The Best 7 Spotify Bots: Let the Bots Make you Money for Free!

Best Spotify Bots

Are you a music artist with content on Spotify? Did you know that you can use Spotify bots to get more followers, music plays, and of course more money from Spotify? Here’s how that works…

As of Jan 2022, the average rate per stream on Spotify was $0.004, which translates to $1.00 for every 250 streams. The rate varies depending on the artist’s listener base and distribution contract. Meaning, if an artist wants to boost their income from Spotify, they have to do the following: First, they can apply to have their music on the official Spotify playlists.

Secondly, they can choose to release more tracks.

Thirdly, and this is the best one, they can let Spotify bots stream their music or podcasts and bring them more income while they focus on creating more content. How about that? Sounds clever, huh!

Now, below are the best 7 Spotify bots you can try out to make more money on the music streaming platform:

1. UseViral


UseViral is a very popular Spotify bot that leverages social media marketing to improve Spotify followers, engagements, and music plays. Currently, the bot supports platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In addition, they have a massive network of some 5k+ influencers for targeted content promotions on different websites and mobile apps. This further grows your Spotify social proof index, monthly playlist followers and listeners, and revenue.

Essentially, UseViral improves your Spotify following by providing an initial boost to your listener base and number of engagements. The initial boost is necessary to get your content noticed by the Spotify Algorithm which will then avail it to even more potential listeners and followers. Also worth mentioning is that UseViral offers very affordable packages starting from as low as $0.5, depending on the targeted social network.

Features of UseViral

  • Massive network of 5000+ influencers
  • Supports all major social platforms
  • Spotify promotion services: Monthly listeners, Artist Followers, Playlist followers, and Spotify plays.
  • Pricing: starts from $0.5

2. Media Mister


Media Mister spotify bot

Another great bot provider for anyone looking to make some serious income from Spotify. We love Media Mister Spotify bot because it gives your music the kind of exposure necessary to remain competitive on Spotify. It does that by providing users with real followers who then translates to increased content visibility, more plays, and increased engagements, which are crucial factors when it comes to determining content ranking on Spotify and income.

Besides followers, this social marketing software also increases overall user credibility in the form of social proof on Spotify. Like most streaming and social platforms, social proof is a critical determinant of content engagements, and the Spotify algorithm also uses it for purposes of ranking, improving visibility, and income associated with content on their platform.

Then there is the “Spotify save” feature, another parameter that’s rather subtle but very important when it comes to content ranking and visibility. Contents with more saves tend to rank better, attract more following, and lead to even more income streams from Spotify. The Media minister bot provides Spotify saves as a separate package.

Features of Media Mister

  • Provides Spotify followers, saves, and plays
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support
  • Also compatible with other content streaming platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • Pricing: starting from $5

3. AIOStream


AIOStream is one Spotify bot you need to try out. It not only increases content engagements but also boosts visibility, plays, and following. And it delivers all these within a very short time interval, which is impressive. Moreover, this revolutionary music marketing software also runs automatic streams. Meaning, it executes automated track plays for as long as you want it. All you need to do is set your niche keywords, then let the bots do the rest.

With your Spotify streams taken care of, you have more time to do what you do best – create more content.

AIOStream has a very simple user interface that has very basic but comprehensive features. That makes it very easy to use, even by the least tech-savvy. Moreover, each subscriber has a dedicated account manager handy for when the need for help arises.

The tool also has a task schedule feature for organizing or scheduling automatic tasks by the hour, day, week, or even month.

Then there’s the Smart Data Manager function which helps you monitor and execute engagement commands. For instance, the Smart Data Manager allows you to tell the people who interacted with a given track by simply executing a search task command. Also, it allows you to follow and even message those who liked your song using the “follow task” and “message task” functions.

Features of AIOStream

  • Smart data manager function
  • Supports popular music streaming platforms, e.g., Spotify, SoundCloud, Napster, Pandora, Tidal, iHeartRadio, and Deezer.
  • The latest anti-fingerprint technology beats the detection algorithms on Spotify and other streaming sites.
  • Task schedule function
  • Dedicated accounts manager
  • Account limit & task statistic functions
  • Pricing: starting from $84.00/ month

4. Somiibo


When it comes to growing Spotify playlists and improving engagements and visibility for your content, Somiibo Spotify plays bot is the way to go. The bot implements three main approaches to make that happen.

First, it leverages the power of social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook. Under this option, the user has to choose their preferred platform(s) then target new followers by simply automating engagements. That gives the artist ample time to focus on creating more music while the Spotify bot handles their Spotify account and brings in more easy income.

Secondly, Somiibo supports the browser-trusted user input events which imitate real user browser interactions and content engagements. This function fools Spotify algorithms into giving your music more visibility and better ranking.

Lastly, Somiibo allows users to develop their own bot modules by simply editing the Somiibo Node.js API code.

Features of Somiibo

  • Supports all popular social platforms
  • Automates Spotify content engagements and brings you more followers.
  • It comes with an integrated proxy browser for managing multiple Spotify accounts.
  • Multi-module social network automation
  • Supports own module development by tweaking the Somiibo Node.js API.
  • Pricing: starts from $ 10.95/ month

5. Spotify Plays Generator Bot

Spotify Plays Generator Bot

Spotify Plays Generator Bot is one of a kind. Besides sending users high-quality Spotify plays, it also supports 24/7 automatic content streaming.

That comes with the advantage of better track ranking, increased engagements, and improved visibility, which then leads to more streams and more income.

Some amazing features associated with this bot include the Account checker function, Performance Mode features, and Analytics tools.

The Spotify Plays Generator Bot has a very intuitive user interface that is very easy to use even by non-techies.

Lastly, the bot provides users with analyzed data pertaining to the number of Spotify followers, content plays, engagements, visibility, and track saves.

Features of Spotify Plays Generator Bot

  • Beautiful, simple, and intuitive user interface
  • Data analysis tools
  • Supports 24/7 automatic music streaming
  • Highly customizable- you can set the number of songs to play within a given period of time.
  • Performance mode and account checker
  • Private PDFs document how the bot works
  • Compatible with different types of proxies – HTTP(s), Socks, APIs, etc.
  • Pricing: from $350.00

6. SocialViral

SocialViral spotiy bot

Another great Spotify plays bot for anyone keen on increasing the number of followers, content play, and also make more money on Spotify. Something you’ll really love about this bot is their pricing – it’s among the cheapest.

The package followers and plays are added to your Spotify account within 12 hours, which is pretty fast compared to other providers, who may take up to 5 days to deliver on their promise.

SocialViral sends you real followers, not spambots. That way, your Spotify account won’t be flagged or even suspended out of suspicion.

What’s more, SocialViral also supports other popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Features of SocialViral

  • Compatible with most popular social platforms
  • Offers Spotify followers and plays
  • High-quality followers and plays delivered within 12 hours
  • Affordable pricing: Spotify followers starting at $1.49 & plays starting at $5.99
  • 27/7 customer support

7. SidesMedia


If you want to increase the number of monthly engagements, visibility, followers, and song plays on your Spotify account, try SidesMedia. This Spotify Play bot will give your brand much-needed exposure by automating engagements.

One thing we love about SidesMedia is that they keep their word. That’s to say, in exactly 3 days or less, you should be able to notice a significant spike in the number of engagements, plays, and followers on your Spotify account.

Besides, Spotify, SidesMedia is compatible with popular social platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Clubhouse, and SoundCloud.

Features of SidesMedia

  • Compatible with popular social platforms
  • High-quality followers, music plays, and engagements within 72 hours.
  • Increased content visibility, ranking, and plays on Spotify.
  • Improved income from Spotify
  • Pricing: starting at $ 3.00

Final Thought

While using Spotify bots can increase your Spotify income stream, it’s always advisable to use them smartly to avert account suspensions out of suspicion. To do that, always remember the following:

  • Set the minimum track auto-playtime to at least 35 seconds.
  • Combine Spotify bots with proxies or VPNs for the best results.
  • Setting the Spotify bot’s playtime to a week or more can easily be flagged as suspicious.
  • Only use reputable Spotify bots with real followers and not spambots.

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