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Now you can catch up on every Funimation show or series, with the mystream funimation downloader. Enjoying offline content of the best shows is easy now, and without ads.

All anime lovers out there, you have news to enjoy. The anime downloader is here now. Funimation is one of the top American entertainment channels that airs nothing but Japanese anime.

Launched almost a decade ago, it is hailed as the best entertainment channel in Northern America. They have their dedicated apps and portals, on which fans can enjoy anime, motion pictures, and East Asian Cinema. This is a Sony-owned streamer, which is renowned for animation. It also involves many dubbed shows, and most of its content is dubbed into the language English for viewers across the world.

Anime Series – Requiem of the Rose King

Anime Series

Ratings: 5.5/10

  • Genre:  Animation, History, Drama
  • Directed by: Kentarō Suzuki
  • Produced by: J.C. Staff
  • Casts: Ciaran Strange, Landon McDonald, Kayleigh McKee.

The Intriguing Plot

Requiem of the Rose King is a top Japanese manga content. It has been written and directed by Aya Kanno. If you are a lover of Shakespeare, you will definitely love the series. It seems to be an adaptation of Henry VI Part 3 and Richard III. The series seems to have drawn inspiration from the War of the Roses. There are 16 volumes for its tumultuous chapters.

If you have been watching anime on Funimation, then this is for you. The story revolves around the war to claim the throne in England. Moreover, you will be watching the scenes unfold from the eyes of the villain, Richard III. It involves a lot of drama, history, war, and romance. Now, you can download the Funimation series and watch on funimation offline viewing downloader apps.


The storyline shows the Kingdom of England divided between the House of York and House of Lancaster. Each one claims their leader to be the rightful heir to the throne. The young Richard III is battling with his inner demons due to his intersex nature. The young heir is torn between two different worlds. He longs for something that he does not know off. He can only feel the longing. From childhood he believes himself to be cursed.

His mother does not love him, but his father does. His father is poised to become the king, but when all seems fine, he is defeated.  Richard also gets saddened by the state of affairs. He stays all by himself, away from the crowds. Richard also has an immense passion for the throne, though. This intriguing and royal conspiracy is a thing that attracts viewers. It has been adapted from a classic version of its novel, which was well-received by one and all.

Twisting Details of The Show

The best part of the series is Richard’s intersex nature which allows him to fall in love with both men and women. The queer aspects involve the love stories revolving around Richard III. The Requiem of the Rose King gives a good amount of exposure to the LGBTQ community.

The show has a lot of manga twists and ultimately is a fun watch for both comedy and classic lovers. See the revenge drama unfold before your eyes. You can now watch the series without the internet with mystream funimation downloader.  Anime that has got inspiration from classic literature is very uncommon, but that is where the story rivets the audience.


You have to watch this riveting drama, history and animation genre on MyStream. It will keep you excited throughout the watch. Such a classic reprisal should be watched on 1080p animation only on MyStream.

Download Funimation Shows Without Internet

Funimation is owned by Sony. All anime fans can connect with Funimation for their daily dose of anime-based entertainment and dubbed shows. It has now moved to video streaming and competing with other such platforms.

You can access all the Funimation content on various devices. The best part about the platform is that you can watch both older and new series. There are many new shows being uploaded as well. You will find their library growing in dozens.

Download Funimation Shows Without Internet

Many anime fans have signed up for the platform. There are many kinds of packages doing the rounds for the fans. You can also avail yourself of the free plan as well. However, there may be a lot of ads and low resolution.

Now, some of you might be facing problems with internet connectivity. That may be stopping you from enjoying the shows. Now, you can watch the content with mystream funimation downloader. If you want to know how to download episodes on funimation then you should read more about it here. You do not require internet connectivity now.

Download Requiem of the Rose King – Features of MyStream Funimation Downloader

Get funimation offline viewing mechanisms handy right now. You should read about the wonderful features that this downloader offers.

  • Down Full-HD – You can now download full -HD animation series with large screens. And that is possible, only with the mystream funimation downloader. 
  • Batch Download – There is another surprise waiting for you here. You can now download the content in batches. So, that allows you to download the entire content quickly and in one go. So, you are saved from downloading each episode singly. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to download one full movie.
  • Technological Capabilities – You can download the fun anime without any restrictions.
  • Tracks for Audiophiles – The mystream funimation downloader allows you to download tracks like EAC3 5.1 very easy and without any inconvenience.
  • No Ads – That is another huge advantage here, with the downloader. You do not have to endure all the pesky ads. You can download the Funimation series for offline viewing, and without ads. Enjoy the experience.
  • Video Manager – You can now build an irresistible media library, as you can download the metadata.
  • Transfer Movies – You can download on to one device and send the movies to another device. You can easily navigate between devices like tablets, iPhones, and smartphones.
  • High-Speed – This is something, that you will simply love. You can now download the content at high speeds. MyStream ensures that you can download MP4 files without any delay. Moreover, they are compatible with all kinds of devices. The video is optimized.
  • Browser – You also get to use the in-built browser. So, searching is a lot easier when you have the downloader handy with you.

Why Go for MyStream Funimation Downloader?

You should definitely go for the funimation offline viewing experience today. And, for that, you need to get the mystream funimation downloader. Funimation has three different subscription plans for anime lovers.

You can choose from amongst premium, Premium Plus, and Premium Plus Ultra. The first plan is priced as low as $5.99 monthly or $59.99 annually. You get ad-free access. Moreover, you get to watch all kinds of content from its library. You can stream it on two screens.

The second one, the Premium Plus, comes for $7.99 monthly or $79.99 annually. Apart from all the benefits of the previous plan, you can get it now in the app format for your laptop or PC. You can also get offline support. Additionally, you can also get exclusive member’s access. Stream on at least five screens.

The last one, Premium Plus Ultra is an annual one at $99.99. You also stand to get freebies. So, you can choose from one of these plans. But, don’t worry, there is a free version as well.

These paid plans have 14-day trial period. However, you can also access content totally free on Funimation. However, you have to be satisfied with the advertisements. You can access the entire library, so do not worry about the accessibility.

How To Download Episodes on Funimation?

You can now download your favorite anime content with mystream funimation downloader. It is very easy for all to do it.


  • You have to ensure that you download it properly.

How To Download Episodes on Funimation

  • After the installation, you will find the ‘Sign in’ button in white. You have to sign up.
  • At first, you have to open the Funimation icon from VIP series.
  • You need to locate the series or video that you are trying to download. It is available in the huge library.

locate the series or video

  • You will see the entire list of series. Click on ‘Download Now’ on the episode you want to see.
  • After the download is complete, you can head to the place, where all the videos get saved. You have to tap or click on the icon on the top-left of the Funimation screen.
  • The menu displays ‘My Library’ option’.

My Library’ option

  • You should click or tap on ‘My Library’. Then, you need to Click on ‘On My Device’. You will find all favorite videos there.

Now you can watch all the videos of your favorite anime offline.


You can now watch all your favorite anime shows, including Requiem of the Rose King offline. There will be no hassle concerned with internet connectivity. It is extremely beneficial for all those who are travelling a lot. You can also download and watch the series later, while commuting for work.

When there is no internet, mystream funimation downloader will help you have a lot of fun and entertainment, that too offline. This is the best feature on offer right now. Get the most out of the Funimation downloader experience. It cannot get better than this.

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