The Main Role of a Payment Gateway for Online Game in the Gaming Sphere

The Main Role of a Payment Gateway for Online Game

The leading payment gateway for online casino designed for seamless transactions in the gambling industry. Secure, fast, and reliable processing for a better user experience. Improve your platform today!

It’s convenient when you can use versatile ways to send and accept payments in every sphere. In virtual casinos, you probably want to receive deposits at once, let your customers skip large fees, and protect them every time they send money. All of this can be guaranteed by a reputable payment gateway for online casino. So, let’s see what exactly a gateway is and how it can come in handy.

Defining a Gambling Payment Gateway and Why It Is Worth Trying

Defining a Gambling Payment Gateway

So, a great gambling payment gateway will allow you to receive payments in multiple currencies and enjoy flexibility. On the one hand, transfers in fiat and cryptocurrency are possible. On the other hand, users can use a variety of banking tools to accomplish them: crypto and traditional digital wallets, credit and debit cards, net banking, and more. So, no matter what kind of transaction needs to take place, a gateway simplifies things.

A gambling payment tool also ensures that a transaction becomes low-risk. This is done through unbeatable security measures aimed at detecting and controlling fraud attempts and keeping private data, including payment info, in secret.

Trustworthy Gambling Payment Processing Tool BitHide: What Makes It Stand Out

When trying to find a gambling payment processing instrument to rely on, you probably also want it to offer cryptocurrency operations. After all, virtual currencies give so many benefits. Your players will be able to pay fewer fees for making transactions happen and enjoy the absence of fraudulent chargebacks. As for you, you will easily reach out to a whole new audience segment – tech-savvy people who are unafraid of changes and using new digital coins for their deposits.

BitHide is widely known for valuing each client’s privacy, offering complete anonymity, and accepting payments in crypto, performed through unique crypto addresses for every one of them. With it, you will be in charge of all operations, which includes categorizing them conveniently and managing several wallets according to your goals and needs.

Let us break down the advantages of BitHide for you.

1. Taking security more than seriously.

The wallet structure developed by programmers who have built our tool is invincible to attacks. Your security is supported by anonymity, regardless of the transactions you get. No third parties can ever have access to your wallets since we are using TOR- and VPN-based protection, allowing us to erase all info about your IP address.

For those of you worried about backup, we still provide this opportunity and a chance to retrieve all your key data.

We found a way to skip KYC verification or other AML procedures to make your info safer than with other tools. At the same time, we don’t trespass any laws. You are the one to store all your data, not us. Our tool will work on your private server, letting nobody except you own the data.

3. No-fail transactions.

No-fail transactions

Simply put, our gateway will not block your transaction like other tools. Still, it doesn’t leave you unaware of the riskiness of each separate transaction. It will highlight any alarming ones and store funds from these on a different account. Our software will do its best to warn you without limiting you.

4. Allowing transactions in many crypto coins.

Since the sphere of digital money is seeing advances and quickly changing, we are ready to embrace those advances and let you accept payments in any currency imaginable. Stablecoins and common payment tokens belong here.

These are the reasons many casinos give their preference to our payment gateway and use it daily.

Short Guide on How to Start Using Our Casino Payment Gateway

To begin working with the BitHide casino payment gateway, you need to create a crypto account based on the types of coins you want to accept payments in. Next, get BitHide by installing it on your server and also take it to your casino platform to make it available for users. The whole process will take one business day or less if you pick BitHide.

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