How to Wrap Text in Excel with 3 Ways

How to Wrap Text in Excel

When you want to wrap text in Microsoft Word, you just need to hit the Enter key. However, in Excel, if you press Enter, you'll see that the highlighted cell moves to the next cell. These are the best ways to wrap text in cells inExcel Worksheet.

If you typed some long text in cell A1, you will find some text has overlapped into cell B2. This can affect the beauty of your Excel worksheet and data readability. Hence, for more effectiveness, we will need to have a new line text input in excel.

The same way you can wrap text in Microsoft Word is the same way you can do it on Excel to make it more appealing. However, in Excel, you have to be careful to ensure you don't get it wrong. Here are some methods you can use to wrap text in Microsoft Excel.

Method 1: Change the Cell Range

You will need to change the range of the cell to enter more content. This is in terms of the column width and row height. The default size may not be appropriate for the data to be entered.

Step 1: First enter the information into the cell. As you can see, the text is overlapping into the B column.

information into the cell

Step 2: To modify this, place the mouse over the adjacent cell. When a black arrow appears, hold down the left mouse button and drag forward till the whole text is visible.

adjacent cell

Step 3: Dragging this way only changes the size of a single cell. If you want to enter long texts in all the cells in the column. Set the cell width by right-clicking in the top column A. A drop-down will appear. Click on Column Width and add a larger value. The column will adjust by itself.

changes the size

Step 4: You can do the same to set the cell height. Just click on the specific row like A1. Right-click and on the drop-down click on row height.

cell height

Step 5: Change the value and click Ok. The row height will increase.

row height value change

Step 6: Now your column width and row height are adjusted. You can now input more data into your Excel file cells.

Method 2: Automatic Text Wrap

In Excel, there is a way to automatically wrap text.

Step 1:Open your Excel software, and select the cell you want to wrap.

Automatic Text Wrap

Step 2:On the top menu bar, click “Wrap text” so that the cell wraps as you type the long text. As you can see in the image, the text has been wrapped to make it fit perfectly in the cell.

Wrap text

Step 3:Alternatively, select the cell, use Ctrl + 1, in the dialog box, “Format Cell”, click on”Alignment”, and check “Wrap Text”.

Format Cell

  • Tip! The length of this line wrap is based on the length of the cell you set. If your cell is too short, it will be wrapped frequently, making the cell longer. So, set the cell width manually to make the text display better.

Method 3: Manual Line Break

If you don’t want to change the cell size, but just want to feed in a fixed-size cell and control the position of the newlines. You can do the following:

Step 1: First, enable the edit mode. Click on File > Options> Advanced. A dialog box will appear. Click on Advanced and check the option “Allow editing directly in cells”.

Manual Line Break

Step 2: Double click the cell that contains data you want to edit. The content is also displayed in the formula bar. Once you have clicked the cell you want to edit, press F2 to start the edit mode.

Double click the cell

Step 3: Wherever you want a newline to type something else such as the end of a line. Press ALT + Enter shortcut and the cursor will jump to the next line.

type something else

Step 4: That’s how you can create manual line breaks in Excel. It provides a larger space that you can use to add more information.

Adjust the Format

After entering the text, we can set the alignment to the center, left, right, or merge some blank cells to make the Excel table clearer. This will help in the proper presentation of the data directly to others. You can do this, by clicking on Adjust the format any of the formats in the menu bar under Home to customize the formatting. While adjusting the format, ensure the text remains readable to the audience. To know the right way to adjust, check the whole document to know which alignment will fit best.


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