10 Best Mailinator Alternatives For Temporary Email

Top Mailinator Alternatives

Have you ever heard of temporary email addresses? You can acquire one from the Mailinator platform or its alternatives. Your mailbox will never be spammed again. Additionally, you can use temporary email addresses on websites that you don’t trust.

Are you looking for a platform where you can create temporary email addresses? Then it would help if you considered any of these Mailinator alternatives. You will feel great when you get fewer emails on your official email address.

At times, you may get too many newsletters that you don’t even read. This will fill up your email box for nothing. This temporary email address is also important when making one-off e-commerce payments and online purchases. Protect your email address at all costs!

1. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute mail overview

Get to receive temporary emails through anonymous and automatically destroyed mailboxes. The most convenient thing about the 10-Minute Mail platform is that you don't even need to create an account to prevent them from asking for your information.

Hence, make a choice and stop giving any site the chance to sell your email address. A temporary email address will also help reduce spam emails that get your email address. You have the alternative to donating as an appreciation to the service.

2. YOPmail

YOPmail Overview

This is a great, free, and fully-featured Mailinator alternative that can guard you against any spam. It allows you to protect your actual email and create temporary inboxes of your choice.

If you think registering on the web can result in spam, use a temporary YOP mail email address. Your information will be safe while on the internet. However, the inbox is not normally password-protected; hence you can use a unique inbox name.

It also features different categories of disposable emails. However, your inbox will never expire unless you change that in the settings.

3. Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator overview

This is another great fake mail generator. When you click on the web address, your email address is created and activated automatically. You can then use the generated email address on certain websites to avoid spam or scam emails.

The generator offers several generic domain names, and some are even country-specific. The fake mail generator allows you to circumvent email confirmation by giving you a one-time email address to use. This will reduce the chances of you getting email spam.

Additionally, the generator doesn't allow anyone to send emails from its domains. The email addresses are normally deactivated after 24 hours of being inactive. Hence, always check the website to prevent your site from being deactivated.

4. TempMailo

TempMailo overview

How many websites have you stumbled upon that require you to provide an email address? Many, right? Well, imagine by using TempMailo, you won't need to use your official email address. The disadvantage of signing up for certain products and services on certain websites is that they can send spam using your main email address. Using a temp email address can save you from that.

If you acquire a tempmail, it only keeps old mails for up to 2 days. Additionally, you can’t send mail through temp mail; you can receive mails. Temp mails are essential to keep your data private and temporary website registration.

5. Nada

Nada Temp mail overview

Just like the other Mailinator alternatives, it is also easy to acquire an email address from Nada. When you register for the service, you get a temporary email address that you can use on untrusted websites. Your real email address will remain safe. Furthermore, it allows the creation of a temporary email address that you can use when registering on certain untrustworthy websites.

However, don’t ever use the temp email address for any important subscription. You will surely regret it.  As much as you are free to use the created email address, please don’t use it for illegal activities. The mailboxes are not easily deleted if the domain is still active, but some get deleted after 7 days. Users greatly benefit from this email service.

6. Spamgourmet

Spamgourmet overview

At times, you may feel afraid to share your email address on various websites. This is because you may not want to get spam emails. Hence, you can get an email address from spamgourmet and use it on untrustworthy websites.

All you need to do is create an account enter your username and the email address you want to protect.  Be assured that you will only get legit email addresses and reduce spam emails. What more safety would you need?

7. Disposable

Disposable mail overview

This is a bit different in which an email address is not created for you when you open the link. However, in this, you choose a random email address and make sure it ends with @dispostable.com. You can use any random username that you wish.

However, could you not make it too obvious? Unread messages older than 2 days are normally deleted, and those read older than 2 months are automatically deleted. It has gotten many customers over time.

8. Discard

Discard overview

It is one of the most functional providers of anonymous disposable email addresses. Therefore, more safety and less spam on your official email address. Additionally, it is free; no registration is required or any obligation. This service has been in existence since 2004 and has grown over time. It has an enormous range of functions, speed, and reliability.

Using a temporary email address can also reduce the number of newsletters that you get from certain subscriptions. However, never use a disposable email address as your main email address to prevent you from missing out on important emails. The emails are retained for 30 days, but you can delete them manually. Try this fake mail generator!

9. 33Mail

33Mail overview

This website allows you to create a new email address whenever you want. With that, you get to maintain complete control over your active addresses. It even allows you to forward emails to your official email address.

With the created email address, you can reduce the chances of getting unwanted emails again. Creating an email address is free and includes a great bandwidth limit. However, with that, you can still choose your domain or choose a premium service for a small subscription fee. Many users greatly benefit from this service.

10. MailDrop

MailDrop overview

This Mailinator alternative allows you to save your inbox from spam. It is a great disposable email service that you will love. You can use your Maildrop email address when you don’t want to give out your official email address. Getting a Maildrop email address is essential if you're going to sign up for a website that you are unsure of or doing tests for certain apps.

Also, it is important to use a temporary email address when making a one-off purchase from an eCommerce site or prevent your official email address from being harvested by bots—your security matters.

Reduce the number of emails you get on your official email address

If you want to prevent getting too many unwanted emails, you better opt for a temporary email address. However, try not to use it for illegal reasons. This is because it can easily cost you. Try your best to provide your real email address to reputable websites only.

Protect your safety while online—all the best as you use your temporary email addresses. See what suits you best to provide the best solution!

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