Game Influencers on YouTube

Game Influencers on YouTube

People frequently turn to YouTubers when they want to learn more about a certain subject of interest and there are many informative channels available now.

If you enjoy gambling online, then watching gambling-related videos can be an enjoyable experience and contain plenty of tips to improve your game. Yet, there are a few things to take into consideration when viewing gambling influencers on YouTube and two big names that have been producing quality content for a while now.

Finding content

While there are many YouTube channels dedicated to slots and classic casino table games, not all popular games have dedicated content creators. There appears to be an opening for anyone who wants to make a name for themselves as a bingo or Slingo influencer and there are a few niche gambling games that don't get much coverage.

While plenty of content creators have dipped their toe in the water to explain how to play bingo or explained the fundamentals of Slingo, there really isn’t an established name creating expert-level guides on what’s new. This is surprising, as the ability to play bingo online or visit a Slingo lobby are regular features of the top online casinos and developers have been busy creating engaging themes and variations that appeal to a wide audience.

The two influencers featured below present their content from land-based casinos. Their content is relevant for online gambling but they clearly feel there's better content presentation when presenting from within a brick-and-mortar casino. There are plenty of content creators that focus on online gambling, but here are two established names in the land-based casino influencer market on YouTube.

YouTube video

Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher, a Californian, is possibly YouTube's largest ambassador for playing slots with over 500,000 channel followers. He posts daily videos playing slots in casinos all over America and presents live streams every Wednesday and Thursday.

Stakes between $1 and $100 per spin make for entertaining viewing and Christopher is unashamed to show his losses and mistakes. Those interested can join his fan club with select membership levels that provide viewers with exclusive content and access.

YouTube video


VegasLowRoller's YouTube channel caters to a diverse audience. It is primarily geared toward slots and individuals who have never gambled before but also has some content for seasoned slot players. For newcomers, there are numerous videos to increase understanding of how slot machines function and the many different slot themes and jackpots that are offered.

VegasLowRoller is based in Las Vegas and it’s entertaining to see the low-to-mid stakes gambler doing his thing on the strip. You can tune in every day for several new videos, but the channel has a backlog of evergreen slot content that is informative and pleasurable viewing.

While some might scoff at the idea of influencers, there's no doubt that they play a significant role in marketing products and services.

The field of casino gaming influencers is fraught with issues, but Brian Christopher and VegasLowRoller are a couple of picks that should make for pleasurable viewing and are more illuminating than other players in the market.

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