Email Design Software: Which One to Choose

Email Design Software

An original email design software responsive template for sending emails is most often used to inform a wide group of subscribers to the email address.

Mass mailing is necessary for site owners, various companies, and organizations. If we are talking about the need to send notifications to many email boxes, the standard scheme for sending emails is unlikely to work. Sending all the emails manually, typing the address and text, you can spend a huge amount of time, but literally, send out 50-100 emails during this period.

If there are several hundred addresses, it will take days and weeks. To simplify the solution to such a problem, it is worth using email design software like Visit Stripo. email since it is faster, more convenient, and easier.

4 Best Email Design Softwares (With Images & Pricing) [2022]

Email Design Softwares

Email marketing is an essential channel for a business. Even professional layout designers say that email layout is a separate art form. Fortunately, there are special email constructors. They are similar to a website builder, adding and removing blocks. There are at least 7 such services:

  • Stripo
  • Chamaileon
  • Postcards
  • Mailchimp
  • AWeber
  • SendX
  • io



Your emails for email campaigns should be beautiful and functional. They should also be different from competitors and original, but, at the same time, understandable, catchy, and convey your values. They are the face of your company. Stripo is a free HTML email design software for creating adaptive emails.

The main advantage of Stripo is that you can easily create an email without having programming skills and not knowing the principles of layout and HTML. In this case, the email will be adapted to any device. It is easily imported into your mailing service.


It is a responsive email design software. You can create your template, use ready-made layouts, or upload a ready-made HTML file. The advantage of the editor is that you don't need to download the archive with files.


It is the best email design software. You can make email templates from scratch. It is intuitive and user-friendly. Drag any element you like into your email, position or rearrange it, and customize it the way you want.

If you don't like it, discard it. It has a significant collection of modules and blocks. So, you can create any email. Use the multimedia and interactive features to get the most out of it. Also, you can use hotspots, GIFs, different effects, and videos.



Without proper formatting, the email looks dull and suspicious. It's great to work with a designer, but you can use the MailChimp templates. This free email design software is simple and fast.

The effectiveness of mailings doesn't depend on what service you send them through. However, to get a good result, you need to understand how emails work from a marketing point of view, choose the right topics and calls to action, and understand base segments. Also, you should use the email design software responsive template.

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