25 Services to Get Free Instagram Followers [100% Real]

Free Instagram Followers

Your number of followers on Instagram is a selling point either as an influencer or a brand/ business owner. Do you want to know where to get free followers? Come in and check this list of 25 top sites for free Instagram followers.

Instagram, without a doubt, remains one of the most used social media platforms. Not only for communication and networking but also as one of the most entertaining social media platforms. In addition, the bulk of business and brand marketing on Instagram makes it a good choice for many marketers. You then can imagine how fast-growing the competition has been.

Interestingly, the Facebook team management bought Instagram. This added salt to the injury of competition on the platform. Thus, the competition became a game of number and engagement rate. In specific terms, the number of followers you have on Instagram is a measure of your popularity and relevance. This initiative would have been a level ground for the quality of content to play out.

However, influencers began to use money and fame to pull followers from different sources. This alone skewed the supposed fairground on Instagram. For upcoming businesses, irrespective of quality, the competition becomes tougher. As such, influencers became the gladiators of the Instagram pool.

Fortunately enough, different websites for free Instagram followers sprang up. This means you do not have to spend money to increase your followers and get more active engagements on your Instagram account.

We have listed the best sites where you can get free followers and a free trial for proper and real engagement on Instagram. Check them out!

1. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta instagram

This website and growth provider is an all-time leader in growth and lead generation. It is not a newbie in the industry. As such, it has the expertise that is polished with many years of experience. If you want your Instagram follower list to grow rapidly at zero cost, go straight to Mr. Insta. They do that for free. This service provided has a mutual fellowship mechanism.

In this model, you will be requested to follow a number of accounts. In return, real accounts would be asked to follow you too. By doing so, all users on their websites have an appreciable number of followers who are real and active.  Since you are not paying, following other accounts is the way Mr. Insta uses to give back to their clients.

2. Turbo Media

Turbo Media instagram

Turbo Media is a frontier in the social media growth industry. Are you wondering how much the service will cost you? It cost you no money. However, you will have to carry out some tasks. Don’t worry; these tasks are not tedious ones. You will spend less than 1 minute carrying out these tasks. It might be a survey you will have to fill out.

Doing so will earn you followers on your IG accounts. It is that easy. With each task, you will get a minimum of 10 followers. This implies that you will have up to 10 followers every minute of a task. Instagram followers on this site are real and constantly engaging your accounts.

3. UseViral

UseViral instagram

The uses of Useviral to clients are enormous. One major concern to Instagram users and influencers is its free followers' services. It sounds impossible to many users that there are websites that offer free IG followers. With UseViral, they have come to believe it is real here. They have years of experience in improving their features and their, network connection, and their strength.

Today, the result of these improvements justifies the smooth delivery of real and engaging followers on Instagram.  Thus promotion of your brand and content on IG is a simple task with UseViral. So, when you think of gaining followers organically, look at their side. You will get that free. There is also paid service if you want.

4. Followersup

Followersup instagram

Followersup is popular among Instagram users and influencers. This service is known to be a paid service, but it offers free Instagram followers also. They deliver instant services by boosting your Instagram account with quality content and followers. In terms of privacy and security, they do not compromise. Take their words when they say your shortcuts to fame and popularity are made easy with their services.

Interestingly, it is as easy as choosing Instagram as the platform you want desired growth. Followersup has increased the social visibility of many brands and influencers since it was founded. Quality content fascinates viewers and is a good way of drawing a stream of followers to this company. Many users who started with free follower services with this company have now taken paid packages. That is what the quality of their services does.

5. Famoid

Famoid instagram

Famoid is a known follower provider for media accounts. Before now, all services on Famoid used to be paid services. Fortunately, it has recently developed a feature for free followers on social media. Thus it has come to be one of the best places to get free followers, especially for Instagram marketers.

Famoid will provide you with free real followers that will engage your Instagram content. Going by their official website details, you have a limited number of followers within an hour. Generally, Famoid gives you 25 followers within 25 hours. This implies one follower per hour.

Thus, you will get 25 followers every 25 hours. The only requirement is your username and email. You are even required even to open an account on this website. Famoid has a service feedback mechanism to report if the followers you are given are not active or fake.

6. Viralyft


viralyft insta

The birth of Instagram as a social media platform is a significant turning point in the history of online marketing. Influencers on Instagram are the game players and changers. Therefore, it should not surprise you that people are looking for followers every day. Your follower is your fan base. Marketing online is a game of numbers like politics.

Viralyft is one of the sites to visit if you want to win this Instagram race. Many paid sites will end up giving you fake and inactive followers. Instead of that, get free and real followers from Viralyft.

In addition, if you also want a premium and paid service, Viralyft should readily come to your mind. Therefore, the pursuit of dominance and Instagram presence is easy for Viralyft.

7. Insta Macro

Insta Macro

Among websites that give you the exact quality of what they advertise is Insta Macro. Do you want rapid growth on your Instagram follower list? Insta Macro does that for free. This service provider knows how stiff competition on Instagram is. Thus, it ensures you don’t just have followers but active ones. This is the way it uses to magnify your online presence to prospective customers or clients.

Influencers on Instagram consider this website as a home. Simply because their follow stream is sourced organically from this site. One major way Insta Macro helps is to automate your Instagram tasks. Hence, you gain followers organically through persistent activeness online.

8. Media Mister

Media Mister tiktok

Do you want free and real followers? Media Mister is a great plugin for doing that. It has helped many businesses to grow through their Instagram followers. Not only that, but they also boast of all social media platforms' growth. Therefore, it uses its manual and real interactions to generate organic followers and traffic on your IG account.

Thus, the followers are unlike bots and other fake followers. It is one thing to have followers; it is another thing for them to be active. On their record, you will find up to 500k clients whose IG accounts have been influenced by Media Mister.

So, it is a good place to get your IG followers for free. Again, you should look their way when you want to grow your other social media platform.

9. Likigram


Getting free followers on Instagram is made easy by Likigram. This website is one of the mainstays to get Instagram free and active followers. Interestingly, you will get not less than 50 followers daily from this service provider. Are you wondering if there is any task required for this? Not at all. You are only to provide your email and username.

By mere provision of these details, you will get 50 followers a day. If you want more followers, you will have to pay for a premium service. This service provider generates followers and income through many businesses they do ads for.

Again, you will observe a lot of ads on the websites. These are its ways of generating followers for you free of charge.

10. GetAFollower


You will like to know what GetAFollower is capable of doing when Instagram growth is discussed. Given the top-notch marketing strategies this provider has, you will get premium but free followers from their website. It is, therefore, an excellent option to get active and cost-free followers for your Instagram account. Influencers don’t joke with this site.

Generally, this service provider has one of the most affordable prices when paid services are discussed. Yet, their free follower services compete with some paid services. Thus, they ensure their users get the maximum recognition they deserve on Instagram.

Their account management services are not exclusive to Instagram but all other social media platforms. Interestingly, you have standby customer support available if you have any cases to report.

11. ProjectInsta


This is a big name in the Instagram follower generation industry. It is as popular as Instagram itself. The providers have a special algorithm they use to generate followers. This is so because they are Instagram service providers. Thus, their services are of high quality and not only quantity.

Are you asking how many followers you stand to get? ProjectInsta is capable of giving you a jaw-dropping 80k followers. These followers will follow your Instagram account with a strong like and interest in your content.

This actively demonstrates that they will not only be adding to your follower's number but also will engage with your content. This method of follower generation complies with IG policies. As such, you have nothing fishy to worry about.

12. Social Follow

Social Follow

This site is also of the top free sites for free Instagram followers. You will agree that the number of followers influences your brand and presents it better to the potential customer. Thus you can not joke with the number of followers, whether your account is a business one or for influencing purposes. By so doing, Social follow is a place to visit. One good thing about this is that your type of device does not matter. It, therefore, works fine on all types of devices.

Your account will be projected within a short period, and your business will stand out with Social follow. No fake accounts and there are no tasks or surveys you need to carry out. However, the number of followers you can get daily is benchmarked at 50. In total, you will get 1500 followers monthly.

13. Stormlikes


Do you want your Instagram account to be stormed by engaging followers? Stormlikes is the best website to visit. Despite how difficult it seems, you will wonder how easy they have made this follower's game look. Stormlikes takes this free follower service as a paid one. You will be given a quality stream of followers interacting with your Instagram activities like paid service.

The security of users is at the core of Stormlikes interest. Thus, your account details will never be compromised.  It is also important to mention that they also offer paid services. It is most likely that the quality of services you get for free will convince you to want the paid services. Notwithstanding, the free follow you will gain is enough to give you the tremendous growth you desire.

14. SocialViral


While SocialViral helps users in managing their accounts online and generate leads on different platforms, it does it better when it comes to Instagram. It is a site to gain massive engagement on Instagram free of charge. If you are the type that wants a site with top security for exclusive active followers, check SocialViral now.

They deliver with the instant deployment of IG followers who will change the story of your account and project it to stardom. It is not difficult for them more than how we have simply put it.

Additionally, if you want a better taste of their services, you should consider taking a paid plan. Interestingly the plans are cheap. You won’t need to take a loan just to get IG followers.

15. Like.io


Here comes another company that does social media growth and lead generation excellently. It is not news that Like .io is an Instagram growth expert. Thus, it can help you amass free followers, likes, and reactions from real people. It is also true that they do these services for sales.

However, they also offer free services, especially on Instagram. Hence, it is one of the giants on this list of free sites for Instagram followers. Its diversity to other platforms is a plus because you can always have a lot of media growth services under one roof.

The method of getting followers is genuine, and thus the followers are authentic ones. They all will engage your post on Instagram, whether paid or free.

16. GetInsta


Getinsta boasts of delivering the best quality of services. This range of services is free according to them. This company maintains a long acquisition of followers for its users. Thus, you will get real followers within 24 hours. Do you want a consistent follower addition on Instagram, visit Getinsta. As reflected in the name, you get instant Instagram growth and a solid fan base.

In addition, you don’t have any task or survey to be carried out. Again, no password, no verification, and followers are real, not bots. The only condition is that your IG account must be public but not a private account to use this service. Once you meet this condition, you are guaranteed high-quality IG followers with zero risks.

17. Poprey


Poprey is a website developed to enhance social media growth, especially Instagram. At first, it is different from other sites that require some task or even a survey before you can get IG followers for free. Although it has majorly paid services, it has its smallest package free of charge to the public. This is simply to give you a taste of its services before any monetary commitment.

Hence, it offers free service. In this free service, you can instantly get free 10 Instagram followers without carrying out any task. These followers are real humans that will interact with your post and IG content. The difference in engagement will be obvious in the first few hours of delivery. You will need to pay for additional followers if you want more.

18. Infofollow


This is another place to get free Instagram followers. It is quite different from other sites. While others will saddle you with one or two tasks, this company does not. It only requires the usage of its app. This simply implies you will have to download the app on your device. Interestingly, this App is available on android and iOS.

Although your device might be used o host some other activities by this provider, the chances are slim. However, if you don’t mind if your mobile is used, then this app is efficient in giving you followers that are possibly bots. You are not paying for the service, and you will get the desired result.

19. SidesMedia


SidesMedia has carved an excellent niche for social media growth and engagement. Compared to other companies, the credibility and accountability of this company are top-notch. It gives users real Instagram followers for free. Interestingly, the growth and popularity of user brands are the focus of Sidesmedia. Hence, it prioritizes the quality of services delivered.

It is, therefore, a frontier on the list of trustworthy companies. Many other companies are interested in how much clients will pay, but this provider is concerned with how much influence they will have on your Instagram account and brand. As a wrap-up quality, these guys deliver Instagram engagement of excellent quality within 72 hours. It is indeed a site you must visit.

20. Ampya


This is a new company in the market. It, therefore, has the latest features and mechanisms for generating organic followers. This company has proven to be an efficient one for gaining free Instagram followers. They have helped several influencers and brand marketing in doing so. Thus, a few years of experience is not a deficiency. Followers from Ampya are not only real but also sent to your Instagram account organically.

This makes every bit of their interaction and engagement authentic on your account. To avoid mixing up details, they have a dedicated account manager who helps you begin work on your account straight-up. This is how they gain engagement and generate traffic for your Instagram account.

21. Social Plus

Social Plus

Social plus is a specialized website and company on Instagram. It, therefore, has expertise in Instagram growth and engagements. Interestingly, it is a site to get all these services for free. It is good for Instagram's free followers. It updates its features in compliance with the growth and policy changes of Instagram. This is easy because the mainstream of its focus of service is Instagram.

Thus, its services are safe and policy compliant with Instagram management. Unlike other free websites, Social plus will give you credit as a new user to gain followers. If you exhaust this credit, you will have to pay for another. One good thing about this website is that its followers are well-trained. They are skilled at their styles of engagement and interactions with your posts. As such, no suspicion.

22. Growthsilo


One of the companies giving a free trial before any monetary commitment is Growthsilo. It creates a solid follower base for Instagram influencers and marketers. You, therefore, will get followers for free. Not only that, they will be there and readily available should you need a paid service. The free trial for follower gain will convince you. This free trial spans 3 days. These days are enough to prove the quality and engagement level this company can provide you.

In addition to the free trial, the paid service is a man-to-man discussion. You will set the desired target with a representative, and he will get the work done within the stipulated time. There point here is that the free trial is just a short period of the premium paid service. The quality is not reduced.

23. Growthoid


Growthoid is a leader in the industry and an excellent choice for Instagram growth and follower gain. This is simply due to how it has gathered active followers in the past. To date, influencers still rate this service provider as one of the best to reckon with. It is worth noting that this is a paid service.

However, it has a free trial you can opt for to get followers. After these trials, you are to choose either to take a plan or let go. Convincingly, Growthoid boasts of having almost all users of the free trial take a paid plan through quality engagement.

This means that the free trial would yield enough results that you would be determined to take a paid package. As a check on risk, they have a 14 days money-back policy.

24. Social Captain

socialcaptain homepage

While you are aware that many providers lay claim to delivery quality and real followers, it is not true all the time. Many are times when you will even be told to pay a token to gain a certain number of followers on Instagram. This is not the case with social captains.

Again you will get to know on their website that the service is paid, but you can always opt for a free package. Instead of wasting your money and time looking for websites where you will be promised free Instagram followers, check this provider out.

There are real people who this provider contracts to carry out engagement and interaction on your Instagram account. This means that the followers are real but not fake or bots. Interestingly, there are not too many requirements for registration. On top of all, you will have a 100% refund if unsatisfied with the services.

25. Trollishly.com


This was a digital company that provided graphics and digital services to businesses. It has now grown to offer social media and account management services to owners outside its formal UAE territory. It is, therefore, a new company with an updated method of Instagram follower generation. If you need real followers on Instagram to beat the ever-rising competition on social media marketing, try this provider.

The Instagram growth and follower service is free and will give you a maximum of 50 followers. This is just by entering your username and email address. In addition, you can get more than 50 followers on the paid service of this provider.


Q. Will Instagram Users Know Where I Got My Instagram Followers?

The truth remains that the followers on Instagram won’t be able to tell where you got your followers from. This is because it is just the number of followers and the engagement on your post they will see.

However, if most are fake or bot followers, the lack of activities can be a pointer. And Instagram is smart at detecting them. That is why it is advisable you only get a small number of your followers from the websites discussed above, as too many paid-for followers is a recipe for disaster.

Q. Is There Any Difference Between Free Followers And Paid Instagram Followers?

Ordinarily, Instagram does not consent to the sales of followers and accounts. It, therefore, does not differentiate between users, whether freely gotten or paid for. However, the level, rate, and intensity of interaction with your activities and contents on Instagram might differ.

Aside from that, there is no basic difference between these two types of followers. Again, you should be certain of what type of followers you will be provided with, whether paid or free. This is simply talking about real or bot followers.

Q. Can The Website Tamper With My Instagram Accounts Using My Username and mail?

The privacy and security of Instagram are not compromised by only the username and emails. They do not require your password alongside these other details to access your Instagram account. It is difficult for a third party to access your account without the password.

Thus they can not tamper with it aside from delivery of the supposed services you contracted them for. However, it would help if you were careful of the details you give to Instagram growth providers, as not all have credibility and reliability.


Big thanks to many websites where small and upcoming businesses and influencers can get followers. They do not have to break the bank and empty their pockets to get Instagram followers. The already saturated market would have been more stuff if not for the help of these free websites.

Also, the free trials are beautiful ways of showing what quality of Instagram followers and engagement the paid packages would deliver. Therefore lack of money or lean purse is no longer an excuse for not getting followers and engagement on Instagram. You should visit any of these sites.

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