3 Emerging Technologies that Will Change HR and Recruitment

Emerging Technologies

Human resources is the most important sector found in a company. The act of recruitment is the pillar that keeps companies functioning since sourcing strong talent betters the company’s profits in the short- and long run.

Technology has been a large addition to making HR operations run efficiently, accurately, and quickly. Great examples of this are AI-powered job search platforms like Lensa, which have used new advanced technologies to their advantage to yield better experiences for their customers or users.

These changes effectively streamline the hiring process, meaning unnecessary steps or mundane tasks have been practically eliminated from the hands of recruitment professionals. Instead, technology seems to have taken over various tasks that don’t necessitate human intervention at a large scale.

Let’s jump into three technologies that are emerging in the human resources world.



Automation is the hot buzzword of the past few months, and rightfully so. In recruitment, automation is used to complete certain processes automatically rather than having an HR professional do it manually.

The reason these technologies are being largely implemented in companies worldwide is that there are certain tasks that are mundane and time-consuming, decreasing productivity daily. This deceleration of processes resulted in prominent losses in sourcing professional talent, keeping candidates engaged, and increasing time-to-hire. It was also an inefficient allocation of resources since the productivity of a human will never top that of a computer program.

Henceforth, automation was implemented into the hiring process by taking over administrative tasks such as scanning and organizing resumes, scheduling meetings and interviews, using predictive analysis to predict the likelihood of a candidate’s success,  and even keeping candidates engaged with the company through automated emails and such.

Artificial intelligence

The automation of the tasks mentioned in the above section are AI or machine learning-based operations, but there is more to artificial intelligence than simple task completion.

We’ve mentioned scheduling, candidate sourcing, and streamlining tasks that would take much longer to complete by a human. Artificial intelligence goes further than simple task completion, taking recruitment to a whole other level, starting with the personalization it provides.

Instead of simply sourcing candidates that are strong, artificial intelligence gives recruitment teams a platform where they can personalize how they wish to source candidates, including the candidate specifications they are looking for.

Passive candidates are also automatically engaged by AI through emails, reminders, and notifications that can inform them of new opportunities at a company.

AI can also be a chatbot that completely eliminates the need for human resources professionals to answer many questions that are common and repetitive. Instead, AI can recognize these questions and answer them with known yet simple answers.

It can be safely said the quality of hire is much better using this technology, and the time recruiters spend on unnecessary tasks is almost completely erased.

Interview Software

Interview Software

With AI and automated scheduling making such hefty advancements, interview software was bound to appear sooner or later. This new generation of tech increases the quality of hire, decreases the time to hire, and makes better evaluations of verbal and body language candidates portray during an interview.

These one-sided video interviews are a great way for teams to filter out the less appealing candidates right off the bat. On the candidate side, this method provides the option to record and answer the interview questions at your own pace. Interview software lets recruiters interview more candidates than they usually would, thanks to recorded videos.


With how fast these recent advancements emerged, we can all be excited to see what the future of technology has in store for HR departments across the globe. AI is becoming good at mimicking human speech verbally, perhaps interview software will become realistically advanced.

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