How To Fix Corrupted AVI File Within A Few Clicks

How To Fix Corrupted AVI File Within A Few Clicks

If you have a corrupt AVI file that needs to be repaired, this article is just for you. Read on to find out the proven methods to repair AVI files with high quality.

Picture this: you're about to relive a treasured moment captured in an AVI video file, only to be greeted by a frustratingly corrupted playback. It's a disappointing sight, but fear not! We’re here to help you out!

As tech experts, we took the time to find out more about damaged AVI file repair, uncovering a variety of proven techniques to help you restore your cherished videos. So, whether you're a videographer, a multimedia enthusiast, or simply a victim of a technical mishap, we've got the solutions you need to repair AVI file online or offline seamlessly.

Part 1. Why Is My AVI Video Corrupted

AVI video files can become corrupted due to various reasons, leading to issues such as incomplete playback, error messages, or even an inability to open the file. Let's discuss the potential causes of AVI video corruption and explore solutions to repair and fix corrupted AVI files.

● Corruption of Storage Device:

If the storage device containing the AVI video file becomes corrupted, either due to physical damage or logical errors, it can result in the corruption of the video file.

● Incomplete Video File:

An incomplete AVI video file can occur if the video recording or downloading process gets interrupted. This interruption may be caused by sudden system shutdown, network failure, or manual termination.

● Virus/Malware Attack:

Viruses or malware attack is another reason for corrupt AVI video files. They alter the file structure by malicious code, thus making the AVI video play abnormally.

● Sudden Power Outage During Video Editing:

Power outages during video editing sessions can cause AVI files to become corrupted. When the power supply is abruptly cut off, the file being edited may not be properly saved, resulting in a corrupt AVI file.

● Broken AVI Index:

The AVI index is a crucial component of the file that contains information about the video's structure, such as timestamps, frame sizes, and data locations. If the index becomes damaged or broken, the AVI file may fail to play or exhibit errors during playback.

Part 2. How To Fix Corrupted AVI Videos Within A Few Clicks

There are ways to deal with corrupted AVI video problems. Here, we’ve discussed three proven methods you can always count on using advanced software or VLC media player.

Method 1. Use Wondershare Repairit Video Repair

Wondershare Repairit Video Repair is an effective video repair tool that helps users with any skill level to fix corrupt AVI files without tampering with their quality. It utilizes advanced technology to scan, detect, and eliminate errors causing corruption in your AVI video file.

Also, this tool supports advanced repair mode, allowing you to repair severely damaged AVI video files smoothly.

Key Features

  • Supports both quick and advanced repair modes.
  • It’s compatible with a wide range of video formats, including MP4, MOV, and AVI.
  • Repair AVI files damaged due to any reason easily.
  • Supports a wide variety of storage devices, including USB flash drives, cameras, mobile phones, etc.

Step 1. Open Repairit Video Repair software on your computer. From the top-left corner select Video Repair and upload the corrupt AVI file using the Add button.

upload video file

Step 2. To perform a quick repair process, click Repair button.

repair corrupt video

Step 3. The software should start repairing the video files. Afterward, preview the output to confirm the quality of the files.

preview and save repaired video

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the output or the AVI file is badly damaged than expected, you need to use the advanced repair mode in Repairit Video Repair to repair the AVI files. Follow the steps below to use the advanced repair mode.

Advanced Repair

Step 1. Click the Advanced Repair button.

click advanced repair

Step 2. Click the Folder icon from the pop-up that appears on your screen to upload a sample video of your AVI file.

add sample video

Step 3. The tool will automatically check scan the uploaded sample file whether it suits the requirements for the repair process. If it does, click Repair to initiate the AVI file repair process.

check sample file

Step 4. After the repair is complete, preview and save the video to your device.

repair video

Method 2. Change Video Format

Another way to repair AVI file is by changing its format to another video format. Doing this helps to improve the AVI file compatibility with media players and repackage the data into a new file structure, potentially bypassing corruption issues in the original file. We’ve explained how to change AVI file to another format using VLC in the steps below;

Step 1: Open the VLC media player on your computer.

Step 2:  Click the Media tab and select Convert/Save.

Click the Media tab

Step 3: Select Add in the new window and upload the corrupt AVI file. Then, click Convert/Save.

Select Add in the new window

Step 4: Choose a path to save your AVI file. Go to Profile section and click the drop-down. Then, select a preferred video format.

Choose a path to save your AVI file

Step 5: Click Start to initiate the conversion process and finish the operation.

Method 3. Use VLC Media Player

You can also utilize VLC Media Player to fix corrupted AVI files. Yes,VLC media player also offers a built-in feature that can help repair and fix corrupted AVI files. By leveraging this functionality, you may be able to salvage your damaged AVI files and restore them to a playable state. All you just have to do is to use the steps below to get the job done;

Step 1: Click on the Tool tab from the menu bar and select Preferences.

Click on the Tool tab

Step 2: Select Input/Codecs and scroll to Damaged or Incomplete AVI File. Then, click the drop-down icon as shown in the image below and select Always Fix.

Select Input Codecs and scroll

Step 3: Click the Save button to complete the operation.

Part 3. Can You Repair AVI Files Online for Free?

Damaged or corrupt AVI files can also be repaired online. You just need a tool like the Wondershare Repairit Online Video Repair. It's a powerful online video repair tool that enables you to fix corrupted AVI files freely and efficiently.

Also, it's not limited to just repairing corrupt AVI files. It supports a wide range of video formats, including MP4, MK4, and MOV formats.

Key Features

  • Repair corrupt and damaged AVI files for free safely and securely online.
  • It supports customers repair 150 videos per month and supports each video of 3GB online.
  • Straightforward video repair process.
  • Fix AVI video files damaged due to different reasons on any device effortlessly.

Step 1. Open Wondershare Repairit Online Video Repair  in your device browser and upload the corrupt AVI file

upload video

Step 2: Click on Upload Sample Video and upload a good version of your AVI file created using the same device and format.

upload sample video

Step 3. Click the Repair button to begin the repair process. Then, download the repaired file afterward.

repair video


AVI files are not above corruption or damages caused by various reasons. However, with the fixes discussed in the article above, you should be able to repair AVI file online or offline without any hassle.

The AVI repair techniques have proven to be very effective for many users, including newbies and professionals. All you just need to do is to choose the method that suits your needs.

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