Best Horse Racing Software For Tracking and Analysis

Best Horse Racing Software For Tracking

Horse racing has always been a sport heavily associated with data. This is a sport where the outcome depends on many different factors from the horse’s form, to weather conditions, the jockey’s skills, and many more parameters.

Sometimes managing that data is hard, and you’ll need software capable of going through a ton of information in order to handicap a race.

Fortunately, there are many different software available that can help you track various segments of horse racing and give you in-depth analysis that will make your decision easier.

What Is Horse Racing Software?

What Is Horse Racing Software

If you love horse racing betting, then arming yourself with software powerful enough to give you in-depth analysis isn’t just an advantage; it’s necessary.

Why? Well, as you know horse racing is a sport where the outcome isn’t only based on luck – it is also tied with data.

The idea here is that you’ll have more data to be able to predict a certain outcome of a race and place a bet to win money. These software are also good when it comes to learning how to bet, and they will provide you with tutorials and tips that will sharpen your betting skills.

According to TwinSpires, most beginners consider horse racing betting to be too complicated, which is why they turn to software for help.

With that said, horse racing betting software is capable of giving you more information and helping you make informed decisions. This doesn’t mean that you’d win 100% of the time.

However, getting a certain advantage with software that is capable of going through vast amounts of data is worth the try.

Best Horse Racing Software to Try

EquinEdge: The AI Jockey

Imagine a world where your software knows more about horse races than most people know about their own pets.

That's EquinEdge for you. It uses AI to analyze everything from a horse's lineage to what it had for breakfast (okay, maybe not breakfast, but you get the point). Users rave about its ability to turn data into digestible predictions that even a betting novice could use.

Track Master

TrackMaster is a sophisticated piece of software for sharp bettors who want to improve their betting methods. We believe it is the finest for sharp bettors because to its precise performance evaluations, extensive betting tools, and thorough race analysis.

TrackMaster examines historical data to help you make intelligent decisions based on surface, race duration, horse activity, race type, and a variety of other parameters. TrackMaster's comprehensive pace analysis tools allow you to examine the early, middle, and late portions of each race.

You can also identify top contenders using TrackMaster's power ratings, or design your own bespoke rating system by altering weights to reflect your handicapping tastes.

Profit Maximizer

Now, if you're looking for something that won't require selling a kidney to afford, Profit Maximizer jumps out. It's as if it was designed by Robin Hood, offering the rich data to the not-so-rich bettors. It's user-friendly, affordable, and comes with goodies that make it feel like Christmas every time you use it.

Profit Maximiser is a user-friendly racing handicapping tool that may also be used for other kinds of wagers. Its simple UI, affordable pricing, and excellent lessons make it our top choice for beginners.


Betmix might as well come with a wand because it works magic with data. It's for those who love to dive deep, mix their own potions, and come out with predictions that often have their friends asking, “Are you a wizard?”

Its AI system is a game-changer, allowing for a level of customization that's as unique as a horse with a unicorn horn.

With a strong artificial intelligence engine, Betmix is another well-liked software tool for handicapping. In order to find trends in historical race data and assist users in making more precise forecasts, MixMaker employs machine learning techniques.

Betmix's user-friendly interface is among its main advantages. For individuals who are unfamiliar with handicapping, the program is intended to be easily navigable. Users may also customize their handicapping strategy to suit their own tastes with the range of customization choices it gives.

Exponential Bet

A state-of-the-art program for UK handicappers looking to automate their wagers is called Exponential Bet. Because of its extensive data analysis, automated betting capabilities, and customizable options, we believe it to be the finest option for bet automation.

Using your Betfair Exchange account, Exponential Bet may automatically place bets on your behalf depending on the parameters and approach you have selected.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Software

Things to Consider When Choosing a Software

There are a few important elements to take into account while searching for the top horse racing handicapping software. The software's accuracy and efficacy may change significantly depending on these aspects.

Data Analysis

One of the most crucial characteristics of handicapping software is its capacity to analyze data. The program should be capable of handling massive volumes of data rapidly and accurately.

This covers information about horses, jockeys, trainers, tracks, and more. The program should also be able to detect patterns and trends in data, allowing users to make more informed decisions.

Race Card Information

Another important aspect of handicapping software is the capacity to display extensive race card information. This provides information about each horse in the race, such as its age, weight, and previous performances.

The program should also be able to deliver information on track conditions, weather, and other things that may affect the race.

Interface That's Easy to Use

Finally, handicapping software should have an intuitive interface. Even non-technical users should be able to easily navigate and comprehend the product. The interface should also be customizable, allowing users to tailor settings and preferences to their own needs.

Final Words

These are some of the best horse racing software to use like in-depth analysis on popular horse races. But as we mentioned before, don’t get your hopes up. Just because you have analysis software, it doesn’t mean that you’ll make a ton of money.

However, it will definitely help you make more informed decisions and lower your risk of losing your money.

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