Top 10 BigMama Proxy Alternatives (Similar Service) in 2024

BigMama proxy alternatives

Are you tired of not being able to access certain websites due to restrictions or censorship? Proxy sites can help you bypass these limitations and access the content you want. BigMama Proxy was once a popular choice for this, but if it's no longer working for you, don't worry because there are plenty of alternative options available.

Proxy sites have become increasingly popular for users looking to maintain their privacy online, access geo-blocked content, or simply bypass network restrictions. With BigMama Proxy no longer being reliable, it's important to find alternative proxy sites that can provide the same level of service and security.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 proxy sites that you can use as a replacement for BigMama Proxy. Whether you are looking for fast connection speeds, strong encryption, or a wide range of server locations, there is a proxy site on this list that will meet your needs. Say goodbye to frustrating restrictions and hello to unrestricted internet access with these top proxy sites.

About BigMama Proxy

Closure Of BigMama Proxy Service Providera

BigMama Proxy was a popular proxy service that allowed users to browse the internet anonymously by masking their IP addresses. It provided users with a way to access geo-restricted content, bypass internet censorship, and protect their privacy online.

BigMama Proxy offers various features such as IP rotation, encryption, and secure browsing, making it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses alike. However, as of now, BigMama Proxy is no longer operational, leaving users in search of alternative proxy solutions to meet their browsing needs.


Soax Homepage Overview

Starting strong, SOAX emerges as a compelling choice for those requiring extended session durations during high-demand sneaker releases or prolonged web scraping tasks. Their extensive network encompasses approximately 5 million residential proxies spanning over 150 locations globally, complemented by 100,000 ISP proxies filterable down to the ASN level.

Both proxy types offer remarkable flexibility, allowing rotation on each request, persistent sessions until IP unavailability, or custom duration settings. SOAX's infrastructure delivers reliable performance with high success rates and low latency, further bolstered by their responsive under 2-minute support and comprehensive documentation.


  • Support: HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Residential Proxy IP (Rotating): $6.6/ GB
  • Mobile Proxy IP: $6.6/GB
  • US ISP Proxies: $6.6/GB
  • Datacenters Proxies: $0.65/GB
  • Web Unblocker: $10/GB

Key Features

  • Residential proxies from over 150 locations globally
  • ISP proxies limited to US marketplaces
  • IP rotation, persistent sessions, or custom durations
  • Fast response times and high success rates
  • Responsive under 2 minutes customer support

Visit the official Soax website.

2. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller overview

Proxy-Seller, a long-standing player in the proxy market, offers a well-rounded solution catering to both residential and datacenter proxy needs. Their residential proxy pool covers over 195 countries, enabling precise location targeting down to the city level.

On the datacenter front, Proxy-Seller provides optimized sneaker proxies with unlimited bandwidth and the flexibility to select specific locations. With flexible pricing models including monthly subscriptions and pay-as-you-go options for residential IPs, Proxy-Seller appeals to a wide range of users and use cases.


  • Support:HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static Residential Proxy IP (ISP Proxy):$2.91/ Proxy/month
  • IPv4 proxy IP:$2.076/proxy/month
  • IPv6 proxy IP:$0.12/proxy/month
  • Mobile Proxy IP:$80/proxy/month

Key Features

  • Residential proxies from over 195 countries
  • City-level targeting for residential proxies
  • Optimized sneaker datacenter proxies
  • Unlimited bandwidth on datacenter proxies
  • Specific location selection for datacenter IPs

Visit the official Proxy-Seller website.

3. Bright Data

Bright Data overview

Bright Data stands out with its extensive 72 million residential proxy pool spanning worldwide locations, complemented by 700,000 ISP proxies across over 50 countries. Users can granularly target specific countries, cities, ASNs, and even ZIP codes with the residential service, while the ISP offering provides static address lists and rotating proxy pools.

Bright Data's feature-rich platform, impeccable performance, and advanced proxy management tools are further augmented by credit-based pricing, dedicated account managers, and pay-as-you-go flexibility for both proxy types.


  • Support:HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Rotating Residential: $1.75/GB
  • Static Residential: $2.40/proxy
  • Datacenter: $1.39/Proxy
  • Mobile Proxy: $117/month

Key Features

  • Vast 72 million residential proxy pool
  • 700,000 ISP proxies across 50+ locations
  • IP targeting by country, city, ASN, ZIP code for residential
  • Static IPs and rotating pools for ISP proxies
  • Feature-rich proxy management platform

Visit the official Bright Data website.

4. Proxy-IPV4


Proxy-IPV4 specializes in providing high-anonymous dedicated proxies designed for sneaker releases. Their dedicated datacenter proxies come with unique IPv4 addresses and can be configured for sticky sessions or rotation, allowing users to hand-pick their IP locations with city-level targeting.

While more affordable than some residential proxy services, Proxy-IPV4's datacenter proxies face a higher risk of detection compared to residential IPs. However, their dedicated focus on sneaker copping makes them a popular choice for those preferring the speed and reliability of datacenter proxies.


  • Support: HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • Proxy IPV4:$0.45 for 3 days
  • Proxy IPV6:$0.81 for 3 days
  • Proxy ISP:$0.53 for 3 days
  • Mobile Proxy:$27 for 3 days

Key Features

  • Dedicated datacenter IPv4 proxies
  • Configurable for sticky sessions or rotation
  • Hand-pick specific IP locations
  • Unlimited bandwidth on proxies

Visit the official Proxy-Ipv4 website.

5. IPRoyal

IPRoyal for Discover Proxy

IPRoyal caters to budget-conscious sneakerheads with its affordably priced offerings, backed by commendable customer support and thorough documentation. Their residential proxy pool consists of 8 million IPs across 150 global locations with city-level targeting, rotating on each request but allowing up to 24-hour sticky sessions. Complementing this is their ISP proxy service spanning 25 countries over 4 continents, with non-rotating IPs well-suited for extended-release periods.


  • Support: HTTP(S) Proxies SOCKS4/SOCKS5 Proxies
  • Residential Proxies: $1.75/GB
  • ISP Proxies: $2.40/Proxy
  • Datacenter Proxies: $1.39/Proxy
  • Mobile Proxies: $117/month

Key Features

  • City-level targeting for residential proxies
  • Up to 24-hour sticky sessions for residential IPs
  • ISP proxies spanning 25 countries over 4 continents
  • Affordable pricing for budget-conscious users

Visit the official IPRoyal website.

6. Smartproxy

Smartproxy for Captcha Proxies

Smartproxy, a favored provider among the sneaker community, offers high-performance residential proxies with rapid speeds, covering the primary locations of major shoe retailers. Their residential proxy plans provide access to 40 million rotating IPs for a month, eliminating concerns about proxy expiration or availability constraints.

Smartproxy's innovative ISP proxy product, with over 16,000 IP addresses solely within the US, further expands its offering. Easy to use, with ample tutorials and competitive pricing models, Smartproxy consistently delivers a seamless user experience.


  • Support: HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static Residential Proxies:$2/proxy/month
  • Residential proxy:$2.2/GB
  • Mobile Proxies: $6/GB
  • Datacenter Proxies: $0.09/IP
  • Site Unblocker: $6/GB

Key Features

  • Massive 40 million residential IP pool for one month of access
  • 16,000+ ISP proxies solely for the US market
  • Residential proxies covering most major sneaker store locations
  • High performance with fast speeds
  • Rotating IP option and sticky sessions supported
  • User-friendly proxy integration and management

Visit the official Smartproxy website.

7. Nimbleway


Nimbleway presents a well-rounded proxy solution for sneaker copping and beyond, offering both residential and datacenter proxies. Their residential proxy network covers over 195 locations worldwide, allowing users to target specific cities and regions with rotating proxies that can maintain sticky sessions for up to 30 minutes.

On the datacenter side, Nimbleway provides private sneaker proxies with unlimited bandwidth and threads, renowned for their user-friendly control panel and responsive customer support.


  • Support: HTTP/S, SOCKS5, Whitelist
  • Essential: $600/month
  • Advanced: $1600/month
  • Professional: $3600/month

Key Features

  • 195+ residential proxy locations worldwide
  • Rotating residential proxies with up to 30-minute sticky sessions
  • Private sneaker proxies with unlimited bandwidth/threads
  • City and region-level targeting for residential proxies
  • Datacenter and residential proxy types offered

Visit the official Nimbleway website.

8. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire Homepage

ProxyEmpire, a reputable name in the proxy market, provides residential proxies from a pool of over 32 million IPs spanning 195 locations globally. Their residential proxies rotate with each request and can maintain sticky sessions when required. On the datacenter side, they offer private sneaker proxies with unlimited bandwidth optimized for high-success sneaker copping. ProxyEmpire is particularly notable for its excellent customer support.


  • Support: HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static residential proxy IP: $2.00/proxy/month+ $15/GB
  • Dynamic data center proxy IP:$0.625/GB
  • Dynamic Mobile Proxy IP:$30.00/GB
  • Dynamic Residential Proxy IP:$15/GB

Key Features

  • IP rotation on each request for residential proxies
  • Sticky session support for residential proxies
  • Private datacenter sneaker proxies with unlimited bandwidth
  • Unmetered, high-speed proxy connections
  • Extremely responsive customer support

Visit the official ProxyEmpire website.

9. Proxy-Sale

Proxy-Sale for Yandex Proxies in the Market

Proxy-Sale offers a one-stop shop for all proxy needs, catering to sneakerheads with their high-quality residential and datacenter proxies. Their residential proxy pool covers over 195 countries, while their datacenter proxies are optimized for sneaker copping with unlimited bandwidth and the ability to select specific locations. Proxy-Sale's competitive pricing and reliable uptime make them a solid option for a wide range of proxy use cases.


  • Support: HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • IPv4 Proxy:$1.8
  • IPv6 Proxy:$1.6
  • ISP:$2.9
  • Mobile:$90
  • Resident Proxy IP:$7

Key Features

  • Ability to select specific locations for datacenter proxies
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Reliable uptime and performance
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Rotating residential proxy option
  • Pay-as-you-go and subscription plans
  • Experienced provider in the proxy market

Visit the official Proxy-Sale website.

10. WebShare

Webshare Overview

For those seeking granular control over their subscription coupled with fast and high-performing static IP addresses, WebShare emerges as the premier choice. Their residential proxy offering taps into a massive 30 million IP pool spanning 195 locations globally, ensuring comprehensive access to any sneaker store.

Simultaneously, WebShare maintains a 100,000-strong static IP network across 5 locations with shared, dedicated, and semi-dedicated ISP proxy options. Users benefit from extensive customization capabilities, including traffic limits, thread counts, network prioritization, and on-demand IP refreshes for ISP proxies.


  • Support:HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Residential: $7/GB
  • Static Residential: $6/GB

Key Features

  • On-demand IP refreshes for ISP proxies
  • Targeting down to the city-level for residential proxies
  • High performance and speed
  • Flexible pricing models

Visit the official WebShare website.

Final Thoughts

While the demise of BigMama Proxy has created a void for anonymous browsing, web scraping, and other proxy use cases, this guide outlines plenty of excellent proxy site alternatives to fill that void. Whether you need residential proxies for enhanced anonymity, datacenter proxies for speed and affordability, or rotating proxies to bypass blocking, the top 10 listed options provide robust solutions across various price points from industry leaders like Bright Data and Smartproxy to emerging providers like WebShare and Proxy-Sale.

Carefully evaluate factors like location coverage, speed, reliability, customer support, and your specific use case when selecting a proxy service. While BigMama's loss is unfortunate, the vibrant proxy landscape means you can find a suitable replacement that meets or even exceeds your previous proxy capabilities for anonymous internet access, sneaker copping, business research, and more.

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