How to Make a YouTube Video: 16 Tips for Beginners 

YouTube Video

YouTube is now bigger than just a video-sharing platform. Millennials are embracing YouTube as a full-time career. Businesses and brands have retorted to using YouTube as a strategic video marketing platform.

Although it is an interesting way to put out creative video content, it is daunting for beginners. Many brands use YouTube to engage with customers and promote products and services. Content creators earn YouTube ads and sponsored content.

Are you planning to create videos for YouTube? It is confusing for beginners to start with the process of creating, optimising, and uploading videos. Here are the top 16 tips for beginners to start their YouTube journey

1. Pick your Niche

The first step toward creating YouTube content is identifying a niche. With millions of content floating online, it is crucial to find a niche and stick to it. This helps develop expertise and share with the audience what you already know.

For businesses, the aim should be to promote the products or services with the help of interesting and creative content.

Pick your Niche

2. Research the content demand

There is always a high demand for a certain type of content. After picking the genre, do research to understand what kind of content do audience want to see. Try to create unique content and brainstorm on uniqueness.

3. Perform competitor research

The best way to learn about YouTube videos is to perform competitor research. This gives an insight into the kind of videos competitors are posted on YouTube as part of the marketing strategy.

Review the YouTube of competitors and create content that is different yet has the potential to engage the target audience.

4. Analyze the relevant keyword

Video SEO is the ultimate marketing tool for business. YouTube keyword research helps in optimising the YouTube videos for generating traffic. Research keywords for adding to the video title, meta description, and description box to get organic traffic.

5. Plan a script or sequence of the video

Be prepared for the shooting of the video. Plan the video sequence and have a script ready to eliminate any confusion—scripts or voiceover help create story-style videos. Put together relevant shots to tell a visual story.

6. Determine video types for YouTube

As a business or content creator, plan the content and prepare a list of content you want to use for the channel. For example, businesses can opt for videos like how-to, product or service tutorials, FAQs, testimonials etc. Schedule the content every week to align and regulate work.

7. Pick the shooting location

Declutter before starting the shooting process. Select a good filming location and set up the camera against a cool background. Make sure the conditions like light are optimal. For an outdoor shoot, find a location that aligns with the purpose of the video.

8. Use the existing equipment to shoot

Do not invest initially in super-expensive gears and equipment. The first step of creating videos is using whatever is available to understand the basics. Making a YouTube video is not expensive, and hence a good quality camera phone is enough to create videos.

However, put the phone in a stable place or invest in a basic tripod stand for creating clear, stable videos.

9. Test the audio

Clarity of sound is crucial, but it does not necessarily require expensive devices. Poor quality video is quite the turn-off.

If the device or equipment you use does not provide good audio quality, invest in a basic microphone for initial videos. Test the audio on the camera while filming.

Test the audio

10. Check for proper lighting

Lighting plays a critical role in the videos. Do lighting tests before shooting the videos. Try shooting close to natural light. However, it is best to invest in lighting equipment or make DIY softboxes for indoor shots.

While shooting outdoors, it is best to use golden light hours for the best result.

11. Edit before uploading the video

The video makers free software help in editing the video and adjusting the colors or other parameters. Lots of editing software is available for free or at affordable rates to start editing. The in-built editing tools help in adjusting the video as per requirement.

12. Add a good intro and outro

Add a good intro to introduce and grab the audience's attention in the beginning. A closing outro video gives a conclusion to the audience. Add a CTA (click to action) with the outro to redirect the customer to the next action. Some editing tools with intro maker for youtube are also available online that can give your intro great details that catch more audience.

13. Set up the channel

Once the video is ready, it is time to set up the YouTube channel. You can only upload the video if you have a YouTube channel. Customise the channel with all the information and start uploading the video for the audience.

14. Optimize the thumbnail

An eye-catching and attractive thumbnail gives the right visual idea about the channel. Make sure the thumbnail gives an idea of what the video is about. Choose a thumbnail with engaging colours and fonts relevant to the content of the video.

Format the thumbnail according to the specifications of YouTube.

15. SEO optimise the description box

The description box is a space where you can add a short description of the video, external links, and social media links. SEO optimises the description with the right keywords to make sure it reaches the target audience.

Do not forget to use an SEO-optimized title for the video.

16. Share cross-platform

Share cross-platform

Once the video is uploaded, the work is not over unless it reaches the target audience. Upload the video and share it across social media platforms. Request friends and family to share and get support.

Final Words 

It is not the device or the equipment that plays a crucial role but the creativity and execution of the YouTube videos. As a beginner, it is not easy to understand the whole analytics and dynamics of YouTube. However, the 16 tips are best for people and businesses venturing into video-making for YouTube.

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