The Shit Bot (TSB) Review of 2023: Bot Only Focused on Nike

The Shit bot is one of the best in the market for Nike sneakers.  It features speedy checkout, access jigger, cookie harvesting, and access to over 50+ regions globally.  Don’t miss out.


Shit Bot overview

Nike is a global brand that stands out in the sneaker market.  It has created a very competitive name for itself, making resellers and sneakerheads scramble for their products.  From time to time, there are limited edition sneakers that are released.  Acquiring a couple of these sneakers is like mining for gold.  If you are a sneaker fanatic, especially the Nike ones, this one is for you.

This Shit Bot is relatively new though it has entered the market with a storm.  The bot is designed explicitly for Nike with the ability to bypass all bot protection protocols set.  This bot is here to ensure you do not miss out on any release.  The bot allows the purchase of multiple sneakers with no worries of getting flagged.

With over 50 different regions globally supported by this bot, you have no reason to miss out.  This review will help you learn about this bot, navigate the botting world, and get your favorite Nike sneakers.

The Price

Shit Bot price

The Shit Bot is an annually subscribed premium bot sold at $9900, with its retail price of $299. I must admit that this price is a bit expensive for most users.

This bot is suitable for those who want to buy sneakers in bulk and not anyone who would like just a pair. Hence, opt for it if you are looking from a commercial point of view.

Site support

Shit Bot Site support

This Shit Bot only supports Nike sites.  However, even with that, it supports 50 + regions. What more would you ask for? This should give you confidence in the strength of the sneaker bot.

Support for proxy configuration

Shit Bot proxy

Just like most ideal sneaker bots, it supports proxy configuration. You just need to figure out whether you will use the residential or data center proxies. The proxies will help to bypass site restrictions.

This allows you to alternate and hide your IP addresses during your site shopping.  No more worries about your orders getting canceled at all.

Multi-threaded task

TSB Multi-threaded task

This Shit Bot allows users to perform countless tasks with no worries of delays.  This feature ensures high-speed processes guaranteeing a smooth experience to users.  Checkout is at a reasonable speed which means you get to cop the limited-edition sneakers before they run out of stock.

The more the tasks, the higher the chances of getting many products. You can then sell the excess items for profit.

Multi-platform support

Currently, the bot majorly works on windows operating systems. However, you can use Mac OS through a virtual machine. However, it works perfectly on Windows.

Mass Creating and Editing Tasks

Shit Bot task

The Shit bot is ideal for resellers compared to those who need a pair or two.  The bot allows users to create and edit tasks in bulk.  With that, the whole purchasing process becomes easier for


Account Checker Support

Shit Bot Checker SupportThis feature allows you to cross-check your Nike account login details and mobile verification.  Not all Nike accounts have access to all sneaker releases.  You do not have to review your account compatibility by yourself.

This bot comes in to check in advance for exclusive access, thus reduced time wastage.  This helps you stay ahead of other buyers targeting limited edition sneakers.

Address Jigger

This feature allows The Shit Bot users to create and edit several addresses for every order.  This feature will enable you to shop and get multiple pairs of sneakers.  Address jigger bypasses online retail shops' regulations on various purchases, especially for limited stock.

This address jigger prevents detection of multiple orders hence avoiding order cancellation.

High Success Rate

Shit Bot Success Rate

This Shit Bot provides value for your money with a 96% success rate as a premium bot.  The bot is only for Nike products, which gives it an upper hand on the Nike stores over the other bots.

You can shop for your favorite sneakers without any worries of delays and order cancellations.

Collocation of discord

Shit Bot discord

This Shit Bot features a discord with an ever-available support team to guide you throughout the way. Regular updates are available to keep you posted on all the developments that arise, especially before Nike drops.

The discord servers contain guides and documents for use by both new and old users.

A fly in the ointment

This Shit bot has a few drawbacks, just like any other bot in the market.  However, this does not mean the bot is not worth being used.

  • It is a Nike-specific bot.
  • The price is high.

Do we recommend buying it?

Absolutely.  Based on the ratings, This Shit Bot is one of the top-rated bots in the market.  Its success card speaks volumes for the Nike Sneaker fanatics.  However, its usage is limited to the 50+ countries in the European Union only.

This bot has an in-built Nike drop calendar to ensure you do not miss out on the drop dates.  In terms of performance, it is said to be having challenges, especially around the United States.  The copping process is not as easy to use as the bot’s interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it true that this bot is Nike-specific?  

This Shit bot is custom-made only for Nike products and stores.  This forms one of the main concerns about the bot. Hence purchasing other brands of sneakers is a problem.  One has to look for other bots that are not brand-specified.

2. Do you need a Nike Account to use The Shit Bot?

This Shit bot is custom-made for only Nike products.  To have access and purchase the products, you will need to sign up for a Nike Account.  Opening these accounts is tiresome and expensive because you have to pay to unlock or buy.

3. Can you resell the shit bot?

For starters, to purchase this shit bot, you have to dig deeper into your pockets.  At $999 annually, many users find it quite expensive, considering it is custom-made for only Nike products.

Once you purchase this bot, you will find it hard to resell it to another person.

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