Best PC Upgrades to Improve Your Gaming

Best PC Upgrades to Improve Your Gaming

There is nothing worse than playing your favorite game online with friends and seeing a sliding screen. Watching your ping go through the roof, or worse – never finding out if you have just won the big one halfway through a Slingo Freeplay session on

When your PC starts playing up, you have two choices – put up with playing your favorite games slowly and missing out on future releases that demand more from your hardware. Or splashing out on some upgrades.

One of the best things about PC gaming is that you are free to change as much of the hardware as you like. So long as your processor can deal with it, you can add lights, cooling fans, high-end graphics cards, and so much more.

Sometimes though, it’s not just what is inside the tower – the peripherals matter too.



You might prefer a wireless keyboard, depending on your playstyle and what you play. A wireless keyboard gives you mobility as you play, and if you have a great gaming chair, you can lean back while playing.

The bonus of a wireless keyboard is that you don’t have a mess of visible wires on the desk.

Grab a Corsair K63 Wireless or a Razer Turret for a wireless keyboard. The Razer is higher-end, so it has some extra features.


Consider the process the brain of your PC builds, every decision you make runs through it, and it feeds information back and forth all the time. A large chunk of your budget should go here, and it should be first on the list for an upgrade.

When discussing gaming PCs, you will be focusing on the clock speed. Clock speed means the number of cycles the CPU will do per second.

The absolute minimum you can play with is around 1.6 GHz, but there will be games that aren’t accessible to you at that clock speed.

For an enjoyable, high-speed play rate, look for a processor speed of between 3.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz.

A few processors are coming highly recommended for 2022; the first is the Intel Core i5 12600K – although it comes at a power cost, an alternative is the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X – but this one needs an extra cooler to perform at its best.

Dual Screen

Dual Screen

Dual screens are common for those who work at home, but two screens are ideal to ensure you get the best gaming experience. You can run multiple poker games, slot games, or a larger view of the game you are playing.

The lower your screen resolution, the worse gaming experience you will have. This is because you will see fewer of the stunning details of the game. You should invest in a good monitor for slots or any other bright game that moves at speed.

When upgrading, look for a minimum resolution of 1024×768; ideally, shoot for 1080p or 4k.

According to Tom’s Guide, the best monitors for gaming are the Dell SE2719HR, which is excellent for everyday gaming and slightly adjustable. If you want to spend more cash, Alienware AW5520QF 55-Inch is a safe (if costly) investment.


If the processor is the brain, then the RAM is the short-term memory, and a good gaming PC will need a decent amount to run the best games. Many people don’t realize that even just being on and running nothing, the PC will run about 2GB – it can be more, though.

The short-term memory, or RAM, gives your computer the juice to run the applications you have open. Every time you open a new application, you use up more memory.

So when it comes to gaming, you will likely have the game itself open, you might run music, and you might be in discord with friends. For lighter games, you can have a good gaming experience with about 4GB of RAM.

But if you need to run something like LoL, EVE, or other, and you have discord for your team voice comms and music, you’ll need to bump up to at least 8GB+.

The amount of RAM you need will vary based on the games you want to play, but here are some highly recommended ones from GamesRadar Trident Z RGB 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 4266MHZ, pricey but capable of running hungry games. The Teamgroup T-Force Vulcan 16BG (2x8GB) will be perfect for those on a budget.

Remember that some PC parts work better together, so your process, RAM graphics card, and more should work well together. Reviewing the information will let you know if they work better with AMD, Ryzen or Intel builds.

Your PC is something that can constantly be upgraded and modified to meet your needs – no matter what type of games you like to play.

If you are looking for the hardware upgrade that will give you the most bang for your buck, then you are looking at RAM. Adding extra memory is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to improve everything your desktop computer does. What makes it a great option is that you don’t need to be techy in the slightest to make this one work. And if you really don’t trust yourself to add more RAM – it’s a five-minute job for your local computer shop.

RAM takes care of those memory-hungry programs (and games) and enables your computer to perform at a higher level – a win all around.

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