10 Best RGB Software to Synchronize Your PC Lighting

Best RGB Software

RGB software are used to customize your monitor’s screen or gaming interface. They are great for image editing, video editing, graphic design, and gaming setups. Most have a wide variety of colors that you can use.

The different RGB software work with color models like image, video, and graphic design software. You can use them to theme your PC with a specific color scheme. RGB represents red, green, and blue light intensities which are used in computer graphics to represent colors in a three-dimensional space to enhance user experience.

The RGB software makes it easy to work with a wide variety of colors based on your preference. The various software ensure color balance, contrast, color grading, and special effects. Therefore, you can attain uniformity and enhance the look of your PC.

Here are some of the best RGB software on the market for your PC:

1. OpenRGB


OpenRGB has grown to be a favorite software among many users. One of the main reasons is that it can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac perfectly. It also has a lightweight user interface to ensure it doesn’t take up too much space on your device, therefore minimal RAM and CPU usage.

It is a single system with all the functionalities. Therefore, you won’t need to install multiple apps to help with the same function. It is a free and open-source software giving you the liberty to view and modify the code to work as you would want on your device. Luckily, you can integrate the RGB software into your games, music, lighting, and much more.


  • Lightweight and user-friendly.
  • All the functions are on one app.
  • Free and open-source
  • Multiplatform
  • Easy integration into other systems and synchronization over the network.
  • It allows the addition of plugins to increase the functionality.

2. Corsair iCUE

Corsair iCUE

Corsair iCUE is an ideal PC monitor and RGB lighting control software. Therefore, you can use it to modify your computer’s graphics to be as you want. The customization options are unlimited therefore, you can’t miss something amazing to choose.

Additionally, it provides lighting effects,  game integrations, and the ability to monitor the system’s temperature, set custom fan curves, and create RGB temperature alerts. You can use it to create your favorite visuals or digital content. It also has a wide selection of color options you can use.


  • You can easily use Corsair ICUE to record macros and remap keys & buttons
  • Easily tune the headset audio settings
  • It offers a third-party motherboard passport
  • Hue and smart lighting control

3. Razer Chroma RGB

Razer Chroma RGB

Once you access the Razor Chroma RGB website, you will feel amazed by its beautiful user interface. It has over 16.8 million colors to choose from to ensure your PC has the right color and lighting combination. It is ideal for gamers who want to design their dream gaming room setup, utilize RGB lighting customization, or immerse in the Chroma-integrated games.

Luckily, it can also be used in over 50 third-party hardware connected to your PC. Therefore, you have no excuse for not using it to customize your PC.


  • Wide variety of colors to choose from
  • The quick effects option allows users to add pre-set chroma effects to any chroma-enabled device
  • Easily play with chroma RGB integrated games.
  • Get to enjoy a wide collection of RGB-enabled accessories for the perfect setup.
  • Chroma controls the RGB lighting on your computer

4. MSI Mystic Light

MSI Mystic Light

Mystic Light is an all-round RGB software that regulates your PC’s lighting. You won’t need to install any software or apps on your device. The Mystic Light RGB software will be enough. Additionally, your gaming experience will be top-notch.


  • Great lighting accessories
  • Easily create realistic ambient lighting
  • Great in-game color schemes

5. SignalRGB


SignalRGB is a reliable software that you can use to control the RGB settings and sync using one app. You won’t need to use other apps to do some functions. Through SignalRGB, get to experience the best effects to ensure you have the perfect lighting on your PC.

Luckily, some reactive RGB effects are triggered by games. Also, new game integrations are added often.


  • It is easy to mirror your screen on all your RGB devices.
  • It works with any video content, games, etc that is displayed on the monitor.
  • Features audio visualizers.
  • You can utilize the SignalRGB macros to customize your gaming experience.

6. JackNet RGB Sync

JackNet RGB Sync

Another reliable RGB software that you should try out is the JackNet RGB Sync. It easily syncs your RGB peripherals and all other components.  Its setup is easy as you just need to drag and drop the LEDs into the groups for syncing.

Due to its unlimited customization options, it allows cross-product and cross-brand synchronization off-lighting. It also allows screen mirroring, game integrations, audio reactive effects, and customizable lighting profiles.


  • Ease of importing and exporting profiles for specific configuration
  • Unlimited customization options.
  • It is compatible with most popular RGB control programs.
  • It can be configured to launch when your PC boots to make RGB synchronization easy.

7. RGB Fusion 2.0

RGB Fusion 2.0

RGB Fusion 2.0 is an integrated user interface for RGB synchronization. You can use it to customize the lighting effect on all supported devices. It can be used on motherboards, graphics cards, and much more.

Just like all the other RGB software you can use it to customize some selected games for an immersive gaming experience.


  • It can be used on different peripheral devices.
  • It has a beautiful user
  • It can be used to customize your gaming experience.

8. ASUS Aura Sync RGB

ASUS Aura Sync RGB

Aura RGB LED lighting is well customized to enhance your gaming experience by providing a wide spectrum of colors & patterns and the ability to link lighting to music and games. It can also be used to customize the CPU/GPU temperatures.

The ASUS Aura RGB products can easily synchronize lighting with other Asus motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, and peripherals.


It features different lighting effects such as

  • Static which is always on.
  • Breathing which fades in and out.
  • Strobing which flashes on and off.
  • Color cycle which fades between the colors of the rainbow.
  • Rainbow which is a rolling multicolor
  • Starry Night mimics the nighttime sky with stars being a variation of the starry night effect.
  • Music that pulses to the beat of the music.
  • A smart feature that changes color with CPU and GPU load.
  • Adaptive color which matches the effects of the selected colors on the screen.
  • Dark is when the lighting is turned off while the comet is when the lighting is turned off.
  • Tide which is a display of a single or multicolor.
  • Trigger which lighting is activated with each key press.

9. HyperX Ngenuity

HyperX Ngenuity

HyperX Ngenuity is a powerful software that helps personalize HyperX products. It can be used to set button bindings, store macros, and customize lighting. You will achieve utmost control using it.

Additionally, it comes with a wide variety of presets that you can install and start using. It has some of the most powerful customization options for easy setting up of lighting effects.


  • It has advanced DPI customizations.
  • Personalized game
  • Easily create and store macros and button
  • It is easy to personalize the RGB settings.

10. Logitech Lightsync

Logitech Lightsync

Logitech Lightsync is well known for multiple device support. It allows dynamic and customizable illumination that synchronizes easily to games, videos, and music. You can use it to customize each color to match your keyboards, speakers, headset, mouse, etc.

It has over 16.8 million programmable colors. Additionally, you can use Logitech Lightsync to create advanced animation effects and customize the audio visualizer to hit beats with high energy or low rhythm with fading patterns.

It is also possible to take control of your keyboard lighting.  Luckily, you can sync color and lighting effects with other Lightsync RGB devices


  • Wide variety of colors.
  • Any content on your screen can be color-matched and synced with the Lghtsync RGB gea
  • Easily extend games, words, movie scenes, and wallpaper to your gaming gear.
  • It has an audio visualizer effect to bring your music to life across your peripheral devices.
  • It provides game-driven lighting effects.

Attain The Best Color Scheme On Your PC

The diverse RGB software make it easy to adjust colors for individual frames or groups of frames. Therefore, you can change the color of specific objects or areas within a frame.

The RGB software is great for any graphic designer, photographer, video editor, or gamer. You will get precise control over color. The RGB software are powerful to ensure great visuals.

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