Top 5 Best MBOX to PST Converters for Windows/Mac in 2023

Best MBOX to PST Converters for Windows Mac

The majority of email users are utilizing the MBOX storage program to store their email data. It is a cross-platform storage system used to keep email data and a lot of other digital documents and files in one place.

MBOX email backup is created by the default application, Thunderbird, or another third-party email client and is definitely a good solution. However, nothing is perfect.

The most frequent issue faced by users of MBOX is that, when it comes to MBOX to PST migration process, they often get stuck with corrupted data. Moreover, MBOX data loss can lead to many issues. For example, you cannot edit MBOX files, and there is a chance of losing important information.

The MBOX to PST conversion tool will help with resolving the issues by converting the MBOX email files to Outlook PST assets with complete ease. So it is the right time to convert your MBOX to Outlook PST with an effective tool to transfer MBOX to Outlook.

Below, we have provided the most reliable MBOX to PST converter tools to migrate MBOX to Outlook without causing any data loss.

1. MBOX to PST Converter

It is the most effective MBOX to PST converter software which can easily recover all the MBOX emails and other vital files stored in the MBOX and convert them into Outlook PST file format. The MBOX to PST conversion tool is available with a complete step-by-step guide to migrate MBOX to PST and saves your precious time. The program has a user-friendly interface, is 100% safe, and supports even the latest version of Windows and Mac.

Moreover, with its advanced technology, it converts MBOX to PST within a few simple clicks. The users can also convert MBOX emails to PST per their requirements and easily choose MBOX to PST file format per their needs.

2. TachMail MBOX to PST Converter

It is a free MBOX to PST conversion software that works well with all versions of Windows. The program provides you with the option to perform the MBOX to PST migration by selecting the file format in a way that most users prefer. Apart from that, it supports the multi-threading process so that you can easily transfer all the emails in one go.

TachMail MBOX to PST Converter

The TachMail converter provides you with the facility to import and export various types of email attachments in MBOX to the PST conversion process. It also allows you to save the exported MBOX files in various file formats: .MBOX, .TAM, .EML, .MSG, etc. It also converts the contacts from MBOX to Outlook contacts and saves them into CSV format. You can even export all the contact data in the application.

All in all, the TachMail converter is a comprehensive tool that helps in migrating not only the MBOX emails to Outlook but also the contacts from MBOX to Outlook. With the help of this MBOX to PST migration tool, you can easily extract the contacts from MBOX files and can also export them to CSV format.

3. PCTools MBOX to PST Converter

It is an automatic MBOX to PST migration software that helps you to convert your MBOX emails to Outlook and transfer all your valuable data from MBOX to Outlook within a few simple clicks. You can easily import multiple email accounts from MBOX to PST when having the PCTools in place. The solution supports multiple file formats like, .MBOX, .TAM, .EML, .MSG, .CSV, and .CAL files. On top of that, it supports importing contact data from MBOX to Outlook with the help of a single click.

What can be better than that? PCTools also helps you to export contacts from MBOX to Outlook and save them into CSV files. You can easily use PCTools on both Windows and Mac computers since the program works perfectly with all versions of Windows and macOS.

PCTools is a free tool to convert MBOX to PST files and allows the users to select the file type and destination before performing the MBOX to PST conversion. Moreover, the MBOX to PST conversion tool does not require any third-party software and helps you to convert all your MBOX email messages to PST files.

4. Jodel MBOX to PST Converter

Jodel is an innovative application that can help you to convert your MBOX files to MSG easily and simply. It is an amazing tool that has been tested by many people and used by them for years. It is an easy-to-use program that comes with an incredible user interface. The design of the application is simple and clean, and it does not contain any ads and pop-ups.

Jodel MBOX to PST Converter

All in all, it is the ultimate tool to convert your MBOX file to MSG. The application is super fast and converts the MBOX file in an extremely simple and easy manner. Therefore, it is an excellent application and can convert your MBOX file into MSG. With this tool, you can convert all kinds of MBOX files to MSG in a single click.

5. Thunder MBOX to MSG Converter

Thunder MBOX to MSG converter is another great application that will help you convert the target assets extremely fast, with no special effort or knowledge on your end. With the Thunder app, you will hardly have questions about how far the conversion is and what’s required in the email.

Using the Thunder application, you can convert all types of EML files into MSG assets easily. The solution is extremely easy to use and requires no special knowledge.

Final Say!

No matter why you need to convert your MBOX files into PST assets, having a quality tool at hand may help you a lot. First, it can save you a lot of time, prevent data loss or corruption, and even ensure a smooth and trouble-free data migration process.

That’s why we recommend that you approach the selection of the converter with special care and responsibility.

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