How to Get Free TikTok Followers in 2023

TikTok Followers

Have you thought of where you can increase your number of followers on TikTok? You must have seen several paid service providers. Come in here to find out where to get free TikTok followers.

TikTok is one of the most used social media platforms for entertainment, brand promotion, and marketing. Hence, the influencers are taking over TikTok as the current gold mine where they all make cool money. It is no doubt that the number of followers is the basic prerequisite for influencers and marketers, not only on TikTok. This also applies to other social media platforms. Do you know why? It tells how large your pool of audience is.

In addition, getting tons of followers is not just by posting quality content. Although it is a pivotal factor, you need some external intervention to break the initial yoke. This will take you out of the stardom shadow and slump created by the frontiers and celebrity TikTokers.

The question you probably will ask now is where and how to get external help. You have no course to panic. This is what this article is all about. We have listed the top 25 websites where you can get free TikTok followers. It is also important to see the pursuit of getting a High number of followers on your TikTok as the major ingredient you need to achieve fame.

Popularity on almost all social media platforms reflects followers who react and interact with your post. In return, your online visibility and relevance increase with the level of engagement on your TikTok handle.

1. Mr. Insta


Mr. Insta tiktok

The best website to visit for free TikTok followers is Mr. Insta. This company supplies users with social media growth and promotion. Thus, it is experienced in doing so. One good thing you should know about this provider is that it provides paid services. As a result of that, it protects its name and integrity.

Therefore, it provides real followers that will follow and engage your TikTok account. If you want a significant engagement or number of TikTok followers that will intrigue a larger audience, you should consult this provider. The flexibility and free will of the users is also good attribute of Mr. Insta.

Thus, users who want free followers are not compelled to sign up.

2. Tokupgrade


Tokupgrade is yet another company where you can get TikTok followers for free. Suppose you are interested in getting any form of engagement and promotion on TikTok. The provider has different paid plans. The plans vary in terms of the number of TikTok followers.

However, for the benefit those who would like to gather followers but don’t have money to pay, Tokupgrade gives a free trial. With this trial, you will be given a few TikTok followers.

You, therefore, will have to take the paid plan if you want more followers. Irrespective, your TikTok account will be engaged and interacted with by these followers. To maintain their bigger clients who pay for services, the quality of services across plans is not compromised.

3. Tikfuel


In this field of social media growth and promotion, Tikfuel is a big name. It is known among the top TikTokers as a specialized company for TikTok followers.  It is therefore developed for the major purpose of TikTok account promotion. This provider has both free and paid plans for TikTok. Here, our focus is on the free plan.

Amazingly, Tikfuel can give you a total of 125 TikTok followers for free. However, it's free in terms of monetary cost, but you will be asked to carry out certain tasks. These tasks are very small and take little time. You will be given points for these tasks.

You also will have to verify your email. After the initial 125 followers, payment will be required if you want to keep getting followers. Interestingly, Tikfuel will give you 70% off each plan as a new user.

4. TikFollowers


Here is another TikTok follower provider with a high number of followers for free. It is not true that you can't get free real TikTok followers. Tikfollower is a piece of living evidence. This provider has tricked ways to get your TikTok followers increased.

If you follow these tricks as specified, you can gain up to 500 TikTok followers for free. Hence, it has been among the social media service providers most influencers and marketers follow for followers. In their method, you will be requested to follow as many accounts as possible.

In return, you will get an appreciable share of these accounts following you back. As you are a real follower of those accounts, the followers you get in return are also real.

5. Tikfan


Top users on TikTok are obsessed with followers and do not joke with any site or app where they can get TikTok followers. One of the sites they visit to get free followers on TikTok is Tikfan. Unlike other websites that will give you bot TikTok followers, you can be certain that some of the flowers are real.

Take note, when the number of followers you get for free is high, you likely will be given bot followers. The mechanism used by Tikfan to get followers is simple and understandable. They use the follow-for-follow method. You will be requested to follow certain accounts, and others will be asked to follow you in return.

Thus, you all begin to rise to stardom. The stars you will get from following these accounts can be converted to likes or followers. Interestingly, you don’t have to download any App. Just online.

6. TikFreeFollowers


This is another good website to gather some TikTok followers for free. As the name suggests, the followers you get from this provider are cost-free. Importantly, you will have to make your account an open or public account. This is to enable them to send the followers to your account. One good privacy policy is that you do not have to give them your logging details.

However, you will solve some CAPTCHA for verification. Although we cannot tell if the followers you get here are real or bot followers. One certain thing is that the followers from TikFreeFollowers are active and engaging with your TikTok content.

Thus, your TikTok account will become more active and visible. This marks the beginning of TikTok account promotion and engagement.

7. SocialFollowersFree


If you want TikTok followers without making payments, you should check Socialfollowersfree. You will get followers that will give your TikTok account the desired online relevance. This will help you achieve the influential media status you want on TikTok. This is one of the fat cows that influencers on TikTok milk. You should take the chance too. This website won’t ask you to carry out any serious tasks.

Although there is not much detail on how they source these followers, it is certain that the followers are actively online and engaging. In addition, this provider also has paid services and plans. Therein, you will get 1k to 10k fans. These are the premium services; it is therefore of greater quality when compared to free services.

8. FreeTikFollower


Here comes another good place to visit to get TikTok followers for free. This company has services for different engagements on TikTok, such as likes, views, and comments. It is, therefore, a cool website for any form of  TikTok promotion you want.

FreeTikFolower good company to contact for TikTok followers, especially if you are a new user. It is an easy way to pull you out of the initial tough slump of TikTok and project you to stardom. Do you know as a new user, many people will hesitate to interact with your post?

However, if you get some free followers from FreeTikTokFollower, you will rule out that initial skepticism. In addition, there are also paid services available on these providers' websites.

9. TKBooster


Do you have Chrome installed? Then you have an excellent stand to get a wonderful number of free TikTok followers. TKBooster is a good provider of such services. This company has a Chrome extension to boost your TikTok followers without stress. Interestingly, the followers are generated using a legit means of follow-for-follow. This is made so easy by one click of Booster.

In this model, you will be asked to follow some real accounts. Some other real accounts will also be asked to follow you too. Simply put, the number of accounts you follow determines the number of followers you will gain on TikTok. Once you have a TikTok booster, you are just a step away from getting free followers.

10. GRPLive


Do you want your new TikTok account to have more followers? Here is an answer to that. GRPLive serves many TikTokers by gaining several followers for them. It is known for its free TikTok follower service. It is, therefore, a popular TikTok promotion company.

One good feature of this service provider is that even if the followers might have some bots, they claim they are real followers. That notwithstanding, the followers will help you promote your account and gain fame.

Again, you can use them as platforms to capture real followers. This will help to promote your brand and business on TikTok. It sources followers from other services where you will carry out tasks and gets TikTok followers as rewards.

11. Turbo Media

Turbo Media

Do you want TikTok followers without spending money? Here is a media service company that gives that for free. Turbo Media, it is called. It is a promotion company with proven records of TikTok and other social media platform followers. It has a total and all-encompassing for all these platforms, not only TikTok.

In addition, it can help with all forms of engagements you might want on TikTok. Hence, its services include gaining comments, likes, and shares on TikTok. It is also essential to know that you might have to pay for the premium services.

However, the provider promises you free TikTok followers that will benefit your brand and influence your career. The quality of services you will get is enough to convince you to take a paid package.

12. TikFamous


TikFamous is a top-rated app for gaining TikTok followers. It allows you to edit the content you want to post on TikTok. This is an excellent way to ensure that you have good content, a major prerequisite. In addition, you will have to add hashtags to bridge the connection with potential viewers who will follow you.

The developers of this app have equipped the app with all features that make your video more radiant and colorful on TikTok. Thus, it had several filters, potential hashtags, trimming, and transformation features.

Currently, this app is one of the most downloaded Apps for TikTok free followers. You don't need to do any tasks; it enhances your content quality and gains more viewers and followers organically.

13. TikPlus


This is another App you can use to gain more over on your TikTok. It is also an app with top-rating users. The app is free, and it is effective. Thus, new TikTok users always take the opportunity and gather followers for their accounts.

This service provider uses a unique way to gain followers for your account. They share the link to your TikTok video among TikPlus members where you might have potential followers. Thus, you gain more views and followers.

Your audience becomes larger. The likes and followers you will get are real people who are members of Tikplus as well. There are more than 56k Tiktoker who have downloaded and are using this TikTok free followers app.

14. Tikboost


Do you want to boost your TikTok followers? Download Tikboost and watch your follower's list grow like plants. This is also an app that gives users free TikTok followers. This App gives you nothing else but real followers. You can also increase your number of likes and comments with this app.

Thus, it is an efficient tool to increase your TikTok visibility and give your brand wider exposure. Using this app makes your content go viral on TikTok. Again, it will help you include popular and trending hashtags in your post.

Hence, you don't have to waste time doing research. It is safe to use, and no hacking of celebrity accounts is allowed. As of the time of writing this article, more than 34k users have downloaded Tikboost to increase their TikTok number of followers.

15. Followers and Like For TikTok

Followers and Like For TikTok

Several apps help Tiktokers to gain followers without paying a dime. This app makes your TikTok post and video go viral. This service provider's number of TikTok followers is a bit outrageous. They lay claim to giving up to 2k to 5k followers every day. Well, even if you don't get up to that number, you are not paying for any number you get.

One major reason TikToker makes this an option is that no password is required. As such, the fear of having your account hacked is ruled out. Additionally,  the interface is well organized, and it is easy to use. It is a fantastic app for TikTok's free followers.

16. TikFame


This is another beautiful app on the play store to boost your TikTok followers.  Reflecting on the name, the app is a powerful tool to increase your TikTok fame by gaining TikTok followers without paying for them.

Are you in doubt? There are already a large number of users who have climbed this ladder to the top of the TikTok limelight. Although not as high as other apps discussed earlier, this app has a very good level of rating too. The most important thing is that it works perfectly.

This app uses an AI algorithm to share TikTok videos with the most compatible users. Thus, making your post go viral faster than you can imagine. These users are your potential followers who will follow your account as your content fascinates them. No login and no password are also required.

17. Tikday


Tikday app is a TikTok app built to gain followers for free. It has a lot of features that make the task of sourcing followers easy. It does not require any of your login information.  This makes it a safe app, not only a free one.

You should know that one should be careful with anything that comes free, especially when you must enter your login details. This could threaten your TikTok and other social media account security.

However, Tikday is nothing like that. Thus, it has been the choice of many TikTok users, marketers, and influencers. This app also shares your TikTok videos with a larger community of audiences, where you will get some followers.

18. Feed Pixel.Com

Feed Pixel.Com

Here is another services provider that helps Tiktokers achieve their dream of a large number of followers seamlessly. It is a known company for paid social media servers, but it also offers free TikTok followers to those who don't have money to spend. Thus, it is a good site to visit when you want TikTok followers without pay.

Not only followers, this company still has packages for TikTok likes, shares, and comments. The quality of the followers is the reason for the high ratings of this company's customers.

It uniquely has a customer support team available if at all you have any issues, especially when you are on a paid package. You should also visit this site for a free TikTok Booster.


Among the websites that you can trust for free TikTok followers is this service provider. It is not only popular among users that want TikTok followers. Also, it has gained a name for itself by providing services that include TikTok likes and comments. Hence, it can take total care of TikTok you might desire to promote your brand.

In addition, this company has been tested by many computer and internet security companies. They found it a secure place to go for TikTok followers and comments. The fear of losing one's account to hackers is a big factor when using free services. So, the data protection policy of this provider is a major reason it remains a good choice for free TikTok followers.


When the need to get free TikTok followers rises, you will need to check for free sites if you don't have money to buy them. Fortunately, here is a site where you can get TikTok followers free. It is now your responsibility to take the bull by its horns.

Have you dreamed of how much influence you would like to have on TikTok? Your number of TikTok followers has to increase so that many people and users will be curious to check out your account on TikTok. You are just a step away from leaving your TikTok dream and aspirations.

The only thing this site will request from you is your username. Once provided, you acquire an appreciable amount of TikTok followers free of charge.

21. FreeTikTok


The best way to achieve relevance and popularity on TikTok is to increase the number of your followers. Irrespective of whether your followers are real or bots followers, the number of followers gives a lot of impressions.  Therefore, you should pay not little attention to that aspect of your TikTok.

Do you have money to buy followers? Even if you don't have money, don't worry! FreeTikTok is a perfect site you can visit to get followers on TikTok for free. This website is not only a secure place to get free TikTok followers, but it also has different packages. Visiting this website is a way of getting free fans and followers on your TikTok account.

22. TikTok Fan

TikTok Fan

Do you want to magnify your presence on TikTok without spending money? Come and let's show you a site to visit for free TikTok followers. Another good one here is TikTok Fan. This service provider has been helping many TikTokers to increase the reach of their audience on TikTok. An interesting part of it is that it has a free trial.

Therefore, it is essential to mention that it has a lot of paid plans. Thus, you can also buy likes and fans on the site. It is a good thing that it gives a free trial for users who are new and want to have a taste of their service. Even if unsatisfied with the paid service, you can have a money-back guarantee.

23. Media Mister

Media Mister tiktok

This is a known company among users, influencers, and marketers. Thus, it has built its credibility and standard with its users. It is, therefore, a credible website you can visit for free TikTok followers.  Well, it runs several paid services, but it has a free trial for new users.

You must know the type and quality of engagements you stand to get, even if you are to take a paid plan. This company has a lot to lose by giving you fake followers.

Thus, being free followers is not a reason to go less in quality of their service. This implies that you will get the quality of service of the paid plan even when yours is free.

24. StormLikes

StormLikes tiktok

The likes of StormLikes are big fishes in the industry of social media growth and promotion. Regarding TikTok followers, this provider is one of the biggest names to reckon with. Stormlikes have come to compete strongly with pioneers in the industry despite their few years of experience.

Thus, their expertise is what covers up their years of experience. Fortunately,  they give TikTok followers for free when you are a new user. Yes, most of the plans are paid services, but you have a trial you can opt for. As clear-cut information,  they have affordable plans that can fit into your budget no matter how small it is. Just pick a plan and enter your details.

25. Tok Captain

Tok Captain

The last website on the list of top 25 websites to get free TikTok followers is Tok Captain. It is a Captain in the field even if it has some frontier ahead. It is a company with an exclusive focus on TikTok development.  Thus it renders free assistance to TikTok users. However, you will not have the opportunity to customize your service when you are using the free plan.

You don't have to look elsewhere when you want all forms of engagements on your TikTok account. The ways of generating followers on TikTok are organic and make the followers real enough.


Q. Will TikTok Users Know How I Got My Followers?

Followers on TikTok don’t have an identity of sources. In the same way, you can not see where followers on other accounts are gotten from; they can also see yours. Therefore, there is no way they can find out where you gathered or sourced your TikTok followers.

It is only people who are experienced with buying followers or using automation bots that can tell because of the low activity ratio. That is why you need to mix it with followers from engagements.

Q. Any Differences Between Real Followers And Bot Followers On TikTok?

There is no physical difference between the ways bots and real followers on TikTok. They all will engage your post on TikTok. Bot followers will be at work all the time.

However, the real followers will have other tasks they attend to. So, they won’t be online all the time. The only problem with bot followers is that they can be detected and banned. Thus, you are likely to lose them once they are banned one after the other.

Q. Is There a Difference Between App And Website-Based TikTok Boost?

There are many times that the free users given to you by the app are more active and more likely to be real users like you. However, that does not rule out that you can also get bot followers from the app. Similarly, a website base can give both real and bot followers.

The only possible difference is that hosting the app on your device has a high tendency to have your data compromised. Also, some websites where your login details are required might have security threats. The bottom line is that consider the credibility of any company you want to make use either for paid or free services.


The good part of this game of social media marketing and promotion is that you have many providers ready to give you free followers. Before you gain stardom that will fetch you some money or promote your market, you don’t have to spend money. Therefore, taking the bull by its horn on TikTok is not by how much you have.

Although you might probably have to pay for premium services later, you should take good advantage of the free websites and apps we have listed here. Thus, gaining followers on TikTok is not only for those who have money or are willing to pay.

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