iDope Proxy [2024 List]: iDope Mirror Sites and Alternatives

Most Secure iDope Proxy Alternatives

The ban on the original iDope website led to the emergence of some mirror sites and proxy alternatives. The torrent sites can be used to download movies, music, apps, series, TV shows, games, software, etc

Proxies are crucial if you want to view some geo-restricted websites or websites that are likely to be blocked by your internet service provider. In the past the restrictions weren’t so much, however, countries started being strict on piracy and copyright infringement.

This led to the ban of certain original torrent sites. Luckily, there were proxy sites/mirror sites that acted as backups of the original site. Therefore, you can get access to the latest movies, TV shows, music, series, games, software, and apps. It is highly recommended to use VPNs when downloading.

In this article, we will cover what is the iDope proxy, iDope mirror sites, why was the iDope site banned, iDope proxy alternatives, and how to unblock the iDope proxy.

What Is The iDope Proxy?

iDope Proxy

iDope proxy is among the most secure torrent search engine that allows you to download torrents without being noted. Luckily, it has various mirror sites that you can use. iDope came about when the Kickass torrent site was closed in 2016.

In as much as there are iDope proxy mirror sites or clones, you need to be careful to use the safest to prevent malicious viruses from getting into your device. iDope has some of the best torrent genres, and you can miss something amazing to download.

You can use it to download movies, music, TV shows, apps, anime, ebooks, and much more. If iDope is restricted in your region, you can access it using the iDope proxy and other mirror sites.

Why was iDope Site Banned?

The original iDope site was banned because it violated the content copyright policy. Some policies are there that don't allow sharing of content without permission of the owner.

Since the iDope torrent website violated that, it was banned in 2020. Luckily, there were some mirror sites/clones that imitated the original one.

2. Security reasons

Additionally, it was banned because of security reasons. Viruses, malware, spyware, and adware can easily be spread through download of torrent files. Therefore, since torrent sites are commonly used, it poses such a threat.

3. Threat to content creators

Another possible reason why it might have been banned is because of the threat to the entertainment industry. Creators wouldn’t be happy if they invested in a movie, TV show, music, or series which later became pirated.

Mirror/Proxy Site For iDope

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mirror/proxy siteStatussafety
The PiratebayOnline Yes
YTSOnline Yes
1337x TorrentsOnline Yes
RARGBOnline Yes
LimeTorrentsOnline Yes
Torrentz2 proxyOnline Yes
Isohunt proxyOnline Yes

iDope proxy Alternatives

If you are unable to access the iDope Proxy in your region, these are other alternatives that you can use.

1. KickassTorrents


iDope platform was created when the original Kickass Torrents website was shut down in 2016. The Kickass Torrents website allows you to download movies, anime, software, games, music, TV shows, and other media you need.

It has a simple and clean UI which makes the downloading process seamless. The media is also well categorized to ensure you get what you are looking for fast. Therefore, you shouldn’t have an excuse for not accessing recent movies. Take your entertainment to another level using Kickass Torrents Proxy.

2. The Piratebay

The Piratebay

The PirateBay is another great iDope proxy alternative. It allows the download of high-quality videos in 720p,1080p, 4K, and 3D. Therefore, if you want high-quality visuals, Pirate Bay is the perfect platform to consider.

Just like iDope, it allows the download of movies, games, series, ebooks, and software in real-time. Unfortunately, the ThePirateBay site is banned in certain regions, but you can use any of its mirror or proxy sites.

One unique aspect is that it allows you to see the size of the movies, the health of the torrent, and much more before downloading. It has been in existence for over 2 decades, therefore, it is one of the most trusted. Decide never to miss out on the latest movie or series!

3. YTS


YTS is another alternative to iDope proxy that allows free download of movies. The movies can be downloaded in 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 4K, and 3D quality. Say Goodbye to low-quality movies!

However, it is not the original YTS platform. The original one was banned a few years back. It has, however, gained a lot of popularity because of its amazing simple interface and database of movies. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Transform your sitting room into a customized movie theater with these high-quality movie downloads.

4. 1337x Torrents

1337x Torrents

Just like all the other iDope alternatives, 1337x isn’t an exemption. The platform provides a torrent files directory and magnet links that allow peer-to-peer file sharing. 1337x emerged as the second most popular torrent site as of 2023.

It was also among the most popular torrent websites back in 2016, and it is surely rising in the ranks. You can use it to download movies, TV shows, games, music, apps, anime, documentaries, and adult content. You can decide to use a VPN for more safety.



RARGB is a website that provides torrent files that you can use to download movies, TV shows, games, music, anime, apps, adult content, and much more.

As of 2023, it was ranked the 4th most used torrent site on the internet that many users prefer Just like iDope, it has a large database of files.

Not only can you download files, but also upload new content. Unfortunately, it is inaccessible in some countries. However, you can try using the RARGB proxy or mirror sites. Don’t miss out on the latest movies.

6. LimeTorrents


What is the next latest movie on your list? You can access it through a torrent file in Limetorrents. It provides different kinds of media like movies, TV shows, adult content, apps, anime, games, and much more.

Luckily, it is free to download the different files, and you won’t have to worry too much. However, you need to be careful not to access any malicious files. Unfortunately, Limetorrents is blocked in some countries, therefore, using the Limetorrent proxy or mirror sites would be the best alternative.

7. Torrentz2 proxy

Torrentz2 proxy

Just like the iDope proxy, Torrentz2 has a great database of media ranging from movies, TV shows, series, and other media. Therefore, if you have already watched all the movies on your devices, you can download new ones using the torrentz2 platform.

You will enjoy using it. It also categorizes movies based on trending, top, and new movies. Therefore, you can't miss something great to watch. That is why it is considered a great alternative to iDope.

8. Isohunt proxy

Isohunt proxy

Isohunt is another alternative to the iDope proxy. It has a large database of media that you will love. You can download games, anime, software, movies, music, adult content, series, books, and much more.

You can't miss finding something perfect to watch. Additionally, It has a wide variety of torrent files. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use the site.

How To Unblock The iDope Proxy

If you want to use the iDope platform, these are ways you can use to unblock the platform.

1. Use The TOR Browser

Use The TOR Browser

The first way is by using the TOR browser which tends not to have any restrictions. The TOR browser can surpass any kind of ISP blocking. TOR can be used on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, and OS X. However, you need to research how best to use the TOR browser to make it easier to access iDope.

The Tor browser works by isolating each of the websites you visit, making it hard for any third-party trackers or ads to follow you. Therefore, no one can track your browsing data. The traffic is often encrypted for more privacy.

2. Use A VPN

If you don’t want your IP address and other crucial information to be known. It is advisable to use a VPN. Therefore, you can download as many torrents as you want after you access the iDope platform.

Just find the perfect VPN, download, install, and connect to your preferred server. A VPN protects you against any harmful ads or trackers. VPN makes you anonymous.

3. Use A Proxy/Mirror Site

The other way is by using a mirror or proxy site. If the original website was shut down, you can access it through its mirror sites which are clones of the original. The websites often function the same as the original ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use the iDope proxy to unblock iDope?

In as much as iDope is blocked in many countries, you can use the iDope proxy to access it. Therefore, you won't be disappointed in getting your favorite movies.

Q. How do proxy sites function?

The proxy sites function by providing backdoor access to the system. They mask your IP address and grant you access to the specific torrent site easily.

Q. How does iDope torrent magnet work?

They work by providing magnet links to the torrent files which users can download using the BitTorrent client.

Download The Latest Movies From Remarkable Proxy Sites

All the recommended iDope proxy alternatives can help you download the latest movies, series, TV shows, music, and other media. You can then utilize your free time watching your favorite movie or playing some of the latest games. So, what are you waiting for?

However, always ensure you are secure while browsing to prevent being blocked by your internet service provider. Therefore, consider using your preferred VPN for enhanced security.

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