Google Snake Mods: Add Github Mode (Nov 2023)

Google Snake Mods

The mobile gaming business of today puts an entire arcade in the palm of your hand thanks to advancements in graphics, internet connection, and phone storage. Even the computer gaming industry has advanced as a result of the online gaming trend. These other games owe everything to the classic snake game.

In gaming, the snake game is an all-time favorite that has undergone many evolutions. It's an old-school classic that has grown with many generations from the days of the Blockade Arcade Game (1976), the serpent by Game Boy (1990), to its first appearance in Nokia (1997), and now the Google Snake Game (2017). The Snake video game was ranked 41 in the “Top 100 Games of All Time” by Next Generation.

Google Snake Mods

Released in 2017, the Google Snake Game first started as just a remastered version, only containing the original classic 1 apple standard in a new art style. It has since been expanded to be a completely different game in its own right, including over 10 unique modes. Each mode is designed to challenge the player in various ways—3 board sizes, 3 different speeds, 3 different multi-options, and a blender mode, where you can try different mode combinations.

That the snake game is addictive and timeless prompted Google to embed it into its browser. Since many people have probably not touched the game in years and the younger generations probably haven’t even tried it, Google offered people a chance to play the Snake Game for free.

However, you can spore more and add more fun to the game when introducing a mod. Snake Game Mods (short for “modifications”) are effective when you follow a few additional steps. But before we see the Google Snake game mods, let's take a little time to understand what the Snake video game is.

How to Play the Google Snake Game

How to Play the Google Snake Game

To make the snake grow longer, the game aimed to direct it to eat food items while avoiding the hit itself or obstacles. Currently, the improved versions of the game are compatible with a number of platforms, including PCs and mobile devices. Besides, players in 2022 can find a wide variety of Snake games online.

But particularly for the google snake game, there are two versions; in this article, we will focus on one. That being said, below are some steps you can follow to play the Google Snake Game:

YouTube video

Step 1: Search for “Snake Game” in Google using Chrome or another preferred browser.

Step 2: This game's version will appear at the top of the search results. Go ahead and hit “Play”.


Step 3: You can choose your snake and the fruit it will be crawling about to eat by going to the settings tab. These choices are available in various forms and colors.

Step 4: When you've finished your desired settings, use the arrow key to start the snake moving.

Yes, it's that simple. With just four simple steps, you may play and enjoy the game. It could even be addictive for hours.

Rules for the Google Snake Game

The top, bottom, left, and right arrow keys on your keyboard control the snake's direction, just like in the standard Snake game.

As soon as the snake begins to move, you can begin playing the Snake game. The goal is to gather as many red apples as you can before the snake gets large and lengthy until it is completely confined to its own space and its limitations.

When it crashes into a wall or into itself, the game is over, and your score is displayed. You now have the option to restart, quit, or send an email or link to your Google contacts with the top scores.

Video Game Modding

Video game modding is simply a generalized modification of games that involves players or admirers altering one or even more aspects of a computer game, including how it appears or performs. It is essentially the art of modifying games to create new content within their gaming world.

Modding can unlock creativity, build skills, increase the game’s playability, and bring happiness to the gaming community. As such, you can have fun and add a bit of a twist to the classic snake game by modding it.

Currently, you have the option to customize the Google Snake game depending on your preferences. These options you get to customize the game are known as the Google Snake Mods.

Video Game Modding

How To Add Google Snake Mods

While some individuals prefer the standard snake game, others favored the hacked version to add variety to the game's journey with some spies. To add the mod, here are the top seven steps for customizing the Google Snake Game:

Step 1: The Google Snake Menu Mod in Chrome must be installed.

First, go on this link to access the Google Snake Menu Mod's GitHub page (copy the link into your browser’s search bar):

Google Snake Menu Mod in Chrome must be installed

Step 2:  Get the game's mod file.

There will be a number of assets when you land on the website. You can choose “MoreMenu.html” to download the mod from a selection that also includes “Source code (zip)” and “Source code (tar.gz)”.

Step 3: Go to your bookmarks menu.

You must add “MoreMenu.html” to your bookmarks after downloading it. You'll need to sign in to your browser's bookmarks manager. Go ahead and select the three dots in Chrome's navigation bar.

bookmarks menu

A menu with numerous choices, including “New tab,” “New window,” “New incognito window,” and many others, will show up. To access the “Bookmarks” menu, select “Bookmarks.”

Step 4:  Go ahead and click “Import bookmarks.”

Import bookmarks

When you click on the three dots and go to the bookmarks choices, you will see a range of options, including “Bookmark this tab,” “Bookmark all tabs,” “Show bookmarks bar,” “Bookmark manager,” and “Import bookmarks and settings.” Bookmarks can be exported and imported. To import bookmarks, click the three dots in the top right corner of the “Bookmark Manager page.” Selecting “Import bookmarks” to continue.

Step 5: Go to the “More Menu.”

More Menu

The “Import bookmarks” button will cause the File Explorer to launch. Locating that “MoreMenu.html” file is the next step. Choose “Downloads” or any other folder where the file must have been downloaded. After that, click “Open” to add the “MoreMenu.html” file to your favorites.

Step 6: Open “More Menu Stuff.”

More Menu Stuff

Once you’ve added “MoreMenu.html” to your bookmarks, You can utilize it.

First, open the Google Snake Game by typing “Snake game” on Chrome. Click “Play” to play the game.

After you’ve got yourself in the game, click on the three dots in the top navigation bar in Chrome.

Secondly, click on “Bookmarks” to display your bookmarks list. Then, click on “Imported” to view your newly imported bookmarks.

Next is to click on the dropdown and select the “Bookmarks HTML File” option to import the file.

Bookmarks HTML File

Step 7: Utilize the mod menu

Now that you have added the file. You will see “Imported” on the top bar to confirm it has been installed correctly.

Go back to the Snake game you opened earlier. Click on “Imported” on the bar. A dropdown will appear for you to activate the mod you just installed.

Hurry! your Google Snake game is fully available for you to enjoy.

Note that multiple backdrop graphics, various snake skins, a selection of items the snake can eat, and the ability to raise the size and speed of the snake are some advantages and features that are unlocked in the Google Snake Game menu hack.

The Different Modes Available

There are several modes available in this game that players can use to spice up their gameplay. People can select from the following Google Snake hack options to improve their gaming experience:

Classic Snake Mode: Under this mode, the snake consumes food until it runs out or strikes itself.

Classic Snake Mode

Winged Mode: In this mode, if players are not careful, the apple may even hit the snake's body as it flies all around the basket and around the basket. Moving the snake in the direction of the flying apples would allow players to catch as many as they could while avoiding the wall. To continue in this Google Snake mode, much focus is needed.

Snake Twin Mode: In this mode, In this mode, when the snake eats an apple, the head, and tail of the snake change directions, respectively.

Snake Twin Mode

Cheese Mode: You can pass through the snake in this mode because nearly all of its parts are missing. You can navigate through the empty or invisible parts of the snake's body since it appears as though practically every part of it is nonexistent. This is a highly challenging difficulty. It calls for a high level of focus.

Cheese Mode

Wall Mode: Unplanned walls attempt to obstruct places in this mode. Randomly, these barriers obstruct your access to certain regions or pathways. These walls coincidentally appear when the snake eats the apples. The goal in this situation is to stay as far away from the walls as possible.

The Sokoban Mode: Apple-containing containers are concealed in this mode and can only be unlocked in specific areas. The hidden containers would need to be moved to the locations where they would be opened. This mode is rather complex.

Poison Fruit Mode: In this mode, the panel has two fruits. One that is both good and corrupted and turned. When a snake consumes a poisoned apple, it dies.

Endless Map: The only way to lose in this mode is to collide with the snake; otherwise, the game will never conclude.

Snake Yin Yang Mode: There are two snakes displayed in this. The player controls one snake, and the mirror counterpart controls the other. It will act in opposition to what the playable Snake is doing. The game is terminated if players come into contact with the snake that cannot be played.

Portal Mode: Two (bananas) are always on the board in this mode. The snake's head will emerge from the other banana once it has consumed one of them. It can choose any direction as well. When apples can no longer reproduce, the game will be over.

After a banana is consumed in Portal mode, bananas cannot reproduce within a 2-block radius of the snake's head. To prevent portaling into a place without giving yourself time to react. Additionally, compared to Classic mode, the snake moves more slowly in Portal mode.

Portal mode

Mode Snake Key: The cinch sign will be next to the crucial symbol. The snake can hide behind the cinch block to catch the banana after you obtain the key. If you come across any cinch blockages, the game will end. For the meal to appear, the player must consume a gold shape.


Q. Do I need to mod a game?

The act of “modding” a game describes the process. Modifying video games has several benefits. But game modification allows players to express themselves more freely, learn new skills, and make gaming communities more enjoyable.

As a hobby, many people like to design, come up with ideas for, and alter games to make them smarter, simpler, or even achieve amazing new things. Modding might be a wonderful entry point for anyone looking to work in the sector.

Q. Which Google Snake Mod is the best?

When searching for the right Google Snake Mod, we advise you to be careful. It would help if you didn't attempt any other snake mods because they can contain viruses or other things that can harm your PC.

However, one of the most dependable and secure mods for the Google Snake game is the menu from Github. It is dependable, easy to set up, and perfect. When you get this, your search for these game mods will stop. It has all you need to enjoy your game time.

Q. How often do I need to mod the Google Snake Game?

The modification procedure needs to be gone through each time you wish to play the game, which can get tedious and overwhelming at times. Particularly when you simply want to relax and play a game while you wait for a bus or something. It can be discouraging to deal with the hassle of the technical stuff.

However, you only need to modify the Google Snake Game once, after which you can continue to benefit from all of its features without having to do so again. Every time you request the Snake game, the browser records it.


Without downloading the game, you may enjoy playing Google Snake in your free time. This game is played by millions of people worldwide. You can enhance your experience by gaining access to some of the game's features using the Google Snake game mod option.

We trust that the step-by-step instructions in this post have improved your understanding of the Google Snake Hack, and we think you will now be able to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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