4 Top Storage Solutions For Your Online Business

Storage Solutions

Safeguarding and storing the sensitive information of your business is one of the most essential tasks to keep your company working efficiently. It has become even more important to adapt to the technical world since the world is rapidly digitizing and businesses are converting to clouds for storing data.

While online resources are much more efficient and convenient, there are many cases of online theft, where your confidential data like financial details, firm designs, warehousing pinpoints, product distribution statistics, and location details can be easily stolen if you have not ensured a safe platform. To cope with viruses, the most trustworthy software must be equipped to safeguard your data.

The decision of choosing where to store your valuable data needs to be considered with great regard to the fact that even if you experience system failure due to any digital catastrophe, you will still be able to access your documents with other devices through online backup software.

For this, the most common online storage solution is the use of cloud storage for securing your algorithms because they provide data access from any location with end-to-end encryption. These cloud storage systems consist of a variety of software like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, I-Drive, Next Cloud, and other online data storing programs used by online markets.

To help you select the most suitable storage solution for your online business, here are some details about the top 4 cloud storage software that will keep your online business's data protected.

1. I-Drive


The best solution for storing your statistics online is using I-drive. This cloud storage shows extraordinary performance with a number of features to keep your data secure. You can easily manage your files through your mobile devices since it involves signaling from network drives. This way you can easily send your documents through Facebook, Twitter, emails, and other online social media platforms.

In addition, this cloud storage software also provides businesses with additional hard disk storage as a backup in case they have a system failure. Even if you mistakenly erase your company's important hardware, this service can help you recover your data by request.

Moreover, its best feature is facial recognition that helps you organize your data and syncs it to all the linked devices. So if you use this cloud service for your business, it can secure your online data and help your online business grow.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive

Most people prefer using Google Drive for their online businesses since it's easy for people to use this cloud storage that manages everything on their google accounts. There are a variety of features like storing data, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, and other important documents of your online office.

This cloud service makes online work more convenient since it offers all the work-related activities and professional experience possible. Its storage provider is advanced with different options like file syncing and other search capabilities, making it more work efficient. What is more convincing about this cloud service is that it's cheaper than other services, giving 15 GB of free storage for all users. Besides, it secures your files by giving a URL link to your confidential workers, giving them the control to allow the user to view the file only by the URL's generator.

Moreover, the drive also allows unlimited devices to sync important documents from google docs, Gmail, sheets to other slides; you can create any form of document online. Another perk is that you don't have to save again and again; it saves automatically to the drive from laptops to phones online making it more beneficial for the users.

It has another useful feature; multiple people can access a document at the same time from Google docs URL, also its features continually keep upgrading. Fortunately, it's one of the top cloud storage solutions for online businesses, having all the world connected through this platform.

3. Next Cloud

Next Cloud

Another significant solution for storing the valuable data of your online business is by using the Next Cloud service. This will give you the most inexpensive, efficient, and open-source cloud storage. You can have all the control over yourself and you can install it to your server and store all your important data. Any cloud storage has three types of storage; object storage, file storage, and block storage.

Fortunately, the most productive type is object storage that provides an option to archive your unorganized data. Suppose a business content has been launched from your company and its time of benefit is over, you can easily store that file or document it in the archive through object storage. After a few years, if you want to relaunch your idea you can easily access it again from your drive without any difficulty.

4. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Another vital storage solution for online businesses is the Microsoft OneDrive service. It was originally introduced for Microsoft users, to save their documents online and can be easily accessed. It has all the modified options of accessing the documents from cloud storage to backing up all the work. Its app can also work on phones and laptops to make the working environment efficient and productive.

You can get access to all options from syncing pictures to all the documents to connect all the devices. This cloud has plans for both the working storage drive and the online backup for individuals. The best thing about this service is that it has secure end-to-end encryption that helps businesses benefit from its source.

In addition, its in-app feature also makes people work from home easily. The customer service is also very supportive and modifies its features after some time of use. Online businesses are mostly turning to this cloud storage solution due to the highly secure service that keeps their customers feeling safe at all times.

Even though online resources are quite risky and raise the chances of getting your control system hacked, it's the only option left for any online business to grow in the upcoming digital age.

To help with business statistics, online cloud systems can be used to access your data on your terms from any device or place with different types of reliable services to make working online secure. You must select the most suitable cloud software whose policy makes sure that your data remains confidential and your terms are met.

Logically, business owners are worried about some common errors that come with cloud storage. Some of these errors include transferring data before actually saving it, a slow internet connection, corrupted system files, and folder issues along with incomplete input. It's important to know that corrupt folders or system files are main causes of data loss, so it's best to transfer the data carefully and review it before saving. To handle these issues, you can always take help from customer service or other online tutorials to fix them instantly.

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