Nike Shoe Bot 2.0 Review of 2023: Does It Really Works?

Nike Shoe Bot Review

The Nike Shoe Bot may mislead you that it is only applicable onthe Nike site. However, that’s not the case, this highly competitive bot supports over 100 sites. These include Shopify, Foot sites, Yeezy, and much more.


Nike Shoe Bot overview

Nike shoe bot is one of the best sneaker bots in the market. It has garnered some success rates over the years, making it a high-performing AIO bot.

Don’t let the name mislead you into thinking it is only suitable for Nike. On the contrary, it supports various sites like Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, and other amazing platforms. It can be used by a wide variety of proxies, lets you cop multiple sneakers, and perform different tasks.

It has one of the simplest user interfaces that will ensure you don’t get stuck while using the bot. It is updated regularly and comes with a discord server. You will always be updated on the latest releases and the best ways to use the bot. You shouldn’t miss out on this!


Nike Shoe Bot price

The Nike Shoe Bot retails at $499.00 per year. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to buy it for a whole year, to prevent having to renew each month. After that, you will get all the advantages of the Nike Shoe Bot.

Unlike most bots that are often sold out, the Nike Shoe bot is often available. All you need to do is order and pay the required amount. You will just need to renew after a whole year. If you are the forgetful type, this is the ideal bot for you!

Site support

Nike Shoe Bot site support

Nike Shoe bot supports over 100 sneaker sites. Whenever you see a bot that supports Shopify, be assured that it supports many other sites. Moreover, it supports Supreme, Foot sites, Demandware, Yeezy supply, Adidas, East Bay, and much more.

Therefore, be assured of getting any sneaker on any of these popular sites. NSB is well known for its great success on Supreme. You can even check their Twitter feed and see how easily people get releases on Supreme.

At the beginner, the developers wanted to focus on Supreme and Foot sites. That’s why you can note that it works perfectly well on those platforms.

Support for proxy configuration

Support for proxy configuration

NSB also supports the use of proxies. Proxies provide unique IP addresses that you can use for different tasks. This is essential to help prevent your purchases from getting canceled.

If the system notes that you are using the same IP address to buy many sneakers, it may lead to an issue. The anti-bot technology is made in a way to detect any kind of malicious activity.

Moreover, it has a proxy tester that helps to note your proxy speeds and remove the proxies that ain't working well. No more worries about slow

Multi-threaded task

Nike Shoe Bot Multi-threaded task

Just like most functional bots, NSB allows you to carry out as many tasks as you want when there are sneaker releases. Hence, using this bot with multiple tasks will help increase the chances of copping. You can then cop the remaining items or sneakers for profit.

However, remember to leave some for your family and friends. If your computer is slow, consider getting a server to help boost the performance. The multi-threaded function allows you to also do mass edits to the existing tasks. This is in the case that you want to change the product link.

Multi-platform support

Mac and Windows platforms

Try and test a variety of the bots; you will note that they are compatible with Windows. Very few support Mac and iOS. This means that to use another system, they will need to use a virtual machine.

However, the Nike Shoe bot is available on both Mac and Windows machines. It works perfectly on both platforms. Additionally, the user interface is simple to navigate through. It is one of the most dominant sneaker bots that can be used by a wide variety of people.

Features of special sites

Nike Shoe Bot Features

  • Multi captcha feature

nike shoe bot Multi captcha feature

NSB has a manual captcha solver. Did you know that there are sites that use captcha to detect bots? Well, the multi-captcha solver helps to solve such issues. No more getting banned!

You can log in to Google, and it makes it easier to solve the captchas. Additionally, this helps to speed up the checkout process.

  • Smart login and queue bypass in Shopify

The smart login helps to counter Shopify sites that require login. Additionally, the bypass helps to bypass the checkout queue on Shopify.

With all this, the high-end technology helps to ensure a super-fast checkout.  The bypass helps even when the bot protection is activated.

  • In bot monitor

nike shoe bot monitor

NSB is the bot that has introduced the in-bot monitor. This is in the sense of hooking tasks to a monitor based on the specific keywords. Additionally, it has a sensor cookie generator.

Collocation of discord

nike shoe bot discord

Have you ever taken part in discussion communities? How was the experience? That’s the same case with the discord community. You can get all the insights that you want.

The multi-monitor has a discord integration. You can then use the monitor for any cook group in the NSB. The discord allows you to always be informed on the lasts about NSB. Through the NSB community, you get the latest information that will help you to cop sneakers easily.

A fly in the ointment

  • The customer service is slow
  • It is expensive
  • It may seem difficult to operate on other platforms rather than Mac and Windows.

Do we recommend buying it?

Yes, we highly recommend it if you have some money that you want to invest in botting. Why not try purchasing this Nike Shoe Bot. It is easy to operate and is one of the most tried bots in the market. Their reputation is also top-notch. The NSB is a target for non-techies because it is not that complex.

YouTube video

However, it may take you a while to understand how to use it, but once you do, the process will be swift. The developers also provide enough information on how to use the bot that makes it easier for operation.


1. How secure is Nike Shoe Bot?

The NSB is also very secure; they do not save your sneaker site account details on their server,hence keep all the data secure.

2. What is the function of the proxy tester?

The NSB proxy tester is ideal for testing the speed, and you can remove the slow ones that aren’t working effectively.

3. How effective is the discord

Once you purchase the NSB license, you get access to the discord, where you get support and advice on upcoming drops. This is ideally great for beginners.

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