15 Best Free Software Download Sites with Crack 2024

Best Free Software Download Sites with Crack

Cracked software is a pirated copy of Mac OS or Windows and is illegal. The cracked software gives people access to free software for download that they would have to pay for. In this article, we have focused more on the 15 best-cracked software sites.

If cracked software is illegal, why do people still use it? Cracked software is very cheap, making it ideal for users on a tight budget. Another reason is that it's readily available and straightforward to use. Here are the 15 best-cracked software sites to use and their features.

1. Softpedia

Softpedia Overview

Softpedia software is a tech-news website from Romania and also hosts other software on science and technology-related topics. You can download this software in its original form or through a developer link, whichever way you prefer.


  • You can download software from Softpedia for free.
  • Softpedia has a collection of over one million free applications for Smartphones, drivers, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

2. Cnet

Cnet Overview

Try Cnet if you want the safest free site to download paid software. It's a media website in America that publishes articles, news, reviews, videos, podcasts, and blogs.


  • Cnet Offers the best virus-free Android, Windows, macOS, and Ios cracked software for download.
  • The software has the best quality and unbiased reviews.
  • It also has a section where you can leave a review about the app you used.

3. Softonic

Softonic Overview

Softonic is a free website founded in Spain, Catalonia, and Barcelona in June 1997. It offers programs for Mac, Windows, Ios, and Android. Some popular software available for downloads is Avast free antivirus, VLC media player, Microsoft Word, WhatsApp, and Adobe Photoshop CC.


  • It is easy to browse through this software to find the app categories you want, such as lifestyle, games, and multimedia.
  • The software is flexible because, unlike the others that only use Windows, you can use it with Mac, Android, and Ios.

4. Sharewareonsale

Sharewareonsale Overview

To start using the Sharewareonsale website, sign in with your email. Once you sign in, you will receive an activation code on the “download page” to activate the software when you install it.


  • It's flexible as it offers free programs that you can use with Windows and Pc.
  • Sharewareonsale has high-quality Android and Ios Apps.

5. FileHippo

FileHippo Overview

FileHippo is another reputable website that provides free software, music, and videos for downloads. You can download software categories such as VLC media player, chrome, and Internet download manager.


  • FileHippo software is easy to use and also has a fast search button.
  • It also has a fast indexing characteristic that helps to display files and folders easily.

6. FileHorse

FileHorse Overview

What is FileHorse.com? It's a website from Dubai that helps you locate and download high-quality Apps and new software.


  • It has a fast and straightforward way to download free software for both Mac and Windows.
  • FileHorse offers the latest varieties of high-quality software every day.

7. Major Geeks

Major Geeks Overview

The Major Geeks website has the best high-quality Apps that are free to download. Some publishers confirm the Apps' legitimacy, reliability, and safety before you can use them.


  • MajorGeeks' website is fast to use.
  • It has a simple and user-friendly design.
  • The Apps available are high quality.


GITHUB Overview

Although in this article we have elaborated on software that is also easy to use, GitHub gives you a code you use to access the source code of the program directly. However, this software could be more user-friendly.


  • It helps you to automate any workflow you have.
  • The software offers solutions for automation, development, or any enterprise.
  • You can also source GitHub community articles.


NINITE Overview

The Ninite software provides essential software your computer needs, allowing you to choose the one you want and download an installer. Ninite also lets you select your preferred software and download an installer with all your preferred software.


  • Ninite offers real-time monitoring.
  • There's a self-service portal that's easy to use.
  • It also has an integration for third parties.
  • The software is easy to customize to your needs.

10. Crackzoom

Another site you can use to download cracked software for your PC is Crackzoom. You can download Adobe CC, AutoCAD, MS Office, and Microsoft Office 365. But, this software is not very secure, so you need to be careful when using it to avoid losing your data.


  • Crackzoom has limited software in its library, so you will only access some of it.
  • It has good-performing software that is also free from any malware and virus.
  • You can download any software from the website without having to sign in.

11. Download.io

Download io Overview

Are you looking for a safe website where you can download some cracked software? If yes, then you can consider Dowload.io. Besides offering you the best-cracked software, you can also access some giveaways on this software's main menu. The main advantage of this software is that you can use it without registering on their website.


  • It's easy to use and navigate.
  • You can use it without having to register.

12. Snapfile

Snapfile Overview

Snapfile is among the oldest websites; you can find almost all the programs you may want. The benefit of using Snapfile is that editors and other users leave behind a vote on their schedule so that you can choose the one with the best ratings.


  • Snapfile software is functional as the developer can easily publish any compatible application to the software.
  • It also has automatic updates whereby if there are any new updates, the software updates and installs new updates in its background.
  • The software makes it easy and safe for you to use it.



Download.com is another excellent cracked software launched in 1996 by the CNet portal. Download.com has vast software on mobile devices, Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms. The software has over 100,000 programs which are either trial versions or free.


  • com has more than 100,000 free and trial version programs.
  • The software is very reliable and secures as it has editors who play that role.
  • Registered users who use the app leave behind a review and rating about the software that helps new users know the best app that will meet their needs.



Filepuma is another website you need to look into for websites to download cracked software. You can be sure you will download any virus-free software and files from this website. Although it's much more like the other websites we have discussed above, we will look into some of its unique features.


  • File Puma has well-organized programs.
  • The website has optimized its paged to help you browse well and to make downloading easy.
  • All the software available is virus free.


FOSSHUB Overview

The FossHub website gives you free access to many apps and programs. However, you will find that some of them are from a closed source.


  • FossHub has a speedy server for downloads.
  • The cracked software available in FossHub is free from viruses.
  • It's reliable software because you can directly download any app you wish without using other intermediate downloaders.


To run cracked software, you can either replace the file after installing it or run the cracker. Moreover, when using cracked software, you risk infecting your network or computer with a virus.

Cracked software is illegal, and users risk a jail term of over five years. However, many still use it because it's cheaper than paid original websites. Some of the best-cracked software versions are Softpedia, Softonic, FileHippo, and Snapfile.

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