Sole AIO Review: Is It the Best AIO Bot of 2023?

Sole Aio Review

Have you ever used the Sole AIO bot? It is an ideal bot for Adidas, Shopify, and other remarkable sites.

It is easy to use and can be used by both professionals and amateurs. However, getting a copy can take you time, but you have the option to buy from resellers or rent.


sole aio overview

Just like most ideal bots, the Sole AIO is one in a million. It is highly unique due to its capability to bypass the queue and increase your chances of copping items easily. It has also been recommended by many people because of its fast capability.

You won't miss any release. Unfortunately, this bot can only be used on Windows and Mac through a virtual machine. If you don’t like missing out on the latest sneakers, we highly recommend you get this Sole AIO bot. It is hard to find one for sale, but once you get one, you won't regret it.

The Price

Sole Aio Bot Homepage

The retail price is £300 at first. After six months, you will need to pay a renewal fee of £125 after every 6 months. This is what gives you access to regular bot updates. You shouldn’t miss out on the benefits it brings to the table.

In the package, you also get a monitoring system that alerts you whenever there is a new release. You are also guaranteed of getting ideal features with proxy support.

Site Support

sole aio Supported sites

Sole AIO supports many sites that include Adidas, Shopify, Yeezy, Supreme, Footsites, FInishline, Foot Locker, and much more.

Support for Proxy Configuration

Support for Proxy Configuration of Solo AIO

On the dashboard, you can create tasks, input your proxies, add billing information, and change the settings. The most effective proxies are the residential and data center proxies. Hence, ensure you have subscribed for some powerful proxies to prevent your order from being canceled during copping.

This is because, in most popular sites, there is anti-bot technology that detects bots.It is optimized for use of proxies.

Multi-Threaded Task

Site Support

Just like all other effective bots, Sole AIO is multi-threaded. This means that you can carry out as many tasks as possible simultaneously. However, for this to be effective ensure you are using proxies and aserver.

This is mainly true if you don’t have such a powerful computer. The more task you create the easier it is to get enough items. You just need to insert the site details, item’s product URL or keyword, size, billing information, profile, and delay time.

However, put a considerable amount of tasks to prevent overworking your bot. Also, remember to use unique account names to prevent your orders from being canceled. You can use initials in your names, two names, and three or just re-arrange the names.

Since the popular sites noted the bot usage, many have opted to try to track sneaker bots. We wouldn’t want you to be a victim.

Multi-Platform Support

This Sole AIO bot supports Windows 10 only and Windows 2015 + server. If your computer is not too strong, consider using a server. This is because when performing many tasks, your computer needs to have a high CPU and RAM for more effectiveness.

Also, to run the bot, your Windows machine needs to provide access to the C drive. Additionally, the license keys need to be renewed early enough to prevent the license key from being removed.

Adidas Capability

sole Adidas Capability

Sole AIO supports all major regions of Adidas. It has also been very successful with Splash releases. It also has an ideal account generator for Adidas that is useful in copping sneakers.

Shopify Capability

sole aio shopify

It performs well with Shopify custom sites.  It makes the checkout process easy and fast.

Regular Updates

Did you know that Sole AIO gives regular monthly updates? You can only imagine the kind of effort the developers are putting into the bot development and upgrade. You can’t miss out on this!

Collocation of Discord

Like most ideal bots, Sole AIO also has a discord server. This is where you can get information on shoe drops, stock numbers, early links, monitors, and much more.

Also, you can get tricks and twists on how to use the various bots to cop as many sneakers as possible. You can also set up a captcha based on your Google account.

A Fly in the Ointment

  • It doesn’t do that well with Supreme
  • It doesn’t support many sites
  • High renewal fee.

Do we recommend buying it?

YouTube video

Yes, we highly recommend this bot. It has great checkout links for Shopify releases when a site has a queue. It then sends a link to the discord to allow you to manually checkout.

It is highly recommended for Adidas splash releases.  Moreover, it has an easy UI that makes it easy to use. If you are in the US you are recommended to use data center proxies.It is a great bot that will help you co enough items as per your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the resale price for this bot?

It resale’sfrom £500 to £1000. If you buy a renewal copy, you pay £60 every six months. You can also rent it out for £75.

2. Which are the best proxies for Adidas?

The best Adidas proxies are the residential ones.

3. What can you do to have different billing information?

In the case that you want to have different billing information, consider getting many virtual cards linked to your same bank account. This will help prevent the antibot technology from noting that it’s a bot performing the tasks for you.

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