How to Stop Gambling With Gamban?

How to Stop Gambling With Gamban

The rapid growth of the gambling industry in the UK fuelled by the high demand of the online gambling industry gives rise to an obvious situation where people are at risk of losing their resources falling prey to the vices of gambling addiction.

The situation seeks for a solution to temporarily hold back people from losing resources due to gambling addiction. Gamban is regarded as the most effective and smartest tool for blocking gambling sites and applications that deal with online wagering. It is the second most popular option among UK punters after GamStop self-exclusion.

While GamStop is only limited by UKGC licence and there are many gambling sites without verification procedure that just do not cooperate with it, Gamban has its own dynamic list of sites and updates it regularly. It has been in operation since 2015 and has proven itself to be successful in setting a new standard for other blocking software available in the market.

It is said to be curated by someone with first-hand experience in problem gambling issues along with a team of the most talented personnel belonging to the field of self-exclusion schemes. This is collectively owed to the success of Gamban. It has proven itself to be most effective across the platforms and has thousands of users worldwide.

Gamban has received an overwhelming response when it comes to the matter of positive user experience. Moreover, for a smoother user experience, they constantly keep updating their software and application to provide the users with a simple approach towards operation and easy installation.

In 2018 Gamban was recognized and was awarded the Software Rising Star Award at the EGR B2B awards. 2019 witnessed Gamban winning the Regtech provider of the year title at the Gambling Compliance Global Regulatory Awards.

Independent research was carried out in the year 2018 by GambleAware to test the operational activities of these software applications and also to compare the products existing in the market.

Gamban was proved to be the most popular and effective in the market and hence was made free in the states of United Kingdom through each of Gamcare networks before they started charging a minimal amount as subscription almost recently.

How does Gamban Work? 

How does Gamban Work

Gamban does not only restrict blocking gambling sites but also sites that are related to trading, cryptocurrencies, sportsbooks, and esports. It at times allows access to the site but hinders any transaction taking place. But in most cases, they completely block access to the wagering sites.

The application has to be downloaded on all the access devices to the user including cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. This will further block all access to those sites. Once the user downloads the app it keeps on working in the background without interrupting the usual functions of the devices and exhibits the presence of it only when someone tries to enter the websites obstructed by Gamban.

An essential step before Gamban start working is the process of registration. The product requires information such as the full name of the user, email address, phone number, bank details for example credit or debit card details which are important for the process of payment, the type of device on which the application will run, and extra information about IP addresses of devices.

However, there are plenty of popular online sportsbooks not registered with Gamban, yet they provide an excellent gambling experience for all UK punters and compete with all other sites around the globe. These offshore licensed sites offer a plethora of game types from top-tier providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, Azumi, etc.

The game categories span from VIP Clubs to Table Games and Slots to Live Dealers. While the offshore sites follow the clauses of Responsible Gambling, they also provide the perfect blend of payment options and wagering needs, along with a safe playing experience.

What makes Gamban stand out? 

What makes Gamban stand out

Apart from a complete hindrance to accessing sites that offer online wagering facilities, Gamban allows users to utilize the services for a much lesser price. In-depth studies were done while designing this app or software which makes this the most effective in the market.

It is highly recommended by users based on their experience and the functionality of the product. Luckily Gamban offers a free trial period for users to get accustomed to the services and the processes.

Moreover, Gamban provides live Technical Support which is considered quite important for times in need. The monthly subscription comes for 2.49 pounds, whereas, an annual subscription for exclusion comes for 24.99 pounds.

Privacy of data regarding customers as well as other personal information is dealt with in a secure environment. The list of policies explained on the website clearly states the reasons for the requirement of personal details that are being asked.


A simple process of download and registration is enough to save punters from getting corrupt. Gamban is the most convenient way to collectively stop gambling addiction. Gamban is applicable for casino sites registered with UKGC and is considered an important scheme that aids problem gamblers.

However, responsible punters might feel too confined and wrapped under the Gamban restrictions. With the option to opt for the non-UK sites registered with offshore licensing authorities, players can exercise a certain degree of self-controlled exclusion.

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