Why Are Companies Picking LXP Over LMS?

Why are Companies Picking LXP over LMS

Over the years, LMS, or Learning Management System, has been the go-to software for employee training and learning.

However, with the advent of LXP, or the Learning Experience Platform, many businesses have shifted to it.

The main reason for doing that is employee experience. Unlike in LMS, where the focus was purely on formal education and training modules were assigned by the management, LXP is more open and employee-focused.

Employees get to choose their ways of learning from various open sources on the internet, such as blog posts and videos.

Let’s pit LXP and LMS against each other and see which one is better.



Where LMS brings a formal way of learning a skill, LXP allows the user to design their module in their own way.

LMS is considered a viable option for those skills and techniques that will not change with time.

But, if you are eyeing a skill that needs to be upgraded from time to time, then your employees should be allowed to choose their own goals, challenges, and learning pace so that they don’t lag.

Employees can stay in sync with the ongoing technological advancement when allowed to learn in an open environment. That is why LXP is considered a viable approach.

Besides that, choosing an LXP has many other benefits for the organizations. Let’s take a look:

1. LXP is a user-friendly platform

The landscape of learning is changing everywhere, from schools to organizations. As a result, formal learning methods are being refined to make them more accessible for every student or employee.

That is why LXP is a cut above LMS. LXP facilitates personalized learning modules where people get to involve their social media channels and learn by observing human behavior, interactions and experiences.

The absence of formal learning formats like those in the LMS makes learning much more fun.

2. LXP builds a learning habit

Since employees can personalize their learning habits, they do not feel stressed out even after learning for hours.

Opening the LXP application becomes like opening Facebook or Clubhouse and scrolling through the latest posts.

With time, employees get used to learning in such a fashion without being constrained by any strict training modules.

As a result, organizations can nurture thought leaders who take it to greater heights in the future.

3. LXP facilitates simple learning

The best community engagement platforms and LXPs make it simpler for the administrator and the employee to understand the functionality.

LXP interfaces are much like those of the social media channels. Therefore, users do not get bored after logging in.

People are constantly updating their timelines about how they feel, making it interesting for others to join the conversation and learn simultaneously.

If an organization is not barred by confidentiality, it can customize LXPs and allow its employees to personalize learning.

4. LXP fits the bill for everyone

LXP fits the bill for everyone

Be it a small organization or a large conglomerate, LXP is for everyone. Every organization wants to create a user-friendly and easy-to-learn environment for their employees. And LXP does just that.

Not only that, but it also allows clients to know about the virtual environment in the organization and help employees build work relationships with each other.

Final Thoughts- Should I choose LXP over LMS?

If your organization does not intend to share confidential data with the users, it is best to allow them to learn at their own pace.

But if you want to exercise control over the data being shared with your team, then LMS is a good option.

Organizations, however, prefer LXP because of the liberty it provides to the employees. LXP allows them to maneuver the learning process with ease.

So, contact an LXP provider today for a no-obligation quote.

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