How Many LOL Games You’ve Played? [3 Ways]

How Many LOL Games You've Played

Are you a die-hard fan of LoL and often find yourself questioning the total number of League of Legends games you have conquered? If the curiosity lingers in your mind, you are not alone. Explore simple tricks and methods in this article to unveil the magnitude of your League adventures.

League of Legends, Riot Games' renowned multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) masterpiece, has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of the global gaming community. Boasting millions of active players, the attraction of competitive gameplay and strategic battles has kept enthusiasts hooked for over a decade. For dedicated players, tracking their gaming milestones, particularly the total number of games played, adds an extra layer of excitement to their League of Legends journey.

However, unveiling the exact count of played games can be challenging with the ever-expanding realm of ranked matches and countless variations between games. Read on as we guide you through simple tricks to unveil this fascinating piece of your gaming history.

1. Using Client Profile Page

You can check the number of League of Legends games you have played through the League of Legends Client's profile page. Initially, Riot Games introduced this feature but temporarily removed it due to issues with the old Client. Fortunately, it was reinstated a few years ago, providing players with valuable insights into their gaming history. These features allow you to track your overall gaming activity and analyse your performance with specific champions.

Keep in mind that the stats, by default, showcase games from the current season, but you can explore previous seasons using the available filters. It is a handy tool for Summoners looking to gain insights into their League of Legends journey and evaluate their progress over different seasons and game modes.

To access this information, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Client on your device and log in with your account credentials.

Step 2: Click on your summoner name or profile picture at the top right corner to access your in-game profile.

Step 3: Within your profile, navigate to the “Stats” tab. This section offers a snapshot of your gaming statistics.

Stats tab

Step 4: Explore the statistics displayed, focusing on the number of games played in the current season. You can also use filter options to view stats from previous seasons.

Step 5: To delve into champion-specific details, hover over individual champions to see how many games you have played with them.

2. Using Post-Game Lobby

Another quick method to check the number of League of Legends games you have played, specifically in modes like ARAM or normal games, is through the end game screen. This approach is particularly efficient for getting an instant count of your total games played in normal modes. While this method may not provide a comprehensive historical overview like the Client's profile page, it offers a convenient and immediate snapshot after each game in the post-game lobby.

Here is how you can do it:

1. Finish a Game of League of Legends: Play a game in the queue type you are interested in, whether ARAM or a normal game.

2. Do not Leave the Post-Game Lobby Instantly: Resist the urge to leave the Post-Game lobby immediately after the match concludes.

Post-Game Lobby league of legends

3. Check the Top of the Screen: At the top of the screen, near the game type identifier, you will find the number of games you have won or lost in that particular game mode for the current season. By adding together your total wins and losses displayed at the top, you can quickly determine the number of normal games you have played in League of Legends.

3. Using Third-Party Websites

When it comes to checking your League of Legends game history, third-party sites offer a more convenient and detailed service compared to Riot Games' services. Riot permits and relies on these external platforms to provide players with comprehensive information about their matches and statistics.

These sites not only reveal your total games played across all seasons but also provide valuable data on champions, including results from Clash tournaments and ranked ARAMs – features not readily available in the official Client. While third-party sites offer extensive data, it is important to note that adding up the total games played may involve some manual work, as not all normal games might be displayed, and the count may start from Season 5 onwards. To get the most complete results, especially for ranked games, using Riot's League Client stats is recommended.

Platforms like have become go-to choices for Summoners seeking insights into their gaming journey. Here is a guide on how to check your games using third-party sites:

1. Visit Sites Such as Navigate to third-party platforms like, which provide detailed League of Legends statistics.

2. Choose Your Game Category: Select the specific game category you wish to explore, whether ranked, normal, or other modes.

3. Select the Season of Interest: Click on the season you want to see, and these sites will categories your information by the champions used, offering a more precise breakdown than the League of Legends client.


Determining the number of League of Legends games played involves methods like accessing the Client's profile section, which displays comprehensive gaming statistics, including the overall game count. While third-party websites may offer more detailed analyses, caution is advised due to Riot Games' discouragement of specific applications. The game history section allows players to explore their preferences and playstyles and progress through filtering options like game modes and specific champions. Tracking statistics for different queues provides a comprehensive performance overview in various gaming environments. Staying informed about updates and changes to the client interface through official resources ensures a clear understanding of one's gaming journey in League of Legends.

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