5 Ways to Accelerate Software Development

Ways to Accelerate Software Development

The tech industry is more than a little competitive. Speed is essential if you want your application or program to become a hit. After all, there is always the fear that something bigger and better might come along and steal your place in the market.

Rather than missing an opportunity, you must attempt to speed up the design and development process without compromising quality and security. It might sound easier said than done, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are five ways to accelerate software development.

1. Clarity is Key

Clarity is Key

It is critical to establish a clear vision for the project and ensure every team member understands their requirements and the company’s goals. It will ensure they know what they need to do and how long they have to do it.

Clarity will prevent confusion, mistakes, and unnecessary meetings, which could slow down the software’s deployment and cost the business money.

2. Automate the Database Change Process

Tracking, controlling, and making various changes to a database can be time-consuming, which can slow down deployment. However, the right database change management tools can automate the processes to help software developers code at speed and collaborate easily and seamlessly with database teams.

What’s more, they can instantly confirm a database code adheres to security standards to prevent vulnerabilities and expensive delays.

3. Split Your Team into Smaller Groups

A big team will equal more opinions and more challenges. Don’t allow differing viewpoints and conflict to slow down the development process. Instead, split a larger team into smaller groups of three to seven people to quickly execute tasks to a higher standard on schedule, without hassle or fuss.

Also, ensure each team has a fair mix of levels and skills, such as senior, regular, and junior developers. It will prevent two senior managers from debating the best approach for the project’s component.

4. Track Progress with Product Documentation

Track Progress with Product Documentation

Every step of the project must be documented to accelerate development. For instance, you must request your team record:

  • How the product is being developed
  • Its supported features
  • Any issues they encounter
  • The actions they have taken to resolve a problem

Clear and accurate documentation will allow the whole team to track a project’s progress and ensure they are on the same page. What’s more, it could help any new team members get up to speed at a quick rate.

5. Encourage Staff to Take a Break

As much as you might appreciate a team member’s long hours, passion, and efforts, you must encourage them to routinely take a break. If a talented software engineer is working more than 50 hours per week to deliver a project on schedule, they are more likely to struggle with stress, make mistakes, and burn out.

Retain high standards and protect morale by encouraging your hardworking employees to go home after many hours at their desks or to take a break when needed. Find ways to help your team work smarter, not harder, to deliver a superb product on or before the deadline.

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