EZTV Proxy Wroking in Jan 2024 [Mirrors & Alternatives]

EZTV Proxy

Are you looking for EZTV Proxy to be able to access high-quality torrent files? Check out the latest EZTV proxy sites that are available in 2023. The proxies assist in bypassing any restrictions put in some locations and be able to get access to the EZTV torrent files.

If you cannot access EZTV directly due to restrictions made by ISP or a government ban, don't worry! You can still enjoy access to your favorite EZTV torrent site using an EZTV proxy even if the government continues banning these sites. The list of EZTV proxies tends to change after some time, and it is great if you be updated with the unblocked proxies.

EZTV is a popular torrent site for downloading TV shows, movies, and free documentaries. Recently after its increase in popularity, there were some concerns about the distribution of copyrighted materials from the authorities. This has led most governments in various countries to block several torrent sites, including EZTV. Other popular torrent sites affected by the ban are The Pirate Bay, YTS, Kickass Torrents, and Rarbg.

In this article, we will look at; the EZTV Proxy list, how it will enable users to access banned torrent sites, and what other alternative proxy sites you can use if you cannot access the banned site.

Note: The information shared here is just for information purposes and does not support copyright infringement. Respecting copyright laws and using torrents for legal purposes is what is required. In case of any illegal download of copyrighted data from torrent sites, we don't support it, and you will be reliable for your actions.

What is EZTV  Proxy?

EZTV  Proxy Overview

An EZTV Proxy is an online website enabling users to access EZTV sites easily. The purpose of these proxies is to serve as mirrors of the original EZTV site, which has been restricted by authority and is no longer available when you try to search on Google.

Many reasons can hinder you from accessing the EZTV websites if you need to download your favorite media. One of the reasons that can cause the site not to operate can be influenced by various factors, such as server changes made by your internet service providers (ISP) and other technical failures. Another reason you can encounter to access the EZTV website is when they are some policies put in by the government to ban EZTV sites that have caused some copyright infringements.

In some locations, it is illegal to download files without the owner's consent, and this has made the government put laws of copyrights to protect the owner's content. ISP also plays along with the government by blocking access to the site to prevent potential law-breaking activities. In this situation, the EZTV Proxy now comes to our rescue. What it does is allow you to bypass the restrictions and be able to access the EZTV without worrying and enabling you to download the content you're looking for.

EZTV History.

If you are a fan of Torrenting TV, then you must hear of the EZTV torrent site. To look back on where it started, the site was launched in 2005 and grew in popularity as many users could find freshly aired TV episodes where users could come to download them. If we talk about a torrent site with many TV shows, we can rank EZTV on the top list of sites.

However, in 2015, things went south for the website as there was a hostile takeover which led it to be shut down. But later on, the website reemerged again and continues to operate today. Still, the site is a hub for adventurous users seeking their TV show episodes.

EZTV Proxy List For 2023

Here are the latest EZTV proxy sites whenever your EZTV torrent site is blocked. Most of these proxy links below are functioning well, but if one doesn't work, you can try the following link to access EZTV torrent websites.

EZTV Proxy SitesStatusSpeedSSL/Working
https://eztv.tf/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv.unblocked.plus/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv.proxybit.download/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv.unblocker.cc/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv-ag.proxydude.faith/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv.proxybit.club/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv.usunblock.space/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv.immunicity.cab/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv.sitescrack.info/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv1.unblocked.wtfOnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv1.unblocked.ms/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv.unblocked.llc/OnlineVery FastYes
https://eztv.yt/OnlineVery FastYes
https://freeanimesonline.com/OnlineVery FastYes
https://sitenable.info/OnlineVery FastYes
https://sitenable.pw/OnlineVery FastYes
https://sitenable.top/OnlineVery FastYes
https://filesdownloader.com/OnlineVery FastYes
https://sitenable.co/OnlineVery FastYes
https://freeproxy.io/OnlineVery FastYes
https://siteget.net/OnlineVery FastYes
https://sitenable.ch/OnlineVery FastYes

How to Unblock EZTV.

YouTube video

We have briefly illustrated how to unblock an EZTV website, so using an EZTV proxy site is recommended. The proxies or mirrors play a major function in acting as middlemen, allowing users to access the EZTV website even if it is banned in their region.

In 2015 the original EZTV site was blocked by ISPs in some locations, just like other popular torrent sites. So for you to access the new EZTV site, you will have to use an EZTV Proxy site. These proxy websites direct your internet traffic through a proxy server, enabling you to hide your IP address from the destination website. By utilizing the multiple EZTV proxy list shared above, you can quickly get access to the EZTV torrent site, and you can go on to download your preferred torrent files with no frustration of being banned.

However, as much the proxies are essential to access blocked websites, they also have some drawbacks, especially regarding privacy. Your data may be at risk to third-party individuals who use it to generate income. You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to maintain your privacy.

How To Use A VPN To Unblock EZTV?

A VPN creates a secure and encrypted connection between the device and the internet by ensuring the user's online activities remain hidden. When you use a VPN, your real IP address is masked from the server located in a particular location, making you appear in a different region where you can access the EZTV website. VPN simply helps users to bypass restrictions or bans made by ISP and the government to ensure they enjoy downloading their favorite media on the EZTV sites.

To maintain your privacy and security online, use a trustworthy VPN service provider to prevent data loss to hackers. However, if you use a free VPN, it will sometimes fail to unblock the EZTV site, and also, there is a higher probability your personal details will be accessed by a third part.

Let's have a quick step to follow when you want to use a  VPN to unblock the EZTV torrent site that is blocked in a particular region. The types of browsers you can use to follow these steps are Chrome and  Mozilla browsers.

Step 1: In your browser, either Mozilla or Chrome, download any VPN of your choice.

Step 2: On the top right of the corner of your browser, click on the three dots that appear, and you will find various options. Highlight the “ More Tools” option and click the “Extension” option.

Step 3: On the extension tab, you will see several extensions there that you can enable them to be on. Look for the VPN you have installed and turn it on.

Step 4: You can now enable the VPN extension in incognito mode and use it privately.

Step 5: You can click on the VPN to allow the VPN services to start on the device.

Step 6: Finally, you can copy the URL Link of the EZTV website and paste it into your browser, and you will be able to access the blocked site with no issues. If you experience your tab window lagging, your VPN server is busy.

EZTV Proxy Alternatives.

If you cannot access the EZTV Torrent website, don’t worry; we have several alternative torrent websites available in 2023 to enable you to access the EZTV site. You will have the option to download video, audio, and documents through torrents website. Check out the popular EZTV alternatives available.

1. YTS

YTS Homepage

YTS has become one of the popular torrent sites appreciated by its fans and is the best alternative to the EZTV site. Most users use this site majorly for downloading movies, making it a website with the highest number of movies available. The site offers a faster download of videos, high-quality videos, and smaller-size files. This site is only blocked in Ireland, and you need to take that advantage now of downloading files before the government decides to ban it.

2. 1337X

1337x Homepage

It was launched in 2007 and is one of the best torrenting sites and the best alternative to the EZTV website. It has a community where users can share the best torrent files for free downloads for anyone. Things that you can download from 1337X are movies, anime, TV shows, software, and games. Due to the drive, the community has shown, the members have been sharing freely torrent files that are real for others to download. This has led the site and users to appreciate the extensive databases from different torrent sites.

3. EXT Torrents

EXT Torrents Overview

Have you ever heard about EXT Torrents? It's one of the exciting torrent sites with a wide range of categories, such as Games, movies, and music, which are easy to find in their user-friendly interface. Another great thing the site has is an extensive database with an estimate of over three million files. The best part of this website is that it is accessible in the USA and other countries, which can be one of the best alternative sites for EZTV Proxy. However, users have raised some drawbacks: the site's download speed should be improved.

4. Glo Torrents

Glo Torrents Overview

Since Zooqle went down, there has been the emergence of a new Torrent site, Glo Torrents. Even though it's a new site, it is worth checking it out and seeing its effectiveness. Glo torrents have a simple user interface where you can search your file quickly and then download the torrent files. This site is also an excellent alternative to the EZTC torrent website.

5. Torlock

Torlock Overview

Torlock is a torrent website that allows verified torrent files to be downloaded. It is one of the alternatives to EZTV torrents. Since this site is blocked in many regions, you can still access it through the Torlock2.com website. The site has 9 million verified torrents in distinct categories, just like EZTV. If you want to download a torrent file, it is through magnet links, which brings issues when opening a few proxy sites.


Q. How do I access EZTV IN 2023?

You can access this latest EZTV site using the proxy sites associated with the torrent platform listed above. These proxies act as a gateway where they bypass the restriction imposed on the website, and you can access the content you are looking for.

Q. What are some excellent EZTV alternatives?

If you need help accessing EZTV, don't worry; they are other alternative torrent sites that you can check out. These torrent websites include Torlock, Glo Torrents, EXT Torrents, 1337X,  YTS, and many more.

Q. Has EZTV been shut down?

Yes. The first original site of EZTV was shut down in 2015, but you can access the new site through the above-mentioned EZTV proxy sites.


With the information and tools provided in this article, you can now access the EZTV whenever you need to download torrent files, mainly TV shows, movies, and others. You must utilize all the proxy sites to access the  EZTV torrent files for downloads. Another way you can access EZTV is by using alternative websites mentioned in the article. With this information guide, we don't support anyone committing illegal copyright infringement in some regions. Remember to bookmark this article since it will greatly help you.

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