagram.

Alternatively, they can do so in the evening after work if they aren’t looking for something urgent. It's also wise to post on Friday evenings because some people travel during weekends to attend social occasions.

Posting a few days before the onset of major holidays and towards the end of holidays is a wise move. That way, you're likely to get the attention of people looking for a traveling destination and planning to return home after holidays or vacations.


1. What are the factors that affect the push time?

The location of the person posting content, targeted audience work, user rest habits, and the quality of the content.

2. Should I post regularly to grow my Instagram account fan base?

Yes, it's important to post regularly on your Insta and keep your followers engaged if you want to grow your account. Most importantly, you should post when your target audience is most active and ensure your post-high-quality content.


Insta is more and more important for brand promotion; when its algorithm decides which posts to see in your feed, it is more inclined to the latest content. Posts are arranged strictly in chronological order but provide you with fresh content that you may be involved in at a given time.

This means that no matter how many times you refresh, new posts are more likely to appear in your feed first, so when your followers are most likely to be online, you need to make sure that your posts are “recent.”

No matter what the nature of your social media goals is, the above suggestions can assist content strategies. Just select what matches your needs according to your target audience to achieve the best results.

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