USA Biggest Gaming States 

Gaming States

Most people will at least once in their entire lives try their hand at gambling. According to the American Gaming Association, for many people, this will entail traveling to a city with several commercial casinos, which includes visiting any of the states on this list.

Although Las Vegas and its native Nevada generate the most money from casino gambling, it should be of little surprise to someone that there are also 22 alternative states famous for their gambling activities. These states permit everything from riverboats to dockside casinos, racetracks with video casinos, and land-based casinos like those on the Las Vegas Strip.

The fact that Texas only has two licensed land-based casinos—the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino and Naskila Gaming—despite being the second-largest state in the US in terms of population and land area should come as a surprise. This is largely contributed by the laws surrounding gambling in the area.

Given these startling revelations, you might wonder, can you gamble online in Texas? Online gambling is not expressly prohibited by Texas law. Nevertheless, there are several states where online gambling is legal.

This list outlines the USA's biggest gaming states based on casino gaming income.

New Jersey

New Jersey

The original gambling haven was Atlantic City in New Jersey. Even though it might not be your first thought, it still thrives today. Atlantic City has numerous land-based casinos, some of which make over 100 million in profits yearly.

Additionally, the state of New Jersey boasts the reputation of actually having legalized internet gambling, essentially removing Nevada's exclusivity in the industry. Therefore, anyone looking for the top online casinos in NJ should not wander far.

Even while gambling laws are gradually being reassessed in bordering states and Atlantic City faces mounting competition, the heritage and sentimentality of New Jersey keep providing some of the most tempting gaming opportunities in the US without the scorching sun of Vegas.


The world's gambling capital, which is located in a desert state, attracts visitors from all over the world. The concept that a surpassing 50 million gaming enthusiasts tour Nevada annually merely to try their luck at the wheel of fortune is evidence of Las Vegas's appeal as the long-time leader in the casino industry.

Las Vegas ranks as a favorite among gamblers for a variety of reasons, which includes its seductive air of anarchy and outstanding technological advancements in the gambling sector. The state has 334 casinos,and 102 of them are located in Las Vegas. Still, people who live elsewhere in the state of Nevada also have access to a variety of options, including poker, tribal gambling, and horse racing betting.


In Pennsylvania, gambling is a relatively new concept. Initially, gambling was previously prohibited until 2004. There are currently 14 casinos in the state, which are proving to be incredibly popular with both residents and tourists. These casinos offer well-liked games like poker and slots.

The casino resorts available in the state provide a never-ending selection of gaming machines and table games, set against a breathtaking natural setting and accompanied by a variety of free fun alternatives. There is a ton of action available here.

South Dakota 

South Dakota earns a spot on this piece for its innovative approach to gaming, despite the state's complicated and possibly overbroad gambling legislation. Most gambling activities in the state are centered around the Deadwood region, which has over 20 actual casinos.

The region is most famous for video lottery, which is legal. Like other online gambling activities, video lottery is permitted and accessible to gamers in up to 1300 locations.



There are 25 casinos that are spread all over the state of Illinois. The casinos have generated around $539.6 million in the first half of 2022. If this figure is not enough to demonstrate a passion shared by the entire state, there are also long-term riverboat casinos that have been operating from 1991.

Although the boats were initially constructed as a workaround for the prohibition on land-based gambling, they are still a well-liked travel attraction for tourists from outside the area and residents.

The gambling business has been increasingly powerful in recent years, especially in Chicago. Beyond the confines of the casino, there are several bars and restaurants, sporting events, and a racetrack side, which is another nice development following recent laws.

Closing Thoughts

Despite an international slump, the United States gaming industry has continued to grow thanks to the widespread use of smartphones as well as unlimited online games enticing a wider audience of players.

Gambling is not merely a leisure activity in several US states. If you're eager to test your shot at the big tournament, these states have everything you need. It's big business, a full-fledged industry loved by both experienced and novice gamblers equally. Consider each as a unique, fascinating addition to your bucket list.

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