9 Video Games to Play During Winter Holidays

Video Games to Play During Winter Holidays

The holiday season is not so far away and you will have plenty of time away from school and work to relax and do what you want. If at some point you decide that dining and having conversations with your distant relatives are enough, turn to our list of 9 Christmas video games. This collection allows for dispersing boredom during the most magical time of the year!

1. Scrooge Megaways 

Scrooge Megaways 

You will hardly find a more popular rich miser than Scrooge. That is why Scrooge Megaways can be found in the best online casinos with the highest payout rates across the world. This online slot from iSoftBet offers up to 117,649 ways of winning and allows betting from $0.20 to $20.

2. Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising is a great video game where your main goal is to fight zombies and other creatures with all imaginable weapons. But it is even more fun to dress up like Santa and kill dead-like people with a baseball bat wrapped in Christmas lights or an explosive stuffed with rainbow candies.

3. Cthulhu Saves Christmas

This old-school game is a Cthulhu Saves the World sequel and can set you up in a perfect mood before the holidays. It can even make you miss childhood Christmas mornings and good-old video games on Super Nintendo. Cthulhu Saves Christmas can be purchased for PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5.

4. Super Mario Odyssey – Snow Kingdom

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario is an all-time favourite game that has several Guinness World Records and millions of fans all over the world. In Super Mario Odyssey you can find the Snow Kingdom level with a Christmas atmosphere. The enemies are wearing Santa hats and the bells on the background are surely what we need during the holiday season.

5. Fortnite: Operation Snowdown

Fortnite is constantly evolving and at any time of the year, players can find multiple wintery challenges and map areas covered in snow. They are filled with Christmas decorations and accompanied by holiday-related sounds. During one of the challenges, users can unlock free items including Snowmando – a mixture of a snowman and a commando.

6. Call of Duty: Snowball Fight

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is not the friendliest and most peaceful game you will come across. That is why its creators decided to reduce the violence level and offer a Snowball fight mode. Instead of standard weapons and explosives, you need to hit enemies with snowballs while listening to cheerful Christmas music.

7. Duke Nukem: Nuclear Winter

Duke Nukem Forever has been a rather successful franchise and got its share of popularity in the 2000s. One of the most popular expansions was Nuclear Winter released in 1997. It contains various holiday-related levels where aliens kidnap Santa and the main hero needs to go to the North Pole and solve the problem. Throughout the game, Duke has to fight evil elves and snowmen.

8. Hitman Holiday Hoarders

Throughout the years, Agent 47 has hit many targets including two thieves during Christmas time. Marv Gonif and Harry Bagnato are trying to steal holiday presents in Paris. At first, it was a limited mission in Hitman 2 released to raise funds for the World Cancer Research Fund. But now it is a standard Hitman 3 level. Hitman 3 can be played on PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, Switch, and other platforms.

9. Christmas Lemmings

Christmas Lemmings

Another title is Holiday Lemmings and it engages a series of games and demos with a Christmas theme. Some of them are rather short and have only several levels while others contain 60-70 levels where you need to accompany lemmings through a series of obstacles to the exit. Lemmings can build ladders, dig, and do other cool things.

Christmas is a perfect time for video games

These games will fit into your holiday plan and allow you to escape any boring evening. They are bright, fun, and packed with features. Some of them can even be played online, so you can socialize with friends or make new ones without the need to step out into cold winter. And if for some reason these games are not enough, follow other reviews of Grace Tennet, the leading content manager at NZ CasinoHEX.

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