How To Protect Your PC From Hackers & Virus Attack

protect pc from hackers

Organizations need to understand the scale of the risk and identify the reasons why they could be a potential target to hackers. Furthermore, effective evasive measures need to be taken to ensure that your computer is safe from hackers.

As the tech world is making advancements and new businesses are emerging with cutting-edge tech implementations, the security risks are getting bigger too. With the increase in the good side of the tech world, the bad side is seeing improvements too. This means that on the dark side of the internet, the hackers’ realm is also witnessing advancements in their techniques to target and attack both upcoming and existing tech businesses.

Different Types of Hacking

Although the concept of hacking remains similar in most cases, let’s have a look at some of the most common types of hacking:

Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage

Even before the customized concept of hacking, the activity of spying on your rivals or competition has been around. In the modern-day and age, corporate espionage is just another fancy name for “spying on your competition”.

Anybody who plans to perform corporate espionage on another company either wants to dismantle the company by taking control from the inside or they want to perform some kinds of intellectual theft that require internal access. Regardless of the application, this provides the offender an unfair competitive advantage over the victim.

Financial Crimes

Financial Crimes

Haven’t we all heard the classic financial cheating stories? The credit card frauds that showed up on monthly credit card statements labeling transactions that the victims didn’t even know about. These and other similar types of attacks are performed by hackers using fake transaction pages on a renowned website you were shopping on.

This resulted in them getting your credit card details and eventually, you had to pay for the transactions you didn’t even make.

Political Motive-based Hacking – Hacktivism

Political Motive-based Hacking - Hacktivism

The use of hacking has been deemed extremely helpful for political organizations. Whether we talk about domestic or international politics, hackers have played an active role in conveying their supporter’s message to the opponents in various unique ways.

Guide For Protection Against Hackers

Sadly, there are no magical spells such as “Protego” to cast over your computer to develop protection against hackers. However, certain rules of thumb need to be followed to ensure you are taking the required proactive measures in preserving your security.

Always Delete All Personal Info From the Computer You Sell

Always Delete All Personal Info From the Computer You Sell

Whenever you plan to sell your computer, make sure you delete all traces of personal info including your financial details. This ensures that your info cannot be accessed by any third-party security breacher.

Introduce Encryption in Your Network

Introduce Encryption in Your Network

The answer to the majority of our security cries is encryption. In case of the presence of strong encryption, cybercriminals are unable to access your information. The encryption of your local drives or removable media can be easily performed by various software available on the internet. This provides you with an extra layer of security to safeguard your sensitive information.

Practice the Use of Complex Passwords

Practice the Use of Complex Passwords

Passwords are an essential component of any security network. The majority of computer users practice password-protected usage of their computers. However, sometimes the passwords are insufficiently complex and can be a little too easy to guess for potential hackers planning to penetrate your network.

For this reason, it is recommended that you use complex and unique passwords for the multiple services on your computer to ensure that if any single service is compromised, it doesn’t take the rest of the services down with it.

Here’s Why You Could Be a Potential Target For Hackers

In today’s age, it is difficult to find a single outlet that can be pinpointed as the major reason for a hacking attack. Due to the increased level of collaboration in multiple software, the dependencies and relations tend to create weak links that can be exploited easily.

In such a situation, the task of keeping your PC safe can get difficult for most of us, and this is why it’s so important that you stay updated on the latest antivirus available on the market. You need to look at reliable reviews and make sure they’re about the OS that you are using as well.

However, to ensure our security, it is solely our responsibility to monitor our usage and observe any abnormal behaviors in our routine usage.

The majority of the personal or organizational computer users are unable to understand why they were made a target for a hacking attack. For this reason, we are listing common reasons why hackers across the globe might pinpoint you as their potential target.

Hackers Might Find You a Good Training Ground

Hackers Might Find You a Good Training Ground

Hackers around the world are always planning to improve their skills. They upgrade their skills by discovering new vulnerabilities and trying to exploit them to practice their newly learned skills. This provides them with confidence in their efficiency in a real-world environment. Since training can get messy too, they often target small businesses with weak security that they can get past easily.

Use of Two-Factor Authentication is Non-Existent in Your Usage

Use of Two-Factor Authentication

Irrespective of the strength and complexity of your password, it can still be stolen. This is where the help of external verification comes into play. When websites fail to integrate a two-factor authentication service into their system, their security can easily be breached if the hacker has a good password-finding mechanism.

For this reason, it is recommended to always activate two-factor authentication on all your services (wherever it is available) to ensure maximum security.

Your Passwords Are Too Obvious

Your Passwords Are Too Obvious

Securing your online devices requires a significant amount of effort. You are not expected to always monitor your network usage and flag any suspicious activities, but an average online user should be knowledgeable enough to set up a unique password for the services being used. The obvious and easy-to-crack passwords only weaken your security and make you a potential target.


Understanding the degree of importance to be placed on your security is essential in the modern age. Due to the increased risk of hacking attacks, several businesses and personal users have started taking proactive measures that provide their systems with the security that is required to combat any potential attacks from hackers.

However, this quantity is still a lot less in comparison to the number of victims of entry-level and expert hacking attacks. This is why it is repeatedly recommended by top cybersecurity professionals to take proactive measures to safeguard your security.

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