How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Xbox

Xbox IP Address Finder

Do you believe that you can find someone's IP address on Xbox? Yes, read this article, and you will find the way.

Before 2001, it’s possible you would not have imagined a video game software hosting other platforms like social chatting, watching TV, video, or music clips? Now, it is possible due to the invention of Microsoft's Xbox.

Maybe someone has done something terrible to you on Xbox during the game, and you want to find the tricky guy. Next, we will tell you how to find his IP address step by step and track it.


You can find your Xbox IP with the xResolver.

In this case, a Gamertag is like a unique ID given to any Xbox player. The interesting thing with Xbox Gamertag is that you can track another person's IP. Unless the person is live in a game or party, it's impossible to track their IP with Xbox Resolver. Below are the processes for going about it.

Step 1: launch your Xbox account and search for a friend you wish to locate their IP. If the person is not on your friends' list, you can add them there. To add that person as a friend, do the following:

  • Type the person's Gamertag and search them through the magnifying glass icon at the bottom bar.
  • Then, navigate to the Gamertag profile and press add friend.

Step 2: Establish a connection with your victim as this will help to grab their IP. There are two ways to establish that connection. One option is inviting your target for live gaming, and the other is using a chat forum. Below are the steps to inviting a person to game with you.

  • Start the game to play with friends.
  • With your Xbox controller, click the ‘people's button and select the Xbox user's Gamertag.
  • Press A on your controller on that person's profile, which will bring an ‘invite' option.
  • Select the ‘invite to game' option

Else, you can establish a connection with that person through a live party chat. To do that:

  • Navigate the guide option and tap on the ‘parties and party.'
  • Choose the ‘invite' option and select the friends you want to invite.

Suppose the system adds the person to the invite section. Then they have accepted your invitation. By creating a connection with people, the Xbox resolver can sniff all the packets and traffic. Still, the grabber can now define all the IP addresses.

Step 3: Have a friendly chat with your fellow gamers and identify a clickable link you can send them. You can export the link from other sites like Facebook or YouTube or use a gaming link.

Step 4: Open an Xresolver link and identify the Gamertag spacebar.

Step 5: Paste the person's Gamertag and click on the resolve.

Step 6: Navigate the IP finder option in Xresolver and paste the clickable link to shorten it. Remember that the Xresolver has an ARP sniffing, which initiates a tracker and port scanner.

Step 7: When that individual clicks the link, the ARP tool sniffer process starts with the packets connected to their network.

Step 8: For the system to load the logged IPs, identify your IP address shown in the ‘from' and change it to the ‘To ‘box.

Step 9: Find the filter tab there and type 3074, and press ‘A' to load the ‘start pulling' icon. From that point, you can now see other people's IP who you are connected on gaming platforms or party forums.

2. Use Xbox IP Puller

Lanc Remastered IP Puller

Apart from using the Gamertag to pull a person's IP, you can use an external site like Lanc Remastered.  Lanc Remastered lets you connect with other participants using live gaming or party chats and extract the IP in its network. But first:

Step 1: Install the files that build up the Lanc Remastered programs. These files include .Net Framework 4.5.2, C++ Redistributable Package 2010, NPcap, WIN10PCAP, Winrar, or 7zip.

Step 2: Don't move to download Lanc Remastered before disabling the IPV6. You can find this on ‘Change adapter options’ and then uncheck the IPV6 option in the network menu.

Step 3: Complete the download of the Lanc Remastered by extracting all its files.

Step 4: Run the program and input changes on the network adapter and allow properties like ARP spoofing and filter.

Step 5: Go to Xbox and find your IP through the network settings found in the settings menu.

Step 6: Copy this IP address and paste it to the ‘to' option of the ARP spoofing.

Step 7: Also, type the Xbox port digits, which are 3074

Step 8: Go back to the Xbox homepage and create a party forum or invite your targets to a live game (as mentioned in the Xbox Resolver to Gamertag section)

Step 9: Once those players join the party or game, click enter. You will realize that your fellow gamer's IP will start to pop up.

Although you can use Lance Remastered or PSN resolver to grab the IP Address of a Gamertag, there is another way to capture their IPs using shareable links. With this method, you use a third-party site like Grabify. The following is the process of using Xbox with Grabify.

Grabify ip loggers

Step 1: Befriend a person making a DDOS or a cyber-attack by adding them as friends on Xbox.

Step 2: Start chatting with that friend on the messaging forum found in the parties and chat option on Xbox. The conversation could be about a game you recorded that you wish to send them.

Step 3: Record a game of interest from Xbox. To record a game, press the Xbox controller's middle button to find a screenshot, a record, a custom option, or a system option. Hence, click the ‘record that option' to capture the video.

Step 4: Tap the share ‘A ‘button and copy the clip link.

Step 5: Open the Grabify tab on your Xbox Microsoft edge in Xbox and enter the clip URL. You can get there by navigating the ‘my games and apps' option and then go-to apps to locate Microsoft edge.

Step 6: Once the Grabify loads, check the generated URL and change that link's domain. You can use initials like,

Grabify tracking code

Step 8: Send that link to the person on Xbox through a direct message. Or invite them to click the clip on your Twitter or Facebook hurdle.

Step 9: If the person clicks the link, refresh the Grabify and identify this or her IP address.

Grabify IP information

4. Use Command Prompt to Track IP Address from Xbox

Finding IP Address Using the Command Line

To use a command prompt to track somebody's IP on Xbox, you should have a chatting connection with them.  Read the following steps when using the command prompt.

Step 1:  Launch the Xbox and identify the person bullying or taking DDOS attacks on you.

Step 2: Ensure you follow the person you wish to identify their IP. You can do that by finding their Gamertag and adding them as your friend in the people option.

Step 3: Establish a connection with the individuals by chatting with them via the ‘parties and chat' option on Xbox.

Step 4: Using your computer, open the command prompt from the run app found in the settings.

Step 5: Input netstat-an command in the computer and click to execute it.

If you share a connection with your victim, you will see the person's IP as an established tag on your PC. After you find the IP address, you can use for tracking.


1. Is Xbox resolver illegal?

If using an IP address was illegal, then using an Xbox resolver would be illegal too. However, the Xbox resolvers are not liable for what a person does with the IP they extract.

2. How to hide my Xbox IP address?

The most obvious answer is using a VPN. However, Xbox does not support VPNs as PS does. Therefore you need to use your laptop or phone to hotspot a VPN network to Xbox.

3. Will you get hacked through Xbox?

Absolutely yes, the Xbox software is very vulnerable to DDOS since some gamers may corrupt your internet traffic to beat you in the game.

4. How to find your Xbox One IP address?

Finding your IP address in Xbox is very simple. All that is expected from you is to get started. Therefore the following are the steps to finding this address.

Step 1: First, ensure you are in the Xbox home deck.

Step 2: Press the Xbox button that will bring the side menu.

Step 3: Navigate to the side menu to find the system option.

Step 4: In the system's option, locate and click the settings icon.

Step 5: Go to the ‘network' options, which will take you to ‘network settings.'

Step 6: In the network settings, identify the ‘advanced settings' mode at the bottom.

Step 7: Select the IP settings in the advanced settings. There you identify your Xbox IP.


Xbox will continue to be an excellent gaming console unless they bind their data leak loopholes. For example, Xresolver capitulates on its loopholes to sell IP s information to other people. As with Xresolver, the PSN grabs the Xbox user’s IP attached to the Gamertag when the participants are connected to a gaming or chatting platform. However, you can mask your Xbox IP addresses using proxies or VPN routers.

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