Top Advanced Surveillance Technologies That Will Enable You To Keep Your Property Safe 

Top Advanced Surveillance Technologies

There are many different types of surveillance technologies on the market these days, and it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best for your needs. Here are some of the top advanced surveillance technologies that will enable you to keep your property safe.

1. Use An Alarm system

If you're looking for a comprehensive security system that can keep your property safe, Ring Alarm is the perfect option. This system includes a variety of sensors that will detect movement and contact the authorities in an emergency. What's more, the Ring Alarm app allows you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world.

Use An Alarm system

Alarms are the simplest way for people to monitor the safety of their properties, whether they are living in the home or renting the property out. They can easily be set up to alert the authorities should consider an intruder approach the house but are also helpful in warning the owner if there is a problem with one of the appliances or utilities.

The market is flooded with alarm systems, but the Kooi alarm center is one of the best. Not only does it have a wide range of alarms to choose from, but it also has a very user-friendly app that can be accessed from any device.

2. Remote Video Monitoring

A remote video monitoring system is a great way to keep an eye on your property when you’re not there. By using a remote video monitoring system, you can watch live footage of your property from anywhere in the world.

This can be a great way to monitor your home while you’re on vacation or to keep an eye on the property during the day. If the alarm system goes off, the operator will see the footage and alert the authorities if needed; the Kooi alarm center provides a perfect remote video monitoring solution.

It has a panic button that will allow you to contact the operator immediately if there is a problem. Consider using this system the next time you are looking for home security.

3. Electronic Security Perimeter

Electronic Security Perimeter

A great way to keep your home safe is by adding an electronic security perimeter around the property. An electronic security perimeter is a wire barrier that emits powerful electric shocks to anyone who touches it. This can be a great way to keep burglars and other intruders out of your home.

Another great benefit of an electronic security perimeter is that it can be used to warn the community. If someone tries to cut the wire, passersby will likely call 911 to report an intruder.

4. Motion Sensors

Many people use motion sensors to keep their property safe. Motion sensors detect movement and only activate the cameras when there is movement. This technology is good for homes or businesses to monitor what's going on but doesn't need constant monitoring.

It is also more of a deterrent since intruders may be discouraged from trespassing if they know they will be monitored.

The motion sensors would be set up so that if there is no movement, the camera remains turned off. This makes sure the battery and storage space of the surveillance devices used are not overused and wasted.

Motion sensors also include advanced features such as Infrared sensors, which can detect differences in heat signatures that alert you to the presence of an intruder.

5. Cameras With Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a technology that can identify individuals from their facial features. This technology is being used by more and more businesses and governments to identify individuals.

The benefits of using this technology for surveillance are that it can help identify criminals or terrorists. It can also be used to spot known shoplifters or violent individuals. Facial recognition can help identify suspicious behavior as well.

6. Video Analytics

Video analytics are technologies that can monitor what's going on in real-time, both during the day and nighttime. Some of these advanced types of surveillance use face recognition, people counting, license plate readers, object classification, and more.

Video analytics are becoming very popular because of how effective they are in identifying people breaking the law or committing crimes.

7. Floodlight Camera

Floodlight Camera

A floodlight camera is a kind of surveillance device that allows detection on every corner of the location it is set up at. The reason for this is that it has several lenses which cover all angles and provide an excellent overview.

Another advantage of floodlight camera security technology is that it can be remotely controlled, meaning you can switch them on and off as you please. This can be a real advantage if you have a vacation home or other property that you want to keep under surveillance while you're away.

8. Smart Doorbells And Intercoms

Smart doorbells and intercoms are smart devices that enable you to see who is at the door, communicate with visitors, and monitor activity around your property. The video function acts as an added layer of security for your home by allowing you to see what is happening beyond your front porch.

Smart Doorbell Systems also features infrared night vision, which enables you to see who is at your door even in the dark, a built-in door chime which alerts you when someone is at your door, and innovative features that eliminate false alerts.

The best smart doorbells contain a camera that captures high-definition quality footage whilst notification functions send notifications straight to your smartphone or device as soon as motion is detected, so you can always be aware of who is at your door, even if you're not home.

9. Driveway Alarms

Driveway alarms are used to alert you when someone is approaching your house. They can be placed in the ground or on walls and fences outside your home. When a car drives over one of these alarms, it sends an alert signal to a receiver that will sound an alarm inside your house. This way, you'll know what's happening outside your property and can take appropriate action.

The old-fashioned way of keeping your property safe was by using a physical security system made up of traditional surveillance equipment. Now, there are several advanced technologies that have come to the market which take these systems to the next level.

With some of them shared in this article, you have been equipped with knowledge of what is available now. Of course, if you want to try out these systems for yourself, it's a good idea to at least consult with a professional security company first. They will be able to guide you on which of their products would best fit your needs and budget.

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