The Science Behind Viral TikTok Videos: Understanding Views, Shares, and Engagement

The Science Behind Viral TikTok Videos

TikTok is a Chinese social media platform that has been received by the audience with much excitement. The platform allows users to create and share short videos and is currently very popular among all age groups.

Creating an account and sharing videos on TikTok is quite easy. However, if you are striving for celebrity status on the platform, you need to understand a few important details about the workings of the platform. This article is specifically designed to help you in understanding how to viral your TikTok video.

What are Views, Shares, And Engagement on TikTok?

What are Views, Shares, And Engagement on TikTok

Once a video is played on the platform, it is counted as a view. It does not matter whether the video has been auto-played or is on a loop. Every single watch is counted as a different view. Views are crucial for your video as they help your video in attaining a viral status on the platform.

Shares on the platform are an effective way to increase your reach. It also helps in increasing engagement on your videos. Shares are used by the TikTok algorithm to choose which videos to feature on the “For You” page of a user. Shares can bring new users to your account and not only do you get more views, chances are you might gain some new followers as well.

The engagement rate on the platform is calculated using the total of likes, comments, and shares divided by the number of views your video has received. A good engagement rate means that your video is being well received and circulated on the platform.

All the above-mentioned factors are important to understand if you are trying to create a viral video. Moving on, we will discuss some other factors that are crucial to your viral TikTok journey.

Points to Keep in Mind While Creating Your Viral Video

1. Understand the TikTok algorithm

Only focusing on likes, shares, and follows is not a good strategy. Hence, a basic understanding of the TikTok algorithm is mandatory for your video to feature on the “For You” page. The main criterion that you need to focus on is average watch time. If your video is only being played for a couple of seconds, it will be pushed to only a few viewers.

The length of your video compared to the average watch time will increase the chances of your video going viral. The TikTok algorithm takes a lot of factors to determine the success of a video, namely, likes, shares, views, user interaction, and average watch time.

2. How to curate your content?

Always start your video with an interesting note. Or use some catchy phrase to grab their attention. Use audio and music which are trending on the platform for your videos. Or narrate a story using your own voice. The algorithm rewards original content. Instead of making a longer video, break up your video into a series. Create a playlist and club your similar videos together. It can allow your followers to watch all videos in a collection without wasting their time scrolling. You can also layer your video with text at the start so that the audience will have to spend some time reading it.

Hence, it will increase your video’s watch time. Last but not least, always end your video with a call-to-action note. You can simply ask users to follow your account for more interesting content or keep tuned for the next part of the video. This keeps them engaged.

Hop on the latest trends and create your content without investing much time and effort. You can participate in a brand’s hashtag competition and increase your video’s chance to get viral. Normally, a trend survives for a week, so keep creating videos on the same trend. Do not be afraid of experimenting with your content by using the same trend. After all, TikTok does not have a limit on the number of videos you can create using a particular trend. Just make sure the trend is related to your audience or brand in some way.

4. Collaboration is the key

Collaborating with popular creators or influencers gives your video an added advantage. Followers of the influencer will be among the people who are watching your video and hence the views on your video will increase manifold. Alternatively, you can use the duet feature on TikTok and offer your own twist or opinion on an already viral video. This is an easy way to gain more views on an already popular video without investing much time and effort.

5. Learn to use keywords

Learn to use keywords

The platform is easy to navigate and search-friendly. Use your brand-specific keywords in the hashtags you use. Some other places where you can use your keywords are the description and text on the video. The keywords should represent your brand and should be search-friendly.

6. How to keep your viral video alive?

With the above-mentioned tips, you have attained a viral status for your video. But do you know how to sustain that video? You can repost the same video after a week or two. You can also do a follow-up or thank-you video using the same viral video. Or simply refurbish your old viral video with some new hashtags or music. Also, replying to old comments on your video might grab users’ attention again.

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