How to Improve Your Cyber Security in 3 Steps

Cyber Security

We are currently living in a digital age, where most, if not all of our day is happening online. The internet has moved from being a place for socializing and entertainment to creating a workplace, shopping experiences, education, and much, much more. However, this switch to a more digital every day has increased the need for better cyber security to prevent hacks and unsafe connections.

1. Better passwords

The first step to creating safety online is a good password. This is a very important step that is often not taken seriously enough. You should spend some time and carefully pick out your passwords. You have probably noticed that websites require more and more of you when it comes to creating passwords that are strong enough.

This can be a certain number of characters, capital letters, numbers, and so on. The number one trap is to use the same password on multiple platforms and to avoid this you can use a password generator at Here you get really strong, generated passwords that are near impossible to hack.

2. Antivirus programs

Antivirus programs

Another great way to protect you from hacks and suspicious connections online is to use an antivirus program. These run on your computer or smartphone without you noticing and are great if you roam around on unsafe websites or tend to download stuff online.

These programs can cost you some money, but they are worth it in the long run. You can get them for yourself, or as a family pack for your household. When it comes to cyber security, it is much better to be prepared, because when disaster strikes, it might be too late.

3. Use a VPN

VPNs are another great program you can use to achieve more security when you are online. The VPN programs hide your IP address so that no one can see where in the world you are. It works great If you want to use streaming services in other countries but are more importantly good for keeping your location hidden and yourself more anonymous.

Furthermore, these programs will block unsafe internet connections and hotspots in public areas, which are easy to hack. Many VPNs are free, thus making it a nice and easy way to be a bit safer online.


In conclusion, it is important to know what cyber security is, and how you can stay protected. These are only a few ways to keep you safer online and prevent a security breach. The most important factor, however, is to use common sense. Do not share personal information and keep your passwords secret.

Try using a password generator to make sure that they are strong enough, and hard to guess. Furthermore, you can try a two-step verification, where a message is sent to your email or phone to make it even safer. Many are also taking advantage of safety services such as face ID and fingerprint verifications, which are nice and easy ways to ensure only you have access.

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