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Want to download a movie using utorrent or bittorrent? We tested & compared more than 40 torrenting sites! Check the Top 15 right Now!

The popularity of downloading movies, TV shows, software, games & other things through torrent websites is increasing daily. Many seeders are being added to the network with each passing minute. Consequently, several new torrent websites are emerging on the Internet every week, replacing old ones such as Kickass Torrents, TorrentProject & a few other major torrent sites disappearing without a trace.

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The quality of any torrent website depends upon the number of seeders connected to it. The high-quality movie prints, availability of subtitles, security, fast-paced downloading, wide range of torrent links, and a vast variety of options to pick from are the attributes of a good torrent website. Despite the removal of torrent sites every year, the conquest of finding new and better torrent sites does not seem to end.

To aid you in this conquest of finding the best Torrent site to download from, we have come up with a list of the Top 15 Torrent Sites in 2022.

List of 15 Best Torrent Sites Torrent Sites Currently Working

We highly recommend you use VPN when torrent downloading. Government regulations like SOPA have the potential to affect our access to content on the Internet dramatically. This is particularly true in the case of P2P and BitTorrent file sharing. Here you will find the latest and best information on how using a VPN can allow you to safely and securely download movies, songs, and other files.

1. Torrentz2

Official site:

Torrentz2 is more of a Torrent search engine than an actual torrent site as it combines results from dozens of torrent search engines. This site is one of my personal favorites due to its wide lists of torrent links on searches of all sorts. It is a descendant of torrents. EU.

You can find torrents links on all of your favorite searches. Apart from locating your desired torrent link, you are very likely to discover new stuff as well. Once you enter your wanted search, a webpage comprising a list of all the relevant torrent links opens up. Upon clicking on the best relevant link, another list of torrent sites constituting that link opens up in front of you.

Working as a torrent search engine, torrentz2 does not disappoint you in finding the correct torrent link which you have been long looking for.

2. RARBG Torrents

Official site: torrents

RARBG is a site of dreams for users who enjoy excellent quality movie matinees. It is one of the top-rated websites for Peer to peer file sharing. The P2P file-sharing is done by strictly following the BitTorrent protocol.

With over 300K users visiting the site every day, this site is one of the most popular torrent websites of 2022. If you are looking for a bunch of top-quality, high-resolution movie prints, RARBG is your go-to torrent website. Although the number of torrent links is limited here, the quality does not stray from the consistently excellent standards.

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3. 1337x

Official site:


This torrent website offers a wide range of entertainment alternatives. Whether it is movies, TV shows, anime films, digital books, or online classes, this site contributes torrent links to each. It is not unusual for you to find a new and better movie while searching for the one you already had in your mind.

It offers a large number of seeders which ultimately increase the downloading speed of your torrent.  You can also find torrent links to movies with multiple subtitles and audio alternatives. If you are looking for a refreshing entertainment endeavor, 1337x is unquestionably your best option.

4. Lime torrents

Official site:

Legitimate and genuine torrent links are the specialty of this torrent website. It is very unlikely for you to catch a fake torrent link while browsing through this torrent website.

It has many seeders that are quick to respond, which are some of the site’s good perks. There is hardly any torrent search engine that does not feature limetorrents. Cc. You can find authentic torrent links to your favorite searches in a matter of seconds.

5. Torlock Torrents

Official site:

Torlock is one of the classiest torrent websites, hitting the year 2022 by storm. This site has attained tremendous popularity in a short period- all thanks to its trustable and high-quality torrent files.

Having a simple website layout aids its users by eliminating all the needs for undergoing complex procedures. By featuring torrent links to all the latest releases, Torlock keeps you in touch with the latest entertainment.

6. Zooqle

Official site:

Known for its large database and verified torrent links, Zooqle is the eye candy for BitTorrent users. It sorts the torrent links in chronological order. You can apply search filters based on resolution size, torrent file size, and uploader type.

By simplifying the search step, Zooqle saves the time and effort of the user. It is one of the safest and legitimate torrent websites to be used in 2022.

7. ExtraTorrent

Official site:

ExtraTorrent has suffered the brunt of shutting down quite often. But, it has always made a comeback in an even better and stronger form than before. By providing a secure database for its users, Extratorrent has won the trust of many. You can select magnet links or direct torrent links for your desired search. Whether it is your favorite TV show, the latest movie, or any software, Extratorrent has got the best torrent links to all.

8. Monova

Official site:

Monova has created a prominent mark in the sphere of torrent websites. Every torrent search engine features Monova as one of its top torrent websites. It has a clean and simplistic design which eliminates all the user confusion.

If you are looking for a quick torrent download, Monova is your go-to torrent website. Reliable, trusted torrent links and a large number of seeders are some of its amazing perks. Frequent advertisement pop-ups are the only flaw associated with this torrent website.

9. The Pirate Bay

Official site:

As the name indicates, this website is a vast reserve of a large number of torrent links. It has always ruled the BitTorrent network due to its continuously updated design. It is unquestionably one of the classic and most trusted torrent websites that have made its way in the year 2022.

If you are looking for an exceptionally excellent torrent website with good quality torrent links, the pirate bay is your best choice.

10. TorrentDownloads

Official site:

Variety and security are the two main characteristics of this trustable torrent website. By facilitating millions of users every day, it has achieved a prominent rank in the best torrent websites of 2022.

From recent episodes of your favorite TV shows popular games, this torrent website offers torrent links of all sorts. There is no compromise on the legitimacy of torrent links available on this torrent site.

11. YTS.AM

Official site:

YTS.AM is mainly an incarnation of YIFY. This popular torrent website has earned a reputation for providing high-quality movie torrent links. The torrent links available on this platform mostly have HD or DVD prints. It has a separate site for subtitle download.

High-resolution image quality, multiple subtitles, and fast downloading speed are some of the reasons why this site will be one of the best torrent websites in 2022. YIFY is the symbol of user trust and legitimate torrent files of all sorts of entertainment.

12. Kickass torrents

Official site:

A modified version of Kickass torrents, which once ruled the Internet next to Pirate Bay, KAT is one of the oldest and highly used torrent websites. It serves a large number of BitTorrent users every day.

Millions of torrent links, vast and trusted databases, and frequent updates are prominent features. The site has borne brunts of copywriter claims and piracy issues, yet it has continued to thrive to the date. If you are looking for all the latest and updated versions of your favorite torrent links, KAT is your number one pick.

13. Toorgle Torrents

Official site:

Based on the design of torrentz2, Toorgle is another Meta torrent website. This torrent search engine has a reserve of over 50 million torrent links.

The simple page layout and design facilitate the easy and time-saving search. The torrent link webpage comprises trusted torrent links to select your desired search. Toorgle has gathered a trustable database from 450 plus torrent websites.

14. Eztv. ag

Official site:

EZTV, as the name indicates, is the torrent reserve for all your favorite TV shows. You can download the most anticipated, latest episodes from your favorite TV shows in high-definition versions. Apart from TV shows, this torrent website also has a big reserve of movie torrents.

The homepage features new episodes to your favorite seasons in various resolutions and file sizes. The trusted database, a large number of seeders, and simple user interface are why EZTV is one of the best torrent websites of 2022.

15. Seedpeer. EU

Official site:

The last torrent website on our list is Seedpeer. It is a great database which is facilitating millions of users every day. The database comprises a number of torrent links to your favorite TV shows, music, games, anime series, and the latest movies.

All you have to do is enter your search, pick the best torrent link, and voila! You are all set for a good day of crispy entertainment.

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