How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes [Free & Fast]

How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

Do you know there are ways you can grow your organic followers to 1k on Instagram in just 5 minutes? Below in this writing are proven ways to achieve your target.

Gaining authority on Instagram depends on your number of followers, and this often starts from the first 1k you hit, which obviously doesn't come by so easily.

Looking at how it evolves, the platform has become extremely competitive that even if you have something good set aside to offer without quite a good amount of followings no one will take you seriously. One frustrating thing is that most times, even those you follow don't want to follow back.

Although discouraging, but even at that – what if I tell you there are possible ways you can get the huge followers you crave in a few minutes? I guess you might be wondering how? Well, that is what this post will be getting down on, and it's no gimmick.

Instagram popularity has swiftly gained its grounds firmly, and not even any thought of it deteriorating anytime soon as its usage is embraced daily. This is sure a tough knot to lose but not impossible because many have grown their audience pace in no time amidst this challenging fact.

However, there are tons of ways that have been introduced and written on previously and presently, but the punchline is the legitimacy of not finding your way into the wrong hands because what you add up to your cart is what you will be defined by – of which any malicious fowl play with getting your account blacklisted and band.

Ways to Get this Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

In this article, we will be showing you the ways to get these 1k Instagram followers in 5 minutes without dancing to the tune of mischievous sites. Below are proven ways to arrange beneath two headings. Let's get on it.

By Buying Instant Followers

Listed below are the top recommended sites that sell at instant delivery irrespective of the number of followers. They are all organic, no bots initiated.

1. Thunderclap


Thunderclap’s buy Instagram followers service is on the top of the list. This is a top-rated site that pulls it rightl when it comes to getting real followers with Instant delivery. One reason they are considered best is that they keep you close to their support team at all times, day or night.

Packages are very affordable, and it ranges from 100 to 5000 followers, depending on your interest. The followers sold are not bot-like, far from it, and it's not some gimmick play – it's real active followers organically sourced from real Instagram users, so the engagement is real.

Thunderclap delivers in a way that boosts your organic Instagram reach. Their service is of high quality, easy to go by, secured, and most of all, very discreet, meaning no one can tell that you buy any followers.

They are completely trustworthy, and safe with good credibility, of which their customers’ reviews have not stated otherwise.

2. UseViral


UseViral is a company highly rated for its top-notch service delivery. They offer instant Instagram followers as soon as your payment is confirmed, there your delivery goes thus too. Their service is very fast and coupled with high-quality followers, which will further create good engagement with your content.

When it comes to being safe, you are sure in safe hands, as security is prioritized. UseViral is well received and used by thousands because the followers traded in there website are all real sourced from real users, and it has been affirmed.

Even with all the aforementioned, this provider did not see reasons to make their plan pricey. Packages are very budget-suiting. If you have used this service, you will sure not disagree when users call it the best.

Unlike others, they have the largest number of organic followers ranging from 100 to 1000000; this is indeed massive isn't it?

3. Twicsy


Next on the list is Twicsy. This is another top-rated when it comes to buying of instant Instagram follows with good legitimacy. Followers are sold on two plans which are High quality and premium. While the first is said to range from 100 to 5000, the premium is 500 to 5000 followers. One interesting thing about this provider is that their service is said to work so quickly and safely, yet very pocket-sized.

Also, their delivery comes in two phases, either instant or gradual; your pick defines the services. Not to be left out is their well-experienced ever, ready live customer support.

The followers are organic from real people. Twincsy is trusted to work with big names like, US LA Eeekly, Men's Journal, Digital Trends among others.

4. Upleap


Upleap is another site you can buy Instagram followers from. They are sure one of the best providers in the market and have been around since 2015. Their service is so easy and straightforward, no password involved, just username and purchase will be done fast, safe and secured.

The deals on Upleap revolves around two categories, these are premium and standard followers. In terms of price, they are regarded to be one of the cheapest – with $3, 100 real followers can be bought. Delivery times are pretty speedy too, in most cases, delivery are  said to be instant, and exceeding it will be within an average of 3 minutes not more than.

Taking a walk through on their site, reviews seen are highly impressive. If you need their service, don't hesitate to make a move, they are  definitely of outstanding quality and top brands have prove them to be effective, all thanks to their name.

5. Stormlikes


What makes this provider stand tall among others is their principle on quality. Although they are very affordable to suit budget but one amazing thing about them is they don't compromise when it comes to prioritizing quality.

However, they are one of the provider that offers instant Instagram followers just within minutes of ordered as long as payment is confirmed. This followers are traded are legitimately sourced from real people.

Looking at their services, their real followers base to be sold is up to 25000, and this is interestingly huge. Thousands of customers trust their daily delivery of organic followers.

Stormlikes is aptly of incredible standing, 100% service guarantee with encouraging team backing.

6. Buzzoid


Buzzoid is yet one provider that have been in the market since 2012 and are know to be trusted. If you want to get your Instagram account breathing, this is recommended. They have stood firm when it comes to their service delivery with a standby customer support.

Followers sold here are of high quality and active, and they kickstart minutes after payment. Authentic real followers is what are traded on the website.

They have got two tiers of followers plan to choose from, and these plans are of high value, fast and yet less-pricey. Your number of followers is the authority that defines you, and buzzoid is ready to fill whatever gap will set you low.

7. SocialAdmire

This provider is a force to reckon with in the market. They house genuine followers you can build your audience pace from.  They view themselves to be the best and one the finest to offer instant real Instagram followers service. You can achieve anything you can imagine, including customized features of many platforms, from followers to likes – cutting across any social platform.

Once paid for, your account will start pulling in right away. Also, with that, engagement are created, more users will follow you if you post captivating contents. New brand that is just getting started might go shoulder-caged with others in the industry by purchasing followers from them.

SocialAdmire offers one of the very affordable plan – as low as less than a dollar can be put to use. Purchasing real followers is of higher edge above others.


If you want to interprete this provider as just providing likes, you might be right but not completely. Likes are provider with good working ethics. Liking is not just what they do, far from it, other activities can be achieved.

Real organic followers are traded and sold here. Amazingly, one unique thing is that, after purchase your account is left kind of public to attain more followings.

However, going by reviwes, have been said to stand tall among others. Followers sold are of solid feet with good landings. Followers are all organic from real people. Immediately you made a purchase, you will start seeing your numbers rise up. Their ultimate standby customers support assist you with any issues that may sets in, hence, result achieved.

9. InstaShop


We all know how frustrating it can be not having authority to defined by on Instagram. This provider is a place where you can buy healthy Instagram followers from. InstaShop is like a stop shop for Instagram engagement.

Their packages are real with 100% instant delivery. Asides followers, organic likes and views can be purchase as well. This provider is known to offer one of the cheapest packages.

Having tons of pocket-friendly plans with a guaranteed backing of money refund policy. Interestingly, efficacy is something to look out for here as it is a priority.

Also privacy is considered, no third part involved with account information, hence, no password needed, just username will sail outrightly.


Goread is yet another big name to reckoned with and their users feedback does not state differently. On looking into their services, they offer followers in two categories, the high quality and the active followers – all are organically sourced.

This provider is completely flexible and keep to deal – i.e instant delivery is not compromised. They understand how well Instagram algorithm works and its importance, so to get up their, I think they will surely be the best choice to outsource.

Their services are very easy, fast and without causing any pain. Their entire customer team are super fantastic and that is something they also credit themselves of. Even with all these take home, Goread offers one of the best pricing in terms of packages to be sold. immediately you sign-up and make your first payment, your Instagram page runs through high-traffic networks to get your paid followers reach.

By Personal Engagement

Personal Engagement

The second way 1k followers can be gotten on Instagram is via personal engagement. This might sound not convincing to many buy this is indeed a method many have use perfectly well to boost there follower rate on this platform. One hidden truth is, many are just not getting it right because they are not coming correct with the way the platform works in terms of gaining followers. Anyways, read on to know how these three ways listed below can help you achieve good numbers of followers in few minutes.

  • Produce High Value Content

Content they say is the life-wire of any good website or social platforms engagement and on Instagram it's not otherwise. Many post lots of content but still see no good views, not to talk of its conversion to followers. Instagram have billions of users of which over 500 million are said to engage actively on the platform daily. Every good content must get viewed by thousands if it serves the right purpose and it's directed to the right audience – and this is where the problem lies.

As someone looking for followers, you don't just create content but rather you create quality compelling content on your niche for your target audience, and not for everyone. Be specific with your nitche followers in mind.

  • Schedule Content Time

Gaining followers on Instagram requires timing. You have got to sacrifice to hit that target you want. Crafting and posting intriguing content on your niche frequently, will sure get noticed – Instagram is too big for a place where quality content will get no good likings that will convert to organic followers. But doing it right is where many fails. On Instagram you don't just post content randomly, have a particular time frame for your content.

There are millions of people online waiting to receive your content when it has a time tag on. Know when to post your content, Instagram engagement high rate is from 6pm to 11pm. Good timing will sure spark good viewership in return converting to loyal followers.

  • Recreate other Peoples Content

One major mistake many make is to think that recreating other peoples content is plagiarism – how do I mean? Content on Instagram have trending style if you pay attention. So by recreating, you follow that style. As one aiming to grow your followers, follow people on your niche, look at the content they create and post, try to model same and add touches of you own personality, but not entirely creating your own different style.

Though you want to be completely unique but Instagram doesn't works that way. If you are found to not follow the trending style, you are killing your growth unknowingly as no one cares about the new style you have got to showcase. Those who recreate videos in a trending style will sure have good watch time and followers in return.


Q. Can I Buy Instant Instagram Followers?

Yes you can, but you have to be extremely careful you are buying from a legit source, a provider that have your good interest in mind and offers real organic followers and not some robotic bots. It can be really chaotic to be traded maliciously, as it won't only frustrate you, it can sure get your account blacklisted and banned by Instagram.

Q. Will Getting Instagram Following within 5 Minutes Jeopardize my Account?

No. 1K followers is small compared to what some users can get in few minutes. A user can get viral trends, and get thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers. Well, as a starter it might spark some doubt if you get entangled with fake followers. That is why you have to be careful the company you trade with, so they don't make you loose your authority in no time and even see you through getting out of the platform.

Q. What other Ways can Instagram Followers be gotten?

Aside the above listed which is legitimate, others can be highly tricky and very risky. If you want to use another process – then next in line to is service providers growth and automation bots which are not mostly recommended, because you having an AI do it completely without your involvement in any way is not something advisable. You have to understand Instagram don't allow any form of activities running than organic ones  from real people.


The above mentioned have been proven to work well. Make sure to be careful the ways you leverage to get your Instagram followers if they don't revolve around the above.

Your account have to be prioritize with safeguarded interest. However, those are well researched with good credibility, so even though they are just few out of many out there, they are reviewed with efficacy.

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