Best Selfie Ring Lights for Live Streaming in 2023

Best Selfie Ring Lights for Live Streaming

Have you been struggling with low-light selfies and videos? Read on to find our picks for the best selfie ring lights for live streaming.

The selfie ring light is a portable and handheld lighting device that can be attached to the front camera of a smartphone or tablet. It is used to enhance the quality of photos taken in low light conditions.

There are different brands and types of selfie ring lights available. Some selfie ring lights are made up of LED bulbs, while others are made up of fiber optic cables. The fiber optic cables reflect the light source into a single point, which results in a soft light source.

The best selfie ring lights are easy to carry, lightweight, and do not take up much space when packed away in your bag or purse. They also come with additional features like adjustable brightness levels, an on-off switch, and a USB charging cable.


What is the Purpose of a Selfie Ring Light?

Purpose of a Selfie Ring Light

The main function of a selfie ring light is to provide flattering illumination for selfies. However, they also have other benefits, such as reducing noise and blur in photos. A lot of people take self-portraits using their phone cameras. When you take a selfie, the light from your phone’s screen can create shadows and unflattering colors on your face. The result is usually an image with poor quality and bad lighting.

A selfie ring light helps you reduce noise in your photo by providing beautiful, even lighting. It also reduces blur in photos because it provides sharper focus than other types of photography lights.

Are Selfie Ring Lights Worth It?

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Do you take a lot of selfies? Do you find yourself annoyed by the poor lighting in your house? If so, a selfie ring light may be just what you need.

The value of selfie ring lights is determined by how frequently you take selfies and whether you are concerned about the quality of your photos. If you enjoy taking selfies and want to take professional-looking selfies; the selfie rings are an excellent investment.

These rings have LED lights that surround the lens of your camera, creating a soft and flattering light for your face. The light helps minimize any shadows or blemishes on your skin.

What Size Ring Light is Best for Selfies?

Size Ring Light is Best for Selfies

The size of the ring light you need depends on your subject and the type of selfie you're taking. Smaller ring lights, such as those measuring 10-12 inches, are ideal for photographing smaller subjects such as products and taking fairly close-up selfies.

The size of your ring light is determined by what you plan on using it for, but whichever option you choose should be easy enough to handle when shooting with one hand only.

The smaller ring lights are also ideal for using smaller content creation devices, including the mobile phones and the premium compact cameras that many vloggers use. Smaller ring lights, such as this one, should have enough space in the middle to accommodate your preferred camera or phone.

Larger ring lights, like those measuring 15-18 inches, are better suited for photographing larger subjects from a distance. They can be used by photographers who want to capture more of their subject in one shot (such as landscapes), but they're also ideal for vloggers who want to feature themselves prominently in their videos.

Best Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

The best selfie ring light is one that comes with a tripod stand because of its versatility.

A tripod is a must for any photographer. It’s not just for landscape photographers but for anyone that wants to take a photo of themselves. This can be especially useful if you are using a self-timer or if you want to take a photo of yourself from above. The tripod is also useful if you have shaky hands, as it allows you to rest your camera on it while taking the shot.

If you want to take great photos while enjoying the unbeatable benefits of the tripod stand, then the following selfie ring lights are exactly what you need.

1. UBeesize 10″ Selfie Ring Light

UBeesize 10 Selfie Ring Light

The UBeesize 10″ Selfie Ring Light is an excellent choice for those looking to take professional-quality selfies. It has a large 10-inch circle that provides ample illumination, and it can be used with any phone or tablet. The arm is adjustable so you can position the light wherever you want it.

It comes with three different brightness settings, which are warm white, cool white, and daylight.


  • Bluetooth remote for a hands-free picture-snapping operation.
  • Extensive lighting options with 11 brightness levels with up to 33 lighting options.

2. Lamicall 10″ Selfie Ring Light

Lamicall 10 Selfie Ring Light

The Lamicall Selfie Ring Light is a great choice for anyone looking to take better selfies and group shots. The ring light features adjustable brightness and can be used with any smartphone and most digital cameras.

With a diameter of 10 inches, this selfie ring light is great for close-up work and can easily fit over the lens of your device. The 67-inch tripod included with this product allows you to mount it on any flat surface and position it at whatever angle you need. This selfie ring light is powered by a 6-foot USB cable which makes it easy to charge your device from almost anywhere!


  • Completely portable and flexible design.
  • Brilliant Light: This selfie ring light has 10x brightness, which makes it very convenient to use at home or even in the office.

3. GVM Great Video Maker 600S

GVM Great Video Maker 600S

The GVM Great Video Maker 600S is a versatile video light, 90W high power, dimmable ring light kit. This is the most economical option for photographers and videographers who want to add a professional look to their photos or videos.

The product is compatible with most smartphones and other digital devices. It can be used for taking videos or photos in low-light conditions. This selfie ring light comes with an adjustable tripod so you can set it up anywhere you want without worrying about it being too close or too far away from your subject matter.


  • It comes with a diffuser that makes it easy to adjust the brightness of the light. This is perfect for taking photos indoors or outdoors.
  • The GVM Great Video Maker 600S has an auto-off feature that turns off the device automatically when you stop using it for 10 minutes.

4. Dual Selfie Ring Light

Dual Selfie Ring Light

Dual Selfie Ring Light is a great choice for you to take the best selfie photos. It comes with 8 LED bulbs, which can help you get more light for your selfies. Furthermore, it features 10 brightness levels and 3 color temperature modes so that you can adjust it to fit your needs. The product comes with a tripod stand, allowing you to adjust the angle of the ring light easily.

The product is a new style of camera selfie light that can help you take perfect photos during your travel, party, vacation, or other occasions. The adjustable light angle helps you to achieve perfect lighting conditions for every photo you take. Moreover, it also comes with remote control for convenient operation.


  • Adjustable Phone Mount – The adjustable phone mount allows you to adjust your smartphone to get the perfect angle for taking selfies and group photos.
  • USB powered & remote controlled versatility for several devices.

5. Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit

Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit

The Neewer ring light is a complete set of lighting equipment that provides the best photography experience. The kit includes a 55W dimmable LED ring light, an 18 inches/46cm beauty dish, and a 3-in-1 flash diffuser umbrella. With this kit, you can take photos with your friends or family members and make them look professional.

The tripod here makes a quick-release plate, and it can be mounted on the top of any camera or camcorder. The kit comes with a carrying bag to keep everything together when not in use. The bulbs are rated at 5000K color temperature which is ideal for shooting video or taking photos indoors.


  • The kit comes with a diffuser and a clamp that you can use for different angles.
  • It has an adjustable brightness control feature that makes it more convenient for use.

Best Selfie Ring Light for Phone

Selfie Ring Light is a must-have for your smartphone. It is a ring light that can fit perfectly on your phone and give you amazing photos. There are many types of selfie ring lights on the market, and you need to choose one which gives good quality pictures, is affordable, easy to use, and durable.

The best selfie ring light for a phone should be compact, easy to carry around, produce soft lighting, and can be used with any type of phone including iPhone or Android phones.

Among the best ones are:

1. QIAYA Selfie Ring Light

QIAYA Selfie Ring Light

The QIAYA Selfie Ring Light is a portable selfie ring light for a phone with a rechargeable battery. The clip is adjustable for different phone sizes, from small to large screen devices such as iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy.

The ring light has a portable design, so it can be used anywhere and anytime. It can be used in the home, office, and travel. The product provides enough brightness to light up your photos or movies.


  • The adjustable clip feature lets you position the lights however you want.
  • High-quality aluminum alloy material, durable enough for long-term using and traveling with you anywhere you go!

2. Luumix 60-LED selfie ring light

Luumix 60-LED selfie ring light

Lumix 60-LED selfie ring light is a must-have for anyone who uses their phone to take selfies. It helps you get that perfect shot in any lighting condition, and it also looks super cool! The Luumix Selfie Ring Light is one of the best options out there right now.

It can stay on for 2.5 hours continuously before you need to charge it again. It also comes with a battery indicator, so you know when to charge it.

You can use this light with any mobile phone or camera, and there are three different lighting modes: low, medium, and high intensity. You can also adjust the brightness level between these three modes as well by pressing the + or – button on the side of the light.


  • Easy to use: It works with any smartphone or tablet with an attached camera lens. Just plug it in, set your phone down on the stand, and click! You're ready to go!
  • This selfie ring light also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which allows you to charge it easily without any hassles or problems at all.
  • Portable Design: This device has a portable design that makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go!
  • Adjustable Ring: The adjustable ring fits all sizes of phones. It can also be used with or without the phone case.

3. Tomanwai Portable Clip-on Selfie Ring

Tomanwai Portable Clip-on Selfie Ring

The Tomanwai selfie ring light is a portable selfie ring light that can be clipped onto your phone, tablet, or laptop. It has three different light modes (warm, cool, and natural). The warm mode is good for taking photos in daylight, while the cool mode can be used to take selfies at night.

The natural light mode has no color temperature and is suitable for taking flashless photos without a ring light. The Tomanwai selfie ring light also has a 180-degree rotatable lens that allows you to adjust the angle of the light as needed.

There are 60 LED circles on this selfie ring light, so you will never have any problems finding the perfect angle for taking selfies or pictures at night!


  • Design: The design of this selfie ring light is compact, lightweight, and portable.
  • 60 LED lights with 3 Light Modes: The built-in 60 LED lights with 3 light modes are designed to help you take better pictures in different environments.

4. XINBAOHONG Clip-on Selfie Ring Light

XINBAOHONG Clip-on Selfie Ring Light

XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Light is one of the most popular selfie ring lights on the market. It features three light modes, 40 LED beads, and a 180-degree adjustable clip that fits most smartphones. In addition, it's also very easy to use – just clip it on your phone and then turn it on.

The ring light provides 3 light modes: soft white, warm white, and cold white. The brightness can be adjusted through a button on the front. You can get a clear shot of your face with this selfie ring light!


  • Easy to use, just clip on your phone to get started
  • It's a portable ring light with a clip design, easy to carry around.

How to Use Selfie Ring Light for Your Phone

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The best thing about selfie ring lights is that they can be used with any phone. You don't need to buy one specifically for your model or brand. They're also easy to install and remove when you're not using them.

Here's how to use this light:

  • Fasten the selfie ring light to your phone using a stand, as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Adjust the height of your stand to suit your needs.
  • Place your phone inside the selfie ring light in either landscape or portrait mode.
  • Activate your Camera app and make any necessary adjustments to the camera.
  • Switch on your ring light and adjust the brightness.
  • Press the shutter button when all is set as you'd like.


Selfie Ring Light could be a very interesting and fun device for you to bring with you anywhere and everywhere. Aside from your phone's camera, it also has a Bluetooth remote control that will enable you to take great selfies anytime anywhere.

If you are a professional photographer, perhaps you want to develop the selfie skill for some new forms of your upcoming photography. For example, people taking a family selfies is becoming one of the most popular forms of photography. If you are not happy with the quality of selfie photos taken by you, try using a selfie ring light and a tripod.

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