How to Resize Desktop Icon in Windows 10

Icon Size on Windows 10

Icons are the items one clicks from the desktop to open respective programs and files. They are usually small pictures of the respective program with the respective name below it. On your PC's desktop, you can personalize it however you want including the icon size. You can resize the icons if you feel like you are not comfortable with the current size.

methods to change the icon size in windows

There are several methods to change the icon size in windows. These methods are:

1. Use the Mouse Wheel

This is a shortcut method that involves using the Ctrl key. If you want to make the icons larger, you press the Ctrl key + scrolling the mouse wheel upwards at the same time. If you prefer having smaller icons, you press the Ctrl key + scrolling the mouse wheel in the downward direction. You do not have to worry about the icon arrangements since they will rearrange.

Change Icon Size on Windows with Mouse Wheel

2. Right Mouse Button to Check the Adjustment

This is a simple method since all you have to do is right-click at a blank spot on your desktop and select the view option. After clicking on the view option you will find three icon size choices which are medium icons, large icons, and small icons. The problem with this method is that it has only three sizes and you cannot change it to maybe a smaller size than the “small icon” or larger than the “large icon”.

Change Icon Size using Right Mouse Button

3. System Settings

In this alternative, you start by going to the start menu and search for display settings. You will then select the “change size” option where you will be able to change the size of your icons.

search for display settings

Change Icon Size using System Settings

4. Using Keyboard Shortcuts

You hold the Ctrl key + shift key as you select a number between 1 and 9. In this case the bigger the number the bigger the icon size and the smaller the number the smaller the icon size.

Change Icon Size Using Keyboard Shortcuts

5. Changing the Taskbar Icon Size

The taskbar is the space where open applications are displayed at the bottom of the screen. You will right-click on the taskbar and see a small list of options to choose from. You will select “taskbar settings” which will then lead you to another option of “Use Small Taskbar Buttons” which you will click open to make the taskbar smaller. By making the taskbar smaller, there is more space to allow you to display more open applications or pinned. The icon size is best set according to the computer screen resolution.

taskbar settings

Use Small Taskbar Buttons

6. Using the Laptop’s Mouse Touchpad

This applies in the case of a laptop. It is more of a practical method. All you have to do is to let your screen display the desktop with no window displayed. The next step is to put your right-hand thumb and right-hand index finger on your mouse touchpad. Try to make it seem like you are pinching the mouse, this will decrease the size of your icons. When you try to separate your index and thumb in different directions, the icon's size will increase. In this method, you can control the size you want.

Change Icon Size Using Touchpad


You are now aware that the icon size on your desktop is not permanent, you can change it whenever you feel like it. You should take note that when decreasing or increasing the size of icons, the font of the title of the respective icons also goes hand in hand with the size change. Indeed, this is a very simple task that does not require you to be a tech guru.

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