StoriesIG: The Ultimate Guide to Viewing Instagram Stories and Downloads


In this article, you will get to know every single aspect of StoriesIG from its amazing features to safety measures.

It is undeniable that Instagram stories are one of the most captivating features on social networking sites. Whether for a business account, an influencer account, or just a personal account, ig stories viewer gives an identity to the account holder that is unmatched in social networking.

Their Instagram feed is filled with stunning stories, photos, and videos. Their first thought was how to download them right away. StoriesIG is a one-stop-shop solution, an online tool that allows users to download Instagram Photos, Stories, Videos, Reels, and IGTV. Furthermore, the service does not rely on Instagram at all, which means you’re able to visit people’s Instagram stories anonymously without having your personal Instagram account.

YES, you can save and download Instagram stories on your device anonymously. Some people think that StoriesIG is a scam or legit thing. In this article, you will get to know every single aspect of StoriesIG from its amazing features to safety measures. Today, we will guide you about this stunning app worth using in 2022.

What is StoriesIG?

What is StoriesIG

Let’s get started with an overview of what exactly StoriesIG is. Essentially, it is a digital platform designed to minimize the difficulties associated with Instagram story download. With this app, you can download Instagram content on both your phone and personal computer.

There are similar applications to save and download Instagram stories, videos, etc. Despite this, StoriesIG's downloader has a more user-friendly interface and gives better results than any other app in the social networking world.

Key features of using StoriesIG

Despite the fact of how well StoriesIG actually works. However, we understand that StoriesIG works by incorporating a search engine into its interface.

Let’s have a quick look at the key features of StoriesIG that you must not miss out on before starting to use the app:


The main benefit of StoriesIG is that it is completely anonymous, so you can easily view other people’s Instagram stories and even save them on your device without them knowing.

No additional charges

After anonymity, this is probably the best thing about StoriesIG that this is completely free to use. There are no additional charges to pay for downloading or saving the content.

Easy-to-use Interface

StoriesIG can be used very easily. You simply copy a link to the story or content you’d like to download, paste it into the search box of, and follow the on-screen instructions.


Another mind-blowing feature of StoriesIG is its compatibility with any device. You can use this platform on either mobile, laptop, or computer.

Privacy & Safety

Just like any other platform, StoriesIG cares about your privacy and safety concerns and does not make you exposed to threats. This platform is primarily designed to help students download educational materials.

How to view and download Instagram stories and highlights using StoriesIG?

How to

We have now explained what StoriesIG is and the primary features of what they are providing, and it’s time for you to learn more about how to use this app effectively. You can view and download stories and highlights using StoriesIG by following these step-by-step guides:

Step 1

Go to StoriesIG's official website from your desktop or mobile phone browser.

 Step 2

Copy the URL or Name of the Instagram Profile that you want to view anonymously (For example, Cristiano Ronaldo or the URL

 Step 3

 Paste the URL or Instagram Profile in the search bar of the website and press enter. After entering, you can see the profile information where you can see multiple details (the number of subscribers, subscriptions, biography) and watch stories or publications.

 Step 4

If you want to download stories or a post, click on the item and then, click the DOWNLOAD option at the top. When you click the button, it automatically downloads to your phone or PC or whatever device you are using.

What are the safety risks of using StoriesIG?

There is nothing better than StoriesIG when it comes to helpful and cool tools. However, anonymity and no additional fees are the most appealing aspects.

Anyone can save their stories, and the owners will not be able to find out. Despite everything, there is always an opposing viewpoint that people ignore. You can stay safe on StoriesIG by understanding the following points.

Against Instagram Policy

There is no way to save someone's Instagram story on Instagram itself. With third-party apps, you can't do anything tricky because they have terms and conditions that prevent you from doing it.

Data Privacy

Even though StoriesIG does not intend to violate anyone's privacy, it does not adhere to Instagram's data privacy policy. Instagram users' personal information is at risk since it allows them to save other users' stories privately.

Risk of Penalties:

Regular practice of doing this may result in penalties, and even your IP address could be blocked.


The above article covers everything that you need to know about Instagram’s anonymous story reviewer or downloader, StoriesIG, and its legitimacy.

To conclude, StoriesIG is a legitimate Instagram story downloader without any additional fee that lets you save stories anonymously and download the Instagram stories as well. However, considering the risks in mind, we would recommend that you try the alternatives as well.

Let us know what you think about this ultimate guide about the StoriesIG and what you experience as a user.

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