Top 7 Streaming Services for Watching Soccer in Canada

streaming services for watching Soccer in Canada

Are you a soccer fan and want to watch it all the time? Stream the best soccer matches on these streaming services in Canada.

Soccer is a sport with a huge fan following, with soccer players being treated as the highest form of celebrity. With rising numbers of fans every year, Soccer has become the 4th most popular sports in the world pulling in millions of viewership.

Now that streaming services have taken up the place of traditional cable, soccer enthusiasts have the option to watch their favourite game anywhere, anytime. Check out the list of best streaming services for watching soccer in Canada.



You'll be able to stream all these tournaments and contests if you subscribe to ESPN+ in Canada. They include the League Cup, the FA Cup, the EFL Championship, the UEFA Nations League, League One, La Liga,  the Bundesliga, and League Two, in addition to other competitions.

This covers matches played outside of the MLS, as well as those played in the USL. You also get a tonne of content from other athletics, in addition to the reporting and analysis programme that is considered to be the most extraordinary everyday sports program in the Us that is shown on ESPN FC.

ESPN+ is the most cost-effective streaming service for sports lovers given its monthly price of $9.99. It would be difficult to miss the chance at such an affordable price.

ESPN+ is the best service for soccer enthusiasts since it offers a wide variety of leagues and events to watch for an affordable rate, the streams are dependable and of high quality, and the price is quite reasonable.

Since access to ESPN+ is blocked in Canada, you will not be able to watch it there. However, you'll need a virtual private network (VPN).

Disney Bundle

Those who have already paid ESPN+ are aware of the service's excellent value at this point. For soccer fans, this is the best bargain that has ever been offered since it includes more than ten of the major leagues and a whole lot extra.

However, you can increase your subscription to include both Hulu and Disney+ for a very little additional cost. When you subscribe to The Disney Package, you will get Hulu in addition to Disney+ for just an additional $7 per month.

You can watch anything from Marvel blockbusters and Star Wars to new films and comedy on Hulu if you subscribe to both Disney+ and Hulu, which are two of the most popular streaming platforms currently available. All three of these services, when joined with your current membership to ESPN+, provide you access to a vast library of amusement and sporting events.

Peacock TV

Peacock, which is owned and operated by NBCUniversal, is available in three different categories: Peacock Premium Plus, Peacock Premium, and free. However, for the convenience of sports lovers, only Peacock Premium provides access to 170+ Premier League games per year.

Peacock Premium is a subscription-based streaming service provided by NBC that provides access to more than 20,000 hours of content. This content includes live sporting events, films, programming, and old episodes of NBC's most popular television shows.


The company Fanatiz, which is situated in the United States, specializes in streaming several of the greatest soccer teams from all over the globe at prices that are inexpensive.

It offers 7 day free trial. After the first 7-day trial version, they will begin charging you $7.99 per month for a membership. Additionally, the streaming is of very excellent quality.

Fanatiz broadcasts the leagues from Peru, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, to viewers all over the world. And in the case of the United States, in particular, they broadcast the Chilean Cup, the Chilean first division league, the Argentinian Superliga, LaLiga, the Primeira Liga, the Copa Libertadores, Ligue 1 and a number of other competitions.



CBS's subscription streaming platform, known as Paramount+, offers unique material, films, premium programs, live broadcasts of CBS networks, and, perhaps most importantly, sports to its subscribers.

For consumers in the U. S., UEFA Conference League, Serie A, and UEFA Europa League are now all available on Paramount+, which is owned and operated by ViacomCBS.

The Paramount+ package comes with a free trial that lasts for seven days.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV doesn't have exclusive rights to stream any major league events. However, it streams content from third-party channels, which enables it to showcase soccer matches from Fox Soccer Plus, Premier League Soccer etc.


In this article, we've compiled a list of the top sports-focused streaming sites on the web. Even while the live league is a significant selling point for cable TV, consumers may obtain as much, if not more, programming via a specialized streaming platform.

For sports fans, the most excellent alternatives are cable substitution providers that provide live video broadcasts of games from national, regional, and even worldwide networks.

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