Discord Kitten: What Is It & How to Become One

Discord Kitten

Discord kitten term came to be in December 2016. It refers to young ladies known as “kittens” who get rewards after pleasing the Discord daddies. The relationship is like a sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship.

Discord app allows users to communicate using voice calls, video calls, text messages, and sharing media. It is popular for its communities also known as servers. Many people from all over the world use Discord for their different interests.

It was initially meant for gamers, but later became popular to suit different people’s interests and hobbies. Therefore, you can’t miss a Discord community that you can join. If you often use the social platform, you have probably heard of Discord Kittens.

Actually, the term became famous in 2016. If you are not sure of what the term means, we will provide an overview of what it means.

Who Is A Discord Kitten?

Who Is A Discord Kitten

The Discord kitten is a user who gets rewards in terms of virtual gifts or Nitro. Well, the gift doesn’t come that easily, it isn’t free.

In return, the Discord kitten needs to provide companionship to the “provider” who provides pampering as a reward. It’s like a sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship. The provider is the “sugar daddy”, while the discord kitten is the “sugar baby”.

Therefore, work should be put in to please the provider, otherwise, they won’t receive the virtual gifts or Nitro. Additionally, the kittens need to be submissive to the Discord daddies.

Discord users actually create servers for people looking for the daddy–kitten relationships. This makes it easy for interested parties to mingle and find each other.

What Age Are The Discord Kittens?

Most Discord kittens are often young, naïve girls. In some cases, men can also be kittens as long as they perform their flirting role well. The kittens often do this to please the older, wealthier men, who take up the bigger part of the sugar daddies in the Discord servers.

Their roles are to flirt, entertain, or give attention to the men. Any gender can be a discord kitten as long as you perform your role well.

What Gifts Do Discord Daddies Give To The Kittens?

Gifts Do Discord Daddies Give To The Kittens

The Discord daddy or kitten daddy always rewards the kitten when they entertain or flirt with them. However, some of the Discord daddies are predators and the kittens need to be careful of what they sign up for. The Discord daddies and kittens can either be female or male. Some of the gifts given to the kittens include:

1. Nitro


Nitro is one of the most popular gifts that kittens are rewarded with. Nitro is a premium Discord subscription. Once a kitten gets that reward, they get more features than those with standard Discord features. Therefore, the kitten will enjoy animated emojis, unlimited file upload, customization options, and high-quality screen sharing. Therefore, they can spend more time with their daddies online.

2. Money

In some cases, if a Discord kitten really pleases the kitten daddy, they get monetary gifts. The money is sent virtually. However, this will require giving out some personal information. Therefore, as a kitten, it would be wiser to have a separate account for such monetary gifts.

3. Material Gifts

Also, some kittens may be rewarded with material gifts. The only downside of this, is that they will need to provide their addresses to get the material items. Therefore, this can even breed an opportunity for any sexual predators. However, they need to have a mutual agreement.

Daddy Relationship

Well, the Discord platform doesn't prohibit having any online relationships. However, all you need to do is be cautious at a personal level to prevent predators from attacking you or doing anything wrong to you.

In as much as Discord allows online relationships it should be with two consenting adults. There are not many guidelines regarding online dating on Discord, so it’s a personal responsibility to ensure you are safe.

Which Precautions Should You Take If You Plan To Be A Discord Kitten?

If you opt to be a Discord kitten, get to understand the kind of relationship the daddy wants, boundaries, the expectations they have for you e.g. emotional attachment, and their trust level. However, you have to be careful since some people create fake accounts to scam others. You better not be a victim!

You can also use the reverse search image on Discord to check whether someone is a scammer by using images that aren’t theirs. It is also crucial for the kitten to have rules on what they can and can’t do.

At the end of the day, remember that no one has a right over you except yourself. That’s why it is crucial not to give too many details about yourself in case things go wrong.

How Can You Become A Discord Kitten?

These are the steps to take to be a Discord kitten:

Step 1: Customize your account

If you want to be a Discord Kitten who will be liked by the Discord daddies, you ought to first choose a visually appealing avatar and craft a great bio.

Step 2: Craft your personality


Communication is key when dealing with the Discord daddies. Therefore, be sure of the kind of emojis or words that you will be using to communicate.

Step 3: Join a Discord Server

Join a Discord Server

The next step is to join a Discord server and look for  Discord Daddy. If your profile photo and bio are welcoming, chances of getting a Discord daddy are high.  You can either opt to join a regular server or an e-dating server. You can also try to search for servers that serve Discord Kitten and Daddies.

Step 4: Introduce yourself


Once you join your preferred server, introduce yourself in a cute way and make it known that you are open to direct messaging from anyone. Your words will play a huge role in increasing your chances of getting the perfect Discord daddy.

Step 5: Build relationships

In as much as you will get different people approaching you, have your boundaries, and if uncomfortable with someone’s request, just don’t. There are genuine Discord daddies out there ready to mingle and reward you for your time & attention. Don’t settle for less.

Take Advantage Of The Discord Servers Freedom

Discord is free to use. However, if you need more features, you might need a subscription. If you are a lucky kitten, you might have your Discord daddy paying the plan for you.

Therefore, take advantage of the platform and mingle as much as possible. Just ensure you are careful not to fall victim to any scammers on the platform. Regardless of whether you want to be a Discord kitten or Discord daddy, just be respectful to fellow users. Create healthy bonds!

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