Check How Much Time That You Spend on LOL

How Much Time Have I Wasted on LoL

It's been 12 years since LOL was started. Do you remember how many games you've finished? You may be wondering, “how much time have I wasted on LoL”? There is some software that you can use to track that.

The League of legends game was started 12 years ago and is a team-based strategy game that allows two teams of five powerful champions to face each other. This is to destroy each other's base.

You can choose from over 140 champions for epic plays.  In the Nexus game, the team needs to clear lanes to get to the enemy Nexus.  In the lanes, there is the jungle that has monsters that you need to bypass.

The LOL game is enjoyable, and you will feel great and relaxed. However, playing this game can make you use a lot of time. Here are some methods to know how much time you have wasted on LOL.

1. LOL Game Port Query

To know the amount of time wasted on LOL, you can go to the “Stats” TAB of the game interface. However, it does not count data before 2018.

Step 1: Run the LOL game on your computer.

Run the LOL game

Step 2: Go to your profile’s tab and on the menubar, click on stats.

LOL menubar

Step 3: On the bottom left corner, just under the number of games played, you will see the ranked hours played. This will help you know how much time you have wasted on LOL.

2. Wasted on LOL

 Step 1: Open the Wasted on LOL software.

Wasted on LOL software

Step 2: Scroll down on the page and search your name in the “summoner's name” box. Also, choose your region. If you choose a different region, it won't show the results.

summoners name option

Step 3: Click on “How much time I wasted on LOL”.

Step 4: You will be redirected to another page, where it will show the details of your logged-on minutes, hours, and days. You will also get your ranking according to your region and the world. Funnily, it will provide other things you would have done using the time.

lol ranking

3. Game Record Query

This is another way that you can use to know how much time you have wasted on LOL. You can use this website to check the most recent game history.

Step 1: Open the website at


Step 2: Enter your LOL username in the search bar. Also, if you have searched for another summoner, it will show in the recent search or favorites.

Step 3: It will redirect to another page, you will see your profile's avatar. Click on “ How many hours did your play LOL?”

profile avatar

Step 4: It will redirect to another page that you can check to see the amount of time you have used. You will also get an alternative of what else you would have done using that time.

Spend Your Time Doing Things You Enjoy

Playing on LOL is not a waste of time; even with the recommendations you get after determining the number of hours used, you shouldn't feel disappointed. As long as you enjoy playing league of legends, it isn't a waste of time. However, be cautious of not becoming an addict.  This can make you non-functional on other useful day-to-day activities. While playing, take regular breaks to help your mind to relax.


Q. Who has been on League of Legends the longest?

League of Legends has many players. However, the player who has spent more time in League of Legends is Pensive, found on the Korean server. The account has a record of 14,403 hours which equates to 600 days.

Q. Is LOL still the most played game?

Yes, League of Legends is the most played game with over 8 million people playing each day. Its popularity has grown over time since it is free to play, constantly evolving, and plays a huge part in esports.

Q. How many LOL players are there?

As of August 2022, League of Legends had over 124 million active players. It is estimated that the number of players will increase with time.

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