18 Kisscartoon Alternatives to Watching Cartoons Online for Free

Kisscartoon Alternatives

Unfortunately, Kisscartoon was closed, which is undoubtedly bad news for anime lovers. However, other kisscartoon alternatives allow you to watch your favorite cartoons happily during your free time.

Kisscartoon was a website that focused on the online streaming of cartoons. However, it was shut down indefinitely in 2017 due to copyright issues. Fortunately, there are other options besides that.

On most of these cartoon platforms, you can decide to either watch or be a player in any of the games. You can watch freely on any of the platforms or choose a subscription. If you and your friends are cartoon lovers these platforms will amaze you.

1. Kiss anime

Kiss anime

Kiss Anime has a rich cartoon resource library. All the animations are arranged in alphabetical order. You can find the animations you like fairly quickly.

Ideally, you can see the most popular and latest animations on the home page. There is also a search box that allows you to check for a specific animation effortlessly. Additionally, it allows downloading of the anime videos in 1080P quality.

2. Watch cartoons online

Watch cartoons online

This is another great cartoon streaming website. It features cartoon movies, series, TV shows, and classic cartoons. This is one of the most ideal websites for kids but is accessible for all ages. It has one of the largest cartoon collections.

Additionally, you can filter using age to help parents to select the right cartoon for the kids. It has one of the best UI with a built-in search bar. The new releases are always displayed on the homepage.

You can watch online any of the episodes available. It features most of the ongoing cartoon shows online for free. They have popular cartoons from Cartoon Network and Netflix.

3. Nyaa


Nyaa is a great platform that allows you to watch anime cartoon online and also download. The homepage allows you to see a wide variety of featured cartoons and choose the one you would either want to watch online or download.

The site features anime, audio, live-action, pictures, and software. You can either choose the English translated, non- English translated, or raw language. You even have an option to upload on the site. As long as it meets all the requirements.

4. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll homepage

Crunchyroll is one of the most ideal cartoon sites for anime and manga. Ideally, it is one of the most used. The site features a great number of both new and old anime shows. Hence, if you missed a certain episode, you can always find it.

The anime have their original and substructure versions. Apart from anime, it also features games and blogs on anime news. Surprisingly, it features almost all genres of anime. It has a limited anime version, and you will need to pay a premium to get the best experience.

5. Cartoon network

Cartoon network

Cartoon Network is one of the most common TV channels that many children prefer. It features some of the most exclusive cartoons. You can watch most of the popular cartoons from there. Unfortunately, most of the content here is short clips, but if you want to watch full episodes it may not be the most appropriate place for you.

Additionally, it offers online games based on specific shows. It has an attractive user interface to make it easy to navigate through. It shows featured games, featured dances, quizmaster, and much more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow downloading of the cartoons.

6. 9anime


9anime is another ideal platform that features many anime shows. Once you click a show, you get an overview of what the cartoon is about. Hence, this guides you on whether to watch the specific anime or not.

You are mainly required to watch the shows or movies online. It also features English subtitles to ensure you can watch it while understanding what is being said. Ideally, it is safe to use and watch. On the downside, it features some ads that may be troublesome but it is still safe.

7. Disney junior

Disney Junior

Ever heard of the common Disney Junior? This is another ideal platform where you can watch the most common cartoon shows, play games, and stream cartoons live. You can watch cartoons from Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, star wars, marvel, anime, princess, and much more. What more could you ask for?

You can create an account to get a personalized profile for your watch list. It is easy to search for specific shows. You can also watch movies from the list of your TV providers. Get the latest original Disney movies at the comfort of your home!

8. Kimcartoon

Kim Cartoon

This cartoon website allows you to see and search for the latest cartoons. Additionally to watching you can also read comics. Hence, satisfy your quench by reading exclusive comics. You can also search in the cartoon list to see whether your best shows are there.

You even get a chance to request a specific cartoon. You can see the top cartoons of the day, week, and month. Watch cartoons online without any restriction. However, it doesn’t allow downloading of the cartoons

9. Cartoons on

Cartoons On homepage

Do you want to watch cartoons online in HD on all your devices? Try this amazing website. You can watch a wide variety of anime and cartoons online for free. No more waiting to see your favorite cartoon on television.

You can easily watch it during your free time on the internet. Kids don’t have to impatiently wait for the next show on TV, rather they can watch independently on the internet. You can find both old and new shows. Most of the cartoon shows are streamed from other video-sharing sites. It also features a blog with the latest news on the various cartoons.

10. Mastering


Mastering is another secure cartoon streaming website. You simply need to search for the specific cartoon and get feedback on its availability. The platform allows you to watch anime online for free. It doesn't support any download or survey.

It also has a mobile-friendly interface for easy navigation. You can watch the shoes online in HD with 1080p as the highest quality. Additionally, you can stream your favorite anime series and movies. The site doesn’t store shows on its server, the content is provided by non-affiliated third parties.

11. Nickelodeon


This is one of the most ideal platforms where you can watch the best children's shows. Not only children but also teenagers and adults can enjoy the shows.

It is one of the best entertainment platforms for kids that features an assortment of family-friendly programming, films, and fun content. You can either watch online or on television.

12. B98


This is another great cartoon platform that features great cartoons. Not only does it feature shows, but also series of specific cartoons. It allows you to watch online any shows that you wish. It has a wide collection of cartoons that can keep you entertained all through.

You also get an overview of what you are to watch to decide whether you will watch or not. Additionally, you get to see corresponding episodes that you can watch afterward.

13. Animelab


This platform supports anime from different parts of the world. You get to stream shows easily online. You get to fast-track the best shows from Japan and get to stream the latest episode an hour after the broadcast.

Simply create an account and start streaming effortlessly. You can watch at the comfort of your phone through its reliable app or desktop. These Japanese anime are simply the best.

14. Dubbed anime


The platform allows you to see anime shows, random shows, and even discuss through the community. You can first preview a show by reading the description to see where it suits your preference.

You can watch the anime online in English Dub and Sub for free. It has a large database of anime shows that you can’t afford to miss out on.

15. Anime planet

Anime planet

This is another ideal platform where you can watch anime episodes. You can discover new anime and manga shows, track your progress, and watch your favorite anime shows. You even get a chance to read about the various characters and participate in a community.

Get the latest anime reviews and deliberate on what to watch first. Your anime experience will never be the same again. Additionally, you get an overview of what the anime show is about to determine whether you will watch it or not.

16. Watch series

Watch series anime

This is another ideal kisscartoon alternative that features many shows, popular movies, cartoon series, drama, and anime. You can never miss something incredible to watch. It is easier than expected to watch your favorite movie. It can be used and accessed by anybody.

If your favorite TV show is on break, you can watch the TV cartoon series. Amazingly it has a subscribe button that allows you to subscribe to your best shows and watch them when they are uploaded again. More alerts will help you not to miss out.

17. Cartooncrazy

Cartooncrazy homepage

Anime shows have become so many and you can stumble across your best anime show on this platform. The anime list allows you to watch as many shows are possible in the same place.

It is a great platform but you can easily get bored due to the various ads that pop up unexpectedly. However, you get a preview of what the episode is about. Additionally, it features subtitles to ensure you understand what you are watching.

18. Watch anime dub

Watch anime dub

This is another great platform where you can watch amazing anime shows, cartoons, and much more. You get recent releases, dubbed 7 snubbed shows, movies, and much more.

Before watching a specific anime, you can read the description to know whether it is something that you can watch. It is an ideal platform that features nothing but the best shows.

Watch your favorite anime and cartoon shows now

Watch your favorite anime and cartoon shows

All these Kisscartoon alternatives can help to boost your entertainment experience. They are all credible platforms that you will enjoy.

You can try to watch from the various platform before you settle on a specific one. Getting a feel or diversity of each will help you enjoy your cartoon and anime-watching experience.

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