How To Land A Career In Custom Video Game Development

career in custom video game development

There are several steps to land a career in custom video game development. Careers in game design or development require a strong understanding of creativity and critical thinking. Similarly, ideal job candidates must be skilled in various technical fields, such as programming languages, coding algorithms, and character design tactics.

Since game companies are always looking for new talented members, there has never been a better time to pursue a career in this growing industry. As a video game enthusiast, you'll want to refine your technical skills, strategies, and passions for careers in this sector. Read on and learn how to land a career in custom video game development.

Earn A College Degree

custom video game development

First off, earn a college degree in a field related to custom video game development. Pursuing a college degree will help you develop new skills, secure valuable industry connections, and maximize career prospects. Then, you can apply this education and foundational knowledge to the programming career your pursue.

Of course, you can use every class project, assignment, end exam to build out your personal portfolio for possible employers. To help you get started, register for courses related to computer science, graphic design, or software engineering. For example, coding, animation, and scripting are all essential courses to enroll in.

Participating in a computer science education program you’ll be able to master all the skills needed for your new career. If you plan on writing your storyline, classes in creative writing and English may also be beneficial. Definitely, earn a college degree to secure a career in custom video game development.

Work With Powerful Development Tools 

work with powerfull game development tools

Next, work with some of the latest programming tools to land a high-paying career in video game development. As a game engineer, you'll need to know how to work with several advanced tools, resources, and supporting technologies. For example, many teams use a Helm repository by JFrog for access control, vulnerability analyses, as well as to optimize distribution.

In addition, you can use a Kubernetes registry to provision k8s clusters with all the charts and images needed for application orchestration. With this functionality, you can benefit from a universal repository as well as unlimited Docker Hub access. For sure, work with the best programming tools to sharpen your skills and land a career in custom video game development.

Get An Internship At A Game Studio

Get An Internship At A Game Studio

Then, get an internship at a game studio to make yourself known in the custom video game development industry. With the right skillset and enough determination, you can get an internship even with no prior experience. While you may not be able to find internships everywhere, many studios would love to hire a part-time, temporary, or a free worker.

Working in these roles, you get some first hand experience helping studios complete their projects. If you are apprehensive, don't be afraid to reach out and apply for new positions in your area.

Participate In A Development Event

Participate In A Development Event

Also, joining some local development events, contests, and gatherings will help you get prepared for jobs in video games. There's so many exciting, innovative, and unique events to attend throughout the industry. For example, game development contests events allow participants to compete against each other to build video games in the fastest time.

Of course, this is known to encourage creativity, innovative thinking, and team collaboration. This way, you can get some real-world experience, challenge yourself, and network with others.

Build A Developer Portfolio

Developer Portfolio

After you've made some connections at video game development events, its time to build a personal portfolio to showcase your experience. When designing your developer portfolio, include a detailed list of all the small projects, basic functionality apps, and playable games you've worked on. You can also provide a download URL link to access all of your previous games.

It may additionally be helpful to include include some high-quality screenshots of your game levels, user interface, and environment scenes. At the end of your portfolio, provide credit to everyone that helped in building the game's graphical designs, programming, and presentation. This will also showcase your industry connections, as well as your collaborative working nature.

There are several steps to land a career in custom video game development. First, earn a college degree in computer science or another related field. Then, get familiar with video game development tools, resources, and other IT equipment. Next, get an internship position that will provide you with some first hand experience.

Afterwards, you can start attending video game development events, meetups, and gatherings. Once you have done so, focus on building out a developer portfolio to showcase your completed works. Follow the steps above to learn about how to land a career in custom video game development.


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